Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Which iMac To Choose? Part.III

The model 27 "does not allow you to choose your processor, unlike the 21.5", which you can spend i5 Quad 2.7 GHz Core i7 Quad 2.8 GHz, an option 200 € may consider that those who want maximum power in a small footprint. The option that will turn over your iMac will still be adding an SSD though expensive (600 € for a 256 GB SSD, 750 € for a 512 GB SSD), this operation is rather complicated to do it even then (it will make all the components or so), and radically changes the profile of the iMac.

Machine father, the iMac becomes a little racing machine far more fluid, responsive to win this immediacy own SSD. The parameters to be considered at the time of this choice are many: the cost first, but the actual use you make of this machine and depreciation potential of this option over time. If you are not quite sure you post these questions, it is likely that the SSD is too big a pill to swallow: not so sure that the disk Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 RPM SATA III fitted to these iMac is not only quiet but also very fast (120 MB / s average flow against 160 MB / s average flow for the SSD Apple iMac mounted in 2011), and should not hamper you more than that.

If the price is not an obstacle and prefers the iMac to Mac Pro, there's always the option Royal: 27 "Core i7 Quad 3.4 GHz and an SSD. A configuration that will search the € 2 699 (300 € more than the Mac Pro "Basic"), but in our tests revealed a simply enormous potential.

This impulse potential is the same machine can you keep a cool head to this new range: the power of the platform Sandy Bridge, which is valid on this machine, is also on the rest of the range. The 2011 range is actually very reasonable and the choice is rather easy: all is a matter of needs (large slab or not, SSD or not) - and means (or no options). Whatever your choice, the range of 2011 iMac is consistent as ever, and all the component machines are efficient, well equipped and comfortable.

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