Monday, July 11, 2011

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Part.I

With Chrome OS, Google intends to revolutionize personal computing: the management of files over, no more updates, viruses and security vulnerabilities, welcome to instant start, synchronization continues, but also in all Google and while line. Chrome OS is actually a fully offset in the cloud - Google's servers - not turning as Web applications, because all PCs are primarily used for surfing. With the Samsung Series 5, the first computer OS Chrome, Google manage to impress, or is it ahead of its time?

For € 400, the Samsung Series 5 is a good "big" netbook with a 12 "display, it is on the border with conventional laptops and although it is constructed of plastic, it is quite well done. The party higher fine enough is covered with a shiny white plastic messy and attracts fingerprints, while the rest of the machine is dressed in a black plastic mat the most beautiful effect recalling the example of black MacBook of yesteryear. Other features of this netbook are reminiscent of the Apple notebooks, starting with the keyboard / trackpad. The keyboard is one of these keyboards "chicklet" keys to separate: it is a little more comfortable than the MacBook Air 11 "and has a fast race and a shot dry.

Google has customized some keys to adjust the keyboard to the needs of Chrome OS: the caps lock is replaced by a search key and function key deserve their name (last / next, refresh, switch to full screen, switch windows, brightness and volume). Finally, there is a dedicated key for switching on and off again like the MacBook Air.

Such as the MacBook, the trackpad's 5 Series is quite comfortable: it is a fully clickable trackpad, no buttons, which recognizes a limited number of touch gestures (tap, double tap, tap with two finger scrolling, but nothing more). However, it appears to be less accurate than other models, those of the Mac or HP Envy example. You can of course connect a mouse, but the portability will take a hit, especially since there is no Bluetooth.

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