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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tech Talk World Tour for iOS 5

This year all tickets to the developer conference (WWDC) is gone in just ten hours. Demand is becoming stronger. In order to more meetings with partners, Apple has decided to revive the Tech Talk World Tour. This is an event that allows developers to meet Apple engineers for a day and exchange.

This event happened in 2008 was in many major cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Delhi, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney. Apple had put the cover in 2009, but had not renewed last year.

If one believes Macotakara behind this rumor, the Cupertino Company seeking to spread the word about icloud and iOS 5. Unlike the other editions, the event is open to students.

Friday, April 1, 2011

No rewards from Apple at WWDC 2011

On the occasion of every WWDC, Apple presents awards for the best applications running on its OS. To claim the Apple Design Awards this year, Mac applications will necessarily figured on the Mac App Store.

At the edge of Mac OS Leo, although Apple operates a "Back to the Mac", the name of the conference in October which had unveiled the new Mac Book Air and Mac OS X 10.7.

Back to Mac in effect as if they had been set aside at WWDC 2010, they reappeared this year. "The future of Mac OS" will be announced, but it's also the Apple Design Awards of trophies rewarding the best applications of the year, the Mac is again under the spotlight.

The Design Awards were for the first time, forgot the applications for Apple computers last year. The symbolic impact of this predation was strong enough, some blaming Apple to lose interest.

"The error" is corrected for the WWDC 2011 as the Design Awards reward software for iMac, MacBook and company. But a new sine qua non has emerged to claim the title of best Mac application: be on the Mac App Store.

This condition, however, force the developers to make their exclusive application to the Apple Store. They are always free to offer their product for download on their own site. But to win an Apple Design Award, it is necessary that the software is available on the App Store for Mac.

The decision is somewhat surprising fact; there is a way like another to push developers to cozy up to the Mac App Store. The Cupertino Company is pushing its paperless shop for a while; the disappearance of the boxes in the Apple Store seems on track, while Mac OS Leo could be downloaded from the online store of the company Steve Jobs.