Monday, July 11, 2011

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Part.V

All Chrome OS applications, you will understand, are actually web applications, mix of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and whatnot, which can be a bit of Flash. The Chrome Web Store catalog of applications for Chrome and Chrome OS, leaves a bit of his hunger: most "applications" listed are actually nothing but bookmarks.

As in any database application, there's good and bad. Angry Birds, but knocked free of advertising, is playable, but choppy - it's actually the case with most "games", and in general for all applications requiring a bit of graphics power (watch a video on YouTube 720p is an obstacle course). Applications such as the New York Times, Tweetdeck, or after Aviary are in contrast to successes. Leave the area covered by your WiFi network and you will have surprises: Angry Birds should work, unlike most applications. Even after Google's applications cannot be used on Chrome OS without connection! It's a real weak point: we are still far from having a persistent connection. Chrome started on OS, the writing of this test has finally been completed and iPad Mac: Cannot start any word processing application without connection.

Why the devil to become entangled in this mess? Good question. It is hard to imagine a hacker Chromebook afford to activate its developer mode and have fun with the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T, very few commands available): it goes fast, very fast in circles. The public enthusiasm traditional netbook certainly good finish, excellent autonomy, or ease of use, but will block facing the limitation of off-line mode. The eternal optimists will point the finger at the potential of this platform, but the naysayers will remind them to reason and with dismay, read the terms of using a Google account and the permissions left in some applications.

In many ways, Chrome OS is a good system for Google.... She controls all layers (unlike Android, privatized by the different partners) and their application is in the center: what the sustainability of the Google advertising model. For now, however, the account is not there: what makes Google the user in exchange for his constant profiling is not enough that we can look if only one eye this platform - not to mention the "professional", Chrome OS is still too immature for the general public. We assume, however, that Chrome OS is a bet on the future, a time when the Facebook generation will be in charge, and where Web applications are more robust.

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