Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kodak wins a round, but still remains the battle

There is a new twist in the case between Apple and RIM to Kodak on a possible infringement of patents relating to the image preview and processing of different resolutions. The commissioners of the International Trade Commission (ITC) decided to go back to a Kodak unfavorable opinion of the administrative court, reopening the file again.

In January 2010, Kodak filed two complaints against Apple and RIM, for alleged violation of a patent on the preview images and processing of different resolutions and another on the ability of a computer to "get help" to another application to perform certain functions, which patents are infringed by the iPhone and BlackBerry. Apple was quick to respond, accusing Kodak patent infringement on the image processing in its cameras and handheld cameras.

The administrative judge of the ITC had considered responsible for the case that Apple and RIM does not violate any patents from Kodak. The commissioners of the ITC, however, decided to reverse this decision, made reopen the file at a time when Kodak revealed his true intentions: to get a settlement up to a billion dollars, an amount necessary for this company lacking liquidity.

Kodak had won against in the second round: the ITC administrative judge responsible for the second case had held that Kodak did not infringe the patent from Apple. The commissioners of the ITC must decide this case by September, but decided not to do: Kodak has definitely won on this ground.

In the first round, Kodak had appealed the decision of the ITC, which was partially confirmed its decision unfavorable elements had to pass before an administrative judge. It is precisely in the context of this new expertise that Kodak has this time received a favorable decision, "the ITC has changed key aspects of an initial recommendation of a judge of the ITC in the charges of violation patent brought by Kodak against Apple and RIM, "said Kodak.

Again, you will understand, the six commissioners of the ITC will decide definitively, by August 30. Nothing is sure in this case; financial markets unpopular decision in mid-fig and grape: Kodak unscrewing action of more than 8% at the close of the NYSE. It would not be surprising that once again, the historical name of the photograph recalls his rise to a friendly agreement.

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