Thursday, July 21, 2011

Step-by-step how to install Mac OS X Lion Part.III

If you prefer to be against a "clean" installation, you certainly favor a clone and / or a manual backup. In case of problems, you can use your clone to return to Snow Leopard. If all goes well and you get a blank partition with Leo, restore from Time Machine will only "dirty" your installation so you may prefer to manually retrieve your documents from a clone or a one-time backup and reinstall your applications manually, This will allow you to transition to ensure their compatibility and to clean.

The "clean" installation is to start with a blank disc and install Mac OS X Lion: it can leave on a cool and avoid potential problems, including the most complex installations and the most polluted various hacks. By default, Lion installs from above and Snow Leopard, but it is quite possible to do a clean install if you really want. You will need to do to create an installation disk of Mac OS X Lion on DVD, hard drive or USB key, manipulation we have explained in a step-by-step. At the first stage of the installation, you can choose to use Disk Utility to format your partition Snow Leopard.


Even if you plan to install Mac OS X Lion as Apple has planned, that is to say, since Snow Leopard, you should create this disk to install Mac OS X Lion. The installation package is removed in the first start up Mac OS X Leo, and is heavy enough that you do not want to download it again to install it on another machine. Mac OS X now includes a partition backup to restore your system, but this restoration requires an Internet connection. If huge problem away from the Internet, this little USB key with Leo at the end of your keychain will serve you well.

Installation takes about thirty minutes, just enough time to review the new features of Leo. Good discovery.

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