Thursday, July 21, 2011

Step-by-step how to install Mac OS X Lion Part.I

Mac OS X Lion is here - finally, some say. As each new version of Mac OS X, many users will wonder what the best way to install it? Here are some tracks.

Snow Leopard update
Whether you decide to switch to Mac OS X Lion now or later, make sure you use at least Mac OS X 10.6.6 and have installed the Migration Assistant for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Those who have to wait and recover the latest security updates, and others can ... just install Mac OS X Lion. Lion OS X is available in the Mac App Store for € 23.99: Lion OS X. What you download is an application of 3.5 GB containing the installation program, which will take about thirty minutes to download THD, two hours with ADSL (8 to 20 Mbps), and an eternity with every connection slower.

Those who have a slow connection are usually far from an Apple Store, and therefore cannot necessarily go there to download Lion. Take your troubles patiently and somewhat against the plague return passage at this time exclusively for the Mac App Store. Or wait until August and order the USB key installation Lion. The more impatient and reckless of you will certainly fall on the cat without thinking one second potential problems you may encounter on the road The more cautious will remember this rule

Mac OS X Lion is incompatible with the PowerPC applications: if you absolutely need a PowerPC application that does not have an Intel version, stay in Snow Leopard the time that the developer put his application up to date, you finish your project, or you find an alternative. You can always test Lion on another partition or another disk.

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