Friday, July 15, 2011

Apple will present its Q3results on July 19

Apple reports its financial results on July 19. On the occasion of the traditional conference call, it will present the results of its third fiscal quarter. As usual, it will be around 14:00 PDT and will be broadcast live via QuickTime. Mac Generation announce the live results and comment in stride.

This is the first full quarter that will benefit from the arrival of the iPad 2, and it should be reinforced by the updated iMac. This quarter should not go down in history: the rest of the range Mac expects Lion and the effect MacBook Air has settled, and the offset of the cycle of the iPhone may be a mixed blessing. However, analysts are optimistic: they expect sales to 24.75 billion ($ 5.73 per share) over the estimated 23 billion to Apple's ($ 5.03 per share) .

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