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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

How to Use Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode on iPhone

Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode on iPhone
Most of the people always do like to access WI-FI on fights, but they often can't do that because they still keep their devices in Airplane mode. So, people always check " how to use Wi-Fi in Airplane mode" to get a solution.

If you are one of them, then don't worry we got you covered.

Here in this article, we'll look at how to use Wi-Fi in airplane mode on iPhone. We'll also include the step by step process to access Wi-Fi when you aboard the plan.

If you grab an iPhone or Android phone you will often see the airplane mode option in quick settings. Most of you might probably know about the airplane mode but if you don't know about that means don't worry we got you covered.

What is Airplane mode? 

Airplane mode is available on almost all smartphones, laptops and other similar smart devices. whenever you activate the airplane mode all your phone or device signal transmission will go offline.
After activating on your device you will often see the airplane icon in your phone's status bar and in laptops menu bar as well.

This feature is called as the Airplane mode, we are using this mode mainly in flights because some airlines prohibit wireless devices on their planes. They often say that phone signals could interface with radio equipment.

Now, let's see what does airplane mode will actually do.

What does Airplane mode do: 

Airplane mode will simply disable all your wireless connections and go offline. by activating airplane mode you cant do following aspects.
  • Call & Texts: You can't make calls or text messages in your phone.
  • Mobile data: You can't even access mobile data in the Airplane mode.
  • Wi-Fi: You phone will not be connected to any Wi-Fi-connections.
  • Bluetooth: Although Bluetooth is short range connection it also disables Bluetooth connection as well.
So these all things you can’t do in your mobile when you have activated airplane mode. now, as we are speaking about the iPhone, it is also having Airplane mode. It acts same as I have explained above.

Anyways, in modern days flights are having in-flight Wi-Fi option which won't have catastrophic effects on radio signals.

Some people always strive to save their battery life, so they often keep their phone in Airplane mode. Now, here comes some questions.

Most of the people often ask me

Does airplane mode save battery?

To be frank, this is a simple answer yes it can save battery. Airplane mode definitely helps your device, and it can save your battery life.

The power consumption actually depends upon the model of the phone. In general, the various radio signals in your cell phone take up a lot of power. Also, the app notifications over the Wi-Fi network will also slowly drain your battery. Communicating with cell towers and using Bluetooth is also the power consumption process. So, for this reasons, most of the people always keep their phone in Flight mode.

Generally disabling all these services will keep your phone alive for lots of hours. Because your phone will not have much action in airplane mode, it will save power.

Apart from that, the best part is it charges faster than standard devices.

As the questions are completed let's get into the topic “ how to use Wi-Fi in Airplane mode on iPhone”.

Let's get into the topic:
Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode on iPhone

How to use Wi-Fi in Airplane mode on iPhone: 

To use Wi-Fi in airplane mode on iPhone you have to follow the below-mentioned steps. With these steps, you can quickly turn access the Wi-Fi on Airplane mode.

Now if you need help in turning on the Airplane mode in iPhone means don't worry follow the steps.

How to turn on Airplane mode in iPhone: 

To quickly turn on Airplane mode in iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you have to open control center.

Control Center

Process One:

  • Open the control center.
  • Then click on Airplane symbol.

Process two:

  • Go to the settings > click on Airplane Mode > turn it on.
If you are using Apple watch means you can use these settings.
  • You have to touch and hold the bottom of the Apple watch screen until you see the Control center.
  • Then swipe the control panel option up.
  • Finally, tap on Airplane mode option.
  • Or you can go to settings >> Airplane mode.

Now let's get into the final option how to use Wi-Fi in Airplane mode: 

To use Wi-Fi in airplane mode you have to follow these steps.

customize control center
  • Firstly, head over to the settings tab
  • Then activate the “Airplane mode”
  • Click on Wi-Fi and if it off then activate it by tapping on.
  • Then select your Wi-Fi network.
With these setting changes, you can quickly access Wi-Fi in Airplane mode as well. You can even use Bluetooth as well. Same like the above process you can use Bluetooth option.

In the new IOS 12 devices, it gives you a reminder that Airplane mode is activated and it is on use by graying out both the personal hotspot and cellular settings.


This is all about the “how to use Wi-Fi in Airplane mode on iPhone”. If you have any queries on this topic then you can let us know in the comments section below.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is There Actually A Need For An Airplane Mode And What Does It Really Do?

Airplane Mode
If you want to know the function of the Airplane mode, then it is used to disable the device’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular radio in short the functions related to the wireless transmissions. Now with the turning of time, there are several airplanes, which are offering airplanes in-flight Wi-Fi access together with cellular accessibility, and this brings us to the question, what will the function of airplane mode come to use as of now?

Well, it is not necessary for you to fly only to operate the Airplane mode. In fact, even if you have never flown, in your device itself, you will come across the Airplane mode, which acts as one of the quickest of ways to disable your device’s battery-draining radios. It has the ability to likewise, increase the life of your device’s battery, as you will not be using the present wireless radios that are there in your device.

Function of Airplane mode:
Whatever type of device you are use, be it a Smartphone, iPhone, an Android, Windows 8 tablet, an iPad or whatever it is, the function of the Airplane mode is the same everywhere and it ends up disabling the same hardware function in each of the above devices. 

i. Device will stop communicating with the cell towers:
If it is a cellular device, your device will suddenly stop communicating with the cell towers as soon as you bring it to an activation mode. You will be unable to receive or even send anything and this depends on the cellular data, right from sending messages to voice calls.

ii. Stop the scanning of Wi-Fi networks:
If it comes under the Wi-Fi category, your phone will eventually stop scanning any kind of Wi-Fi networks that is present close by, and will not attempt to join them. Even if you are linked to a Wi-Fi network, you will end up getting disconnected.

iii. Disable the Bluetooth:
This Airplane mode also ends up disabling the devices Bluetooth connection, which is a wireless communication technology that people generally utilize with the help of wireless headsets. But Bluetooth can be easily used for other things such as the mouse or keyboard and many more.
iv. Disable the GPS functions:
You will also end up being disabled with your GPS functions, mostly the receiving functions in many of the devices. This tends to be a bit consistent and confusing also.

Airplane Mode, smart way to save battery:

The moment you enable the Airplane Mode you will get to see an icon indicated by the airplane sign in the notification bar of the device. It will appear on the top bar section of your Android phone, iPads and iPhones as well. Nonetheless, you still can use your device when travelling on aircrafts even during the landing and takeoff time, as far as the airplane mode is enabled. There is just no need to power it off. Airplane mode is an excellent way to save battery, even when you’re on the ground.

However, why do we need this Airplane Mode?

Well there are rules and regulations in several countries, which prohibit the use of devices, which have the ability to transmit signals while traveling on commercial airplanes. Generally, a typical cellular-enabled tablet or a phone carries out its communication with a number of cell towers, thus trying to maintain a good connection at every time. However, communications like these have the tendency of disrupting with the sensors of the airplane. They might also end up causing potential issues with the sensitive navigation equipment, which can turn out to be a state of concern. This is why we need to enable the device into the Airplane mode most of the time while travelling by airplane.