Thursday, August 14, 2014

Apple’s iOS – Spyware Proof Mobile Operating System

Apple has come out as the spyware proof mobile operating system in a test which had been conducted by surveillance software and hardware vendor.According to recent reports from Gamma Group, FinSpy spyware with the capabilities of hacking its way into a BlackBerry, an Android and older versions of Windows Phone was unable to hack an iOS unless the device has been tampered. FinSpy is the surveillance software which is marketed by Lench IT Solutions PLC along with UK based branch Gamma International Ltd in Andover, England as well as a German based branch Gamma International GmbH in Munich.

The spyware is marketed through law enforcement channels and Gamma International being a subsidiary of the Gamma Group, specializes in monitoring and surveillance inclusive of equipment, training services and software.This software can be installed on targeted computers to exploit security lapses in update procedures on unsuspected software.

Details have been leaked from the Gamma Group that a piece of its spyware FinSpy had been used to find out if various mobile platform could hold back snooping attempts made on phone calls, contacts as well as other data, wherein in the document envisaged by Washington Post and considered by Cult of Mac, FinSpy is said to be designed to help Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Agencies to monitor remotely, tablet and mobile phones devices.

FinSpy Capable of Full Access 

The software suite is marketed in Arabic, English, German, Portuguese, French and Russian, all across the globe at trade shows, offering intelligence support, ISS training as well as products to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

It has the capabilities of taking control of target computers as well as capture encrypted data and communication with the use of enhanced remote deployment methods which can be installed on target computers and FinSpy can obtain full access to all phone calls, address book, text messages as well as microphone through silent phone calls.

Moreover it also has the potential to trace a device anddetermine its location. FinSpy has gained a lot of reputation since it is being used by law enforcement and government agencies as a powerful though a controversial tool for snooping into mobile devices and hence the ranking of iOS in the Gamma Group’s document from April, is a possible Apple security.

FinSpy Possible only Through Jailbreak

From the major mobile platforms cited in the document all were susceptible to FinSpy and the spyware was capable to access its way into Android of all versions, BlackBerry, Symbian as well as Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5, though Windows Phone 8 is not supported so far by the software.

As per Gamma team, the iOS version 4.3 x, 5 x, 6 x, and 7.0 x seemed to be vulnerable to FinSpy which was possible only through jailbreak and as per their observations and explanation, it states that the iOS target can only be installed if it is jailbroken devices.

Generally, Apple’s security are considerable tight especially in the mobile world, though not impregnable and researchers at Georgia Tech have reportedly made a way to hack an iOS device according to Wired source, through one caveat, wherein a USB can be connected to a hacked computer

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