Thursday, August 28, 2014

Apple’s Largest iPad – 12.9 Inch

Apple’s Largest iPad – 12.9 Inch
Apple Inc.’s suppliers are gearing to manufacture one of the company’s largest iPad, boosting the screen size and the production is scheduled to begin by the first quarter of next year. The new iPad would have the screen size measuring 12.9 inch diagonally, making it the biggest product in the range though Apple currently has been producing iPads with 9.7 and 7.9 inch displays, respectively.

The tech giant has been working with suppliers for a year in order to develop an updated range of larger touch screen devices, according to some sources. The latest versions of the iPad mini and the updated version of the 9.7 inch iPad would be released at the time of Christmas as reported by Bloomberg.

Apple is keen on revamping its product range after its announcement of mixed third quarter results in July wherein the company had sold 13.3m iPads during the three months to June 28, which was down by 9.2pc the same period of last year and short of the 14.4m that analysts had expected. iPhone sales had missed market predictions of 36m though the sales had rose to 13pc to 35.3m that period.

Improvement on the iPad Line

Apple managed to bringup total sales of $35.33bn, which was up by $300 m though its profit fell by 22pc to $6.9bn. Apple shares, recently crossed the $100 level as investors had renewed hopes on the upcoming products after the announcement of Tim Cook, Chief executive, who had stated that the company was set to have a busy end to the year. Sales of tablets which were the second biggest product of revenue for Apple had declined consecutively for two quarters due to lack of new models and consumers had turned to smartphone with bigger screens.

Apple chief executive, Tim Cook is working on ways to improve on the iPad line and its supplier have started manufacture of updated 9.7 inch screen iPad as well as set to enter production of the new version of the iPad mini wherein these devices would be made available later this year. The company is planning an event on September 9 to debut its new bigger display iPhones which went into mass production this July, reported by Bloomberg News.

Potential Customers for Larger Screen iPads - Businesses

Most of the potential customers for larger screen iPads are business men who could use the device for more tasks of a laptop computer.

Apple had unveiled a partnership in July, with International Business Machines Corp: wherein Cook stated that part of the pacts rationale was in selling to corporations so that they could be a catalyst for the growth of future iPad.

An analyst at researcher, Jitesh Urbani, had stated that while tablets sales growth had slowed down, he projected that businesses, schools as well as governments would be buyers of the devices and those groups accounted for 16 percent of the tablet sales in the second quarter which according to his estimate was up from 13 percent a year earlier. Urbani, in his interview, had stated that they would be expecting larger tablets to perform better in the enterprise market.

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