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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Top Strategies For Marketing Your New App

If you’ve spent countless hours developing your own unique app and perfecting it, it can be logically assumed that you want people to download and use it, right?

The problem is, simply designing an app and posting it to the app store doesn’t mean that people will download it. If no one knows it’s there, how can they download it?

This is where marketing comes in, and it’s tough to do because you’re competing with literally hundreds of thousands of other app developers.

So the question is, what strategies can you use to get your app to stand out amongst a crowded field?
Here are the top strategies for marketing your new app:

Achieve Organic Marketing Through A Durable Social Media Presence

A social media presence is 100% necessary in today’s world. Social media increases awareness about your brand, connects you with your audience, and is one of the most powerful communication tools to have ever existed.

On Facebook, for instance, you can gain followers, communicate with them in the comments, and join relevant app groups to spread your message.

Eventually, once you build strong enough of a presence, you can achieve what is called ‘organic marketing,’ or where you can promote yourself simply by having a presence on social media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

What’s important is that you actually connect with your audience. Don’t just be promotional. Engage with them in the comments section to answer questions and respond to comments. Don’t let your posts and updates feel automated. Rather, write them in your own voice.

Write A Killer Description

 The description is often where developers skip over when marketing their app. This is a major mistake, because most people on the fence will read your description before deciding whether to download your app or not.

Your app description needs to accomplish several things, including:
  • It must be of medium length (neither too long nor too short)
  • It must have short paragraphs
  • It must explain the benefits of your app to the user
  • It must be written in an easy-to-understand manner
  • The features of the app should be explained in the form of bullet points
  • It should contain popular keywords
An excellent description is just one thing you can do to optimize your app for the apps tore, which we will talk about next.

Optimize Your App For The App Store

App Store Optimization (ASO) refers to the steps you can take to make your app more visible on the app store. Since the app world is so oversaturated, this is not something you can overlook.

Examples of the steps you can take to optimize your app include:
  • Researching popular keywords and including them in your description
  • Having a unique app name
  • Including screenshots/video tutorial in your description
  • Accumulating many 4-star and 5-star reviews

Reward Your Users

Ultimately, is there no greater marketing technique than simply to develop a loyal fanbase?

Of course, accumulating a base of loyal fans is easier said than done to begin with, but one of the best strategies you can use to make your fans more loyal is simply to reward them.

Send push notifications to those who have already downloaded your app informing them of updates, benefits, contests, and so on.

You can also send people rewards (such as access to paid features on your app for free) on their birthdays or on holidays.

Make More Apps

Finally, you can also gain visibility on the app store by simply creating more apps. You can also direct people who download one app to another through push notifications, links in the app, and internal banners.

The main idea here is that you treat app development like a business. If people are interested in one of your products, and if they like it, then it’s only natural that they should be interested in another as well.
In short, the more apps you create (and the more successful you are at using each of your apps to market the others) the more visibility you will gain.

Marketing Your New App

Developing an app is one thing, but marketing it is a whole different ball game.

Each of the options that I have mentioned today can be put together to build a thorough marketing strategy for your mobile app that does not require large financial outlays. As with all marketing strategies, you will find that each tactic requires a continuous time investment and active monitoring for maximum benefits.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

5 Ways to Handle Spam Text Messages


When you hear the notification that you have received a text message, you probably want to see who it is from right away. It could be a loved one saying hello or a coworker relaying important information about work. You likely aren’t expecting a spam message congratulating you on winning a prize or soliciting you to confirm financial information. These messages aren’t just annoying—they can be dangerous, too. You are savvy enough not to fall for these pranks, but you might not know what to do in order to get the messages to stop.

There are a few different ways to handle these messages and prevent these messages from becoming a consistent invasion. Consider the following five ways you can deal with spam text messages and reclaim your phone from predatory scammers. You should not have to deal with unwanted texts, and with these tips, you will not have to.

Register on the Do Not Call List

One of the first things you should do to ensure that you minimize unwanted texts and calls is register your number on the National Do Not Call Registry. This list is managed by the Federal Communications Commission and functions to alert solicitors that you should not be contacted. By law, cold callers must reference the list to ensure that they are not contacting anybody who appears on it. In recent years, the FCC expanded the function of the DNC list to include an opt-out option for text messages, too. You can register your number to prevent unwanted texts and calls.

Install a Filter App

Unfortunately, many spam calls and messages do not abide by the laws requiring that numbers on the DNC list not be contacted. You might find, in fact, that there is very little difference before and after you register on the DNC list. Some cell phone users have found that an SMS spam blocker is a more effective solution to the problem. There are a number of different apps you can install that fulfill this purpose. SpamHound, for example, works to filter unwanted texts and allows users to specify specific phrases to be omitted from one’s inbox.

Report Spam to Your Carrier

In addition to installing an SMS spam blocker on your phone, you can report the spam directly to your carrier. Cell service providers such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T will all typically accept your complaint and make note of the spam. This is useful, too, given the fact that you are likely being charged for every unwanted text message you receive. You should not be financially liable for these unwanted communications, so notifying your carrier of the issue may help you get the charge removed from your bill. You can also request that your carrier block the number.

Block Offending Numbers

Blocking a number is, in fact, often the most effective way of dealing with spam messages. You can contact your carrier to request this, or you can often log online and complete the task yourself. Most carriers allow you to create an account and control who can communicate with you. On some phones, you can even complete a block directly on the interface. If you consistently receive spam messages from several numbers, it is best to prohibit them from contacting you. This also ensures that you will not be charged for any attempts at calling or texting from the number.

Consider the Message Carefully

Most internet-literate people can tell when a message is spam. Any unexpected prizes or strange financial emergencies are typically a ploy to gain personal information that can then be sold or used against you. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the goal is often identity theft. To this end, many of these messages are often disguised as notifications from your bank asking you to enter confidential information. Because of this, you should always carefully read messages that claim to be from a financial institution. Of course, some of these will be legitimate, but you should err on the cautious side.
Spam texts are not just a nuisance. They are often a risk, too, and it is imperative that you take care of them rather than simply ignoring them. Luckily, there are many ways to do this, but you should always be careful when you receive a message from a number you do not recognize.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Seeing Al: Microsoft Launches iPhone App That Narrates the World for Blind People

iPhone is known for its dynamic features and extraordinary-stylish appearance. iPhone is the smartphone which is the choice of every smart user. The whole range of applications and options it provides makes it the best amongst the bests. This time iPhone has come up with the best thing in terms of its feature out of the box. ‘Seeing Al’ is the newly launched feature in iPhone.

Microsoft has delved a kind attitude towards those who are visibly challenged. Yes, you heard it right! Microsoft has come up with an application known as Seeing Al with this app now the one who have lost their sight can experience the world around them as this application will narrate everything to its visibly impaired holder. So, now even the one who have not been blessed with the power of eyesight can see the world through their iPhone.

This app is absolutely free and is available on the iPhone’s App Store. This app is capable of defining all sorts of expressions of one’s face, currency notes and it can also portray verbally all the physical scenes till the range of the all, and the range is enough to narrate to someone what is going on in his/her surrounding. This unbelievable app can also read books or any sort inscriptions. It also has the power to scan all sorts of bar codes and provide relevant information.

This was started as a research project by Microsoft, but Microsoft has created a revolution with this invention. There are lot more things to explore from this app. This app successfully acts as the eye for those who are sightless.

Other than narrating only the physical features it can also portray verbally the images present in other art forms. But, the only limitation of the app is that at present it is only available in countries like US, Canada, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong and Singapore, in other countries its application is still at stake.

This innovative project was first initiated by a Software Engineer Saqib Shaikh at Microsoft. He propagated this idea in March 2016.

Such an idea is the result of Shaikh being crippled at his eyesight since seven years of age. This thought seemed as a fiction to him, but eventually, he was able to develop this with the support of his entire team. This project was definitely not easy to bring into reality, but he managed it with utmost dedication in his heart to help those who are unable to cherish the beauty of this world by witnessing it, the difficulties which he faced because of his inability to see provoked him to develop such an application like Seeing Al.

Now, seeing will not be an obstacle for those who are crippled in this field. Microsoft has proved that technology can do wonders and now none will be left behind. Everyone will feel themselves to be equally privileged. Seeing Al will actually eliminate the problems faced by those who have lost their eye sight.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How to Track Your Sleep Using Apple Watch

Sleep Tracking

One would often wonder if they tend to get good sleep and though Apple Watch can track steps, heart rate, time that is spent standing etc. it does not do sleep tracking. Sleep tracking has become one of the essential requested features for Apple Watch though Apple has yet to implement a solution.

This has not stopped developers from developing their own watchOS app in doing the same and there are several third party apps which could do the needful. To start off you could turn off the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise feature that can be done by pressing the crown and then tap General > Wake Screen. This needs to be done each night and thereafter re-enable it once again in the morning.

The battery problem seems to be a difficult to manage. This can be sorted by getting it charged first thing on waking up in the morning and it could get charged while you take your shower, have your breakfast and get ready to set to work. A span of 30 minutes charging could be quite adequate for the next 24 hours off operation. Another option would be considering charging while one would be getting ready for bed or reading etc. and one should not forget charging before falling off to sleep.

AutoSleep with Apple Watch 

Tracking your sleep would mean wearing your watch in bed which could be pretty uncomfortable. One of the most known apps for sleep tracking with Apple Watch is the AutoSleep which enables you to track your sleep in two different methods. To get started with this all that is needed is to download the AutoSleep app from the App Store and feed in some of your basic details.

But AutoSleep tends to work even if one does not seem to wear it some nights. When this seems to occur, it begins tracking the hours instantly as you put the watch on the charger and then stops when the watch is back on in the morning or when the phone is first used.

 Though it is just time tracking, the real advantage is from wearing your watch. When the watch is worn, the app tends to measure the sleep hours together with the quality, restlessness, heart rate and much more. It then presents the data collected utilising Apple Health-style visuals.

 Another benefit is a `smart’ alarm which tends to wake you when the app seems to sense you are in a light sleep phase, as against your bedside alarm which might struggle you from a deep sleep.

Restless Versus Restful Sleep

Sleep Watch tends to manage the basics – sleep tracking heart rate reporting and much more though seems to waver a little in the depth together with the performance of data. The Sleep Activity graph for instance, utilises a series of gradated band to specify the restless versus restful sleep and is not mainly instinctive to view it.

When it is tapped, presuming probably one would get expanded or more detailed date, the app tends to pop up a lengthy text description of the graph. Besides that, there is also a part known as 3-Day Sleep charge which is presented as a `fun way of tracking your sleep debt’.

 However most of the sleep experts are of the belief that you cannot `catch-up’ on lost sleep and that it is better to get the same amount of sleep each night. Hence the very concept of this feature is said to be a flaw.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Free Calling VoIP Apps For Mac

There are a lot of VoIP services and software packages available that allow Mac users to make free or cheap VoIP calls. This is important to know because many Mac users are frustrated by the fact that VoIP providers have softphones which are only Windows compatible. If you want to make free or cheap calls from your Mac then you should consider some of these apps and services.


Skype is possible the most popular of all VoIP services available and it offers a softphone client to more than half a billion of its users. When using Skype you can all other Skype users for free. You can also make video calls, voice calls and have a conference with this service. If you are going to call a mobile phone or landline you will pay low rates.

Skype has been improving the VoIP client for Mac, but there is something that makes it weaker than the Windows version. This is the fact that it is not free, only cheap. If you have a home business then you should look at Skype for Business as a VoIP option.


QuteCom used to be called Wengophone and is a strong, free VoIP client. This service offers what Skype does with SIP compatibility. You will be able to make video and voice calls to people who also use QuteCom as well as cheap calls to mobiles and landlines worldwide.

This service also allows you to send an SMS to mobile devices. You can configure your client to work with any SIP-compatible VoIP service which allows you to use the application as a phone.


iChat is a VoIP client that comes for free with your Mac operating system so it will already be on your machine. The application is slick and clean with a video-conference function that allows up to 4 people onto a call at once. The primary issue with this application is that you are not able to make calls to mobiles or landlines and can only speak to people who have a Mac.


If you are looking for a simple app for video calling then FaceTime is one of them. This is exclusively for Mac's and does what you want it to very well. However, this is not a free solution and sells on the Apple App Market for a dollar. It is a very high-quality app with crisp HD video and voice communication.

Google Hangouts
Google Hangouts

Many people assume that this Google product will not work on a Mac. However, you can integrate the tool into your Mac. This is a very useful tool if you have a Gmail account or use other services from Google.


If you are looking for an app that is only for Mac then LoudHush is one of them. This is a VoIP softphone that works with an Asterisk PBX which makes it a less than ideal choice for many people. However, if you do have an account with Asterisk PBX then it will come in handy and offers some very interesting features.


Bespoke VoIP apps for customers is something that Counter path excels at, but they also have many good pre made products. X-Lite is one of the products they have which contains their basic elements of the paid app which is rich in features. This product offers SIP calling and is ideal for anyone looking for something to use in a corporate context.


Viber is primarily for smartphones as it is one of the many VoIP calling apps that you can get. However, there is also a full application for Mac and PC computers.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Clips: Apple New Video Editing App


Apple’s Latest Video Editing App - Clips

On observing Clips, which is the latest announced video editing app of Apple, it is making attempts to be Instagram or Snapchat or Vine. But Clips does not seem to have its individual social platform and is a video editing tool. It is said to be more like a phone, which is a vertical friendly type of iMovie and is a free app.

 It would be made available in April and tends to function on the iPhone 5S and later on or on an iPad - Air, Mini 2 and later or an iPod Touch. Clips tends to record its video in a square format such as Instagram or Vine and Apple is said to be aiming for video which could be shared either horizontally or vertically that would operate well on a phone.

 The design of Clips seems just like the other tools and titles together with end cards can be added to the videos just like the trailer effect of iMovie. Clips seem to have inherited some of the trailer-mode spirit from its elder fraternal. The tool seems easy to operate wherein on pressing and holding a red record button you can capture video clips or some could be added from the camera roll.

Various Soundtracks

Several clips could also be added and dragged around for re-editing nonlinearly such as an iMovie. It tends to feel more advanced than the other editing tools which are found in Snapchat or Vine. We find real time filters for video or photos contrasting from black and white to Prisma type comic book effect. Besides this, emoji could be struck in different sizes though there are not any iMessage stickers.

As per Apple, they seemed to be dedicated with the addition of fresh effects as well as filters over a period of time. Moreover there are also a group of bubbles together with other effect. Apple has designed this for individuals who tend to watch video with audio off wherein the ability of the app to turn audio into captions adds into the video.

 There are various soundtracks in the app which tend to layer in automatically to fit the clip length of the video. You will find some familiar artists there inclusive of composer Hans `Bwaaaarp’ Zimmer.

Mid-Way Tool – Video Editing

Clip is not designed to have its own social network but exports as well as shares directly with the other apps like Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and Instagram to begin with. As per Apple, in order to share with Snapchat one would just have to save a video on to one’s camera roll and upload the same when in Snapchat.

 It is like a mid-way tool in order to get individuals in video editing without losing in iMovie which has been existent for long on iOS. Videos from Clips would also be a thing to be shared on iCloud of Apple through the other devices, an area which automatic Memories video clips in Photos seemed to have discovered already.

Clips tends to be familiar though the unfathomable editing capability could make it beneficial for posting on-the-fly social video and due to its captioning feature, many would be opting for the same.

Friday, February 17, 2017

7 Alternatives To Apple Default Apps That Will Supercharge Your iPhone

Apple iPhone comes loaded with a range of default apps which offers a number of functionality and features to the users but not everyone likes the default apps. Here are some of the smart alternative for the default apps which can help in enhancing the experience on iPhone to a whole new level.

Microsoft Outlook

A Microsoft app on an Apple phone might seem inadequate in many cases but that isn’t the case with Outlook at all. Outlook bring an incredibly fast and easy to use email client on iPhone which comes a ton of features like fast loading, ability to sort mails and a smart calendar sync feature so you don’t miss out on important things.


Facebook owned WhatsApp is reining as the de-facto messaging apps king and if you are missing on it then you shouldn’t. WhatsApp iOS version is lightning fast, offers emoji support, along voice and video calling apart from the standard messaging abilities. The best thing about WhatsApp is that you can even send documents on its platform.

Dark Sky

If you are looking for a robust and smart weather app then Dark Sky is the silver lining for you. This app is known for offering extremely accurate weather reading whether it is rain alerts, forecasts or detailed meteorological chart, it does all like a charm.

Sleep Cycle

Waking up in the morning can be a challenging task for a number of users. This app is not just your usual alarm app which is described as disruptive, frustrating and hateful by wider audience. Sleep Cycle is a gentle app which can easily wake a user up by calculating the best possible time and within a particular time frame without causing any negative sympathies for the app. It can also track your sleep cycle in the best fashion.


If you love to explore new places then this exciting navigational app will set you on the right course. This app is known for its fast and easy to use interface which allows users to find the quick and cheapest way to get anywhere you want to go. Moving around the city in a car or on foot this app is aptly suited for everything navigational.


If you are bored to default keyboard on the iPhone then you can spice things up with tons of keyboard skins offered in SwiftKey. Furthermore this app also makes use of AI for suggesting the correcting the spelling while typing and remember this not just simple autocorrect. It has some of the cool tricks up its sleeves which enhances the typing experience and users can always change their keyboard skin as per their mood.

Fantastical 2

If you are looking for an extremely smart calendar app then Fantastical 2 is the right choice. This one offer some of the cool features like ability to create event set for every other day of the week without the typing in for each day and it can also efficiently handle the to-do lists.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Security Experts Identify Dozens of iPhone Apps Vulnerable to Hacking

iPhone Apps
Hacking has turned out be a global issue and no matter how full proof a system is it remains vulnerable to the system of hacking. Most of the hackers are trained professionals who can very easily extract information digitally from our phones and computers. According to recent news, a group of security experts have discovered a flaw in several popular iPhone apps which can make the user’s device vulnerable to hacking. Through the mobile applications the hackers can very easily gain access to all the sensitive data including details about latest transactions and bank details.

33 Names Already Revealed 

Will Strafach, an Infosec expert recently published a blog post to caveat users that a scan of the regular Apple Store iPhone apps has identified 76 apps which can be used as a medium for hacking. Through these applications the hackers will play the role of ‘man in the middle’, and will gain access to all the useful data and information sent from phone to the cloud. The blog post also revealed the names of 33 such apps which are vulnerable including FirstBank, a banking app and a car application called Uconnect Access.

43 More Apps Named

That’s not all, the names of the apps already revealed are believed to be low risk and the blog further warns that there are 43 applications that are high risk apps. The name of these applications will also be revealed within a few weeks, after the developers have been given a fair chance to fix the flaws immediately. The Infosec expert revealed that this security hole can be derived by hackers through network related code be misconfigured in an unfortunate manner. He also stated that most of the names of apps already revealed are Snapchat add-on apps. These also include the apps used for uploading videos and photos to Snapchat and also those used for increasing Snapchat contacts. Another popular application which is a high risk app is Epic, which offers unlimited books for kids.

Onus of App Developers 

He also said that because of the type of flaw, Apple has not yet issued a widespread fix for that would make the applications even more vulnerable to hacking. It is the obligation and responsibility of the app developers solely to fix this issue and to ensure that their apps are free from risk of attacks. The blog post by Will Strafach contains the full names and details of the app list issued earlier. The scariest part of this is that all the 76 apps vulnerable to hacking have been downloaded and installed over 18,000,000 times.

The blog post not only reveals the name of these apps but also categories them into sections of low, medium and high risk. This will make it easier for the iPhone users to stops using the high & medium risk apps until the risk of attack is gone and the apps are safe to use. Strafach has also advised iPhone users to safeguard their device through properly configured VPN. If the users are not keen on using VPN, then they must switch off the Wi-Fi connection in all public places.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

App Santa' Offers Discounts of Up to 80% Off Popular iOS and Mac Apps

Huge discounts upto 80% is being offered by ‘App Santa’ for Christmas. A team of developers belonging to some of the renowned iOs and Mac apps got brain stormed and has brought shocking discounts on their genre as a significant part for the promotion of App Santa.

App Santa has brought in apps like Tweetbot, Screens, Launch Center Pro, Star Walk, and several others in huge discounts. You can now buy these apps on a sale of upto 50% to 80%. This Christmas will be a new era for the great mass of buyers to buy apps instead of other stuffs. Here, are some of the apps that are available for sale.

  1.  Tweetbot – It is one of the best twitter app that one can avail. The update that this app provide will never let you down. It is capable of 3D touch. The filters available are very catchy and this is not very complicated to use. You won’t be at loss after buying it. The price has been cut down to $4.99 from $9.99. 
  2.  Rando Emoji – It is very interesting and adds life to iMessages. It delivers the write kind of emotions that you want to convey. A new way of emojis. You can now buy this interesting app at $0.99 from $1.99. 
  3.  Drafts 4 – It is one of the useful apps included in the sale which you should definitely add in your wishlist. It makes your work much easier. It is now available at $2.99 from $4.99. You can now note down anything that comes in your mind and look after it later. It is a system that quickly intakes all the texts and messages. The most feasible way to capture your ideas in a go. 
  4.  Deliveries – This app takes care of all the deliveries that you are longing for. With the help of this you can track all the proceedings of your deliveries. It will keep you updated in terms of your packages and will give a reminder when the item is actually to reach your door. It is a very useful app which can be brought in at a very cheap rate. The price has been cut down $3.99 from $4.99,it also reduces your anxiety in terms of your deliveries that are yet to be made. 
  5.  Screens – It is the simplest but a notified VNC app. It offers trendy designs, powerpact and dependable performance. It is the best for those who works with iOS devices and are frequent in using several other computers. The catchiest point is its price, since it is available at $9.99 from $19.99. 6. Star Walk – It is one of the trendiest app that can be made available on your mobile phones at $0.99 instead of $4.99. It is an app that keeps you updated about your sun signs, relating to your astro world. You can now explore your dimensions up till the celestial bodies by being updated regarding your stars that might influence your overall being

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why You Should Care About Four Apps from Apple That You Can’t Download Yet


Apple’s Four Apps Which Possibly Can’t be Downloaded Yet

Apple had recently released four apps which possibly cannot be downloaded yet and which are the first signal of a big shift in the core messaging product of the company. The apps are said to be four sticker packsfor iMessage from Apple which tends to feature various smiley, hands, hearts and some throwback Mac iconography which may bring joy to Mac fans especially children of the 1990s.

While the apps are available at the store presently, they are supported only for iOS 10 and greater and if one is aware, the iOS 10 is not out yet to anyone but Apple developers.This month, a public beta period is anticipated but has not yet begun, which means that Apple has released four apps which cannot be utilised yet by anyone.

This seems an odd decision but one could take it as an indication that the public beta is pending. The crazy sticker packs tend to represent a part of greater ambitions for messaging by Apple as a part of the tech world which is getting progressively competitive. Since Apple in the past has been clung for not jumping properly on the social networking trend, the wheel has turned in making a most important social force.

Apple – Developing Software for Latest Products

But beta operating system could be insecure, crash abruptly, act unpredictably and also probably reduce the phone as useless. However if one tends to have an older phone or laptop there are greater chances of something going wrong since Apple intends starting developing software for its latest products first and will be working back from there.

 Even if there are no bugs in the operating system of Apple, one could find that not all of the apps are compatible with iOS 10 still, since several developers seem to be working on the upgrading of their apps before the full launch this coming fall. Sam Williams of Quartz who had co-developed the iOS app has held back from downloading the latest operating system stating that `most developers are not installing it yet on their personal phones and if they are not willing to risk it, best if everyone else holds back’.

If one is willing to take a chance, they will have to register with Apple first as a public beta tester and the company would be sending instructions on how to install the software. The user would otherwise have to wait a couple of more months till the software seems to be ready.

Apple Keeping Pace with Other Innovators

Messaging is now something that Apple has done impeccably in its modest form. However it seems to need a little more style in competing with the other messaging apps and is unwilling to open Messages up to other apps and developers to be there. The sticker packs coming from Apple though are the first of several add-ons which can be made by any other developers. That changed the benefits of Apple as it tends to keep pace with the other innovators in the field like WeChat.

At its June developers’ conference, Apple had already announced that it would add a multitude of features to Messages inclusive of the ability to hand-write notes, to obscure parts of messages as well as to automatically erase them a la Snapchat. These in-house features tend to enhance Messages though the stickers together with the other app which tap into iMessage to take it from a product to a platform.

Friday, May 13, 2016

iPhone App can alert you if Your Device Gets Hacked


An App to Alert User if Device is Hacked

An app has been developed to alert the user if their device tends to get hacked. Systems and Security Info that debuted in Apple’s App Store over the weekend, offers a multitude of details regarding your iPhone. The app displays your CPU, memory as well as the disk usage together with a list of all running processes. With regards to security, it can also tell if your device has been compromised or probably affected by any malware. Considerable amount of information in the app seems to be basic and easy to understand.

A green light near a specific item is good since it means that you are in the clear while a red light would indicate that there could be a likely security problem. The app also makes you aware if the device has been jailbroken, which is important if one has bought a used phone or had lent it to someone.

 Jailbroken devices however are more vulnerable to malware since their owners can install app which bypass the intense scrutiny of Apple. Jailbreaking an iOS device enables users to gain more control over their device, interfering with the operating system, tweaking the iOS user interface as well as enabling apps to be installed from third party app stores, like Cydia.

Apple Making Jailbreaking Difficult for Device Owners

At the same time it is disapprove by Apple since it rips out most of the security which Apple had built in iOS, designed to protect users from malicious attacks and un-vetted apps. Due to this Apple is keen on making jailbreaking as hard as possible for device owners. By comparison, it is much easier to install unauthorised code on an Android device. Apple, Google as well as other software makers have been continually fighting to avert malware-ridden apps from attacking their respective app stores and devices.

The iOS operating system of Apple has mostly been considered more secure than the Android of Google since Apple provides a tighter vetting process to approve apps. However certain malware strains seem to have infected the devices of Apple, even those that have not been jailbroken. System and Security Info had been developed by Stefan Esser, a German security researcher as well as an iOS hacker who had cooked up jailbreaks for different versions of iOS in the past.

Provide Public with Low Cost Solution

Esser stated that with the new app, he wanted to provide the public with low cost solution which would enable them to find out if someone used one of the public jailbreak or a customized version to hack and backdoor the device. Moreover, the app also fixes if the programming code in iOS is digitally signed by Apple to check that it is not altered by an outside party.

Esser assured a series forthcoming blog posts to explain further on how the app tends to work and what it means when it notices any issues on the iPhone. Protecting one’s iPhone is important since your smartphone possibly knows more about you, than your closest friend or partner.

A smartphone tends to carry all the photographs, together with your private messages, your location, your contacts, your online searches as well as the phone conversations. If the new iOS app tends to help iPhone and iPad owners in informing them when their devices have been secretly jailbroken, then it is certainly a good option for security.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Free Android Apps Everyone Should Have

The first thing that you use during the day and the last thing you use before you go to sleep is your smartphone. To make your life easier, productive and organized, we use certain apps. These services are a great way to manage your daily schedule. If you are an android phone user, you can get these apps without paying a cent. Here are the must have apps for this year.

1.Google Translate-

Speak, scan, type or draw to translate in 90 languages using this app. It instantly translates text and web pages. You can even use your camera to translate it in 26 different languages without taking a picture. It can be used to translate anything ranging from a street sign to an ingredient list. It has made real -time voice translations a lot faster and easier. People can now experience the world in their own language. You can translate from English to Hindi or French using this app. You can download a small language pack for the languages you want to learn. Also, you can run this app on even a slower mobile network. Translate community will also get you better each day.


Google hangouts app is a communication platform that can be used to text, call and video chat.It allows you to text two or more users at the same time. Chat histories can be easily saved online and are allowed to sync between devices. You can perform a group chat for up to ten users at a time. Not just this, users can send their GPS location to other contacts. You can even make free hangouts calls to other users whether the other person is in India or UK. Photos can be shared using this app and they are automatically uploaded on private Google+ album.


Access your mails with simplicity whether you are using a laptop or a phone. Gmail app has made our life much easier. You get an organised inbox. You have social and promotional messages sorted into categories so that you can read your family and friend’s messages first. It has 15 GB of free storage so that you need not delete your messages to save some space. Your inbox remains space and clutter-free as the spam message that hits your inbox is blocked. Have access to multiple accounts at the same time using this amazing application on your android device. Also, you can access both your Gmail and non-Gmail accounts like Hotmail, Outlook, etc. using this app. Because you require internet for this app, you can always get internet packs on your phone. Use freecharge coupons to avail discounts on your internet pack.


This is a kind of popular messaging application, now acquired by Facebook. You can send text messages, images, videos, audio messages or even to place a call to a friend. It has approximately one billion users and is the crown of apps. People share up to 42 billion messages and for about 250 million videos. It routes all your messages like a normal text system via your mobile number. You can even use Whatsapp on web. And you can make free Wi-Fi calls but charges may apply if the calls are made in absence of Wi-Fi. So, you can always use mobikwik coupons to avail discounts on your internet plans.

Reinvent yourself with these applications on your android phones. Tackle this year with a sound mind and body. Be smarter and get your work done in a much organised manner.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Neato adds Apple Watch control to robotic vacuum in new app update


Neato’s Latest App Release – Botvac Connect

According to Neato’s latest app release, the $699 Botvac Connect is the first robot vacuum which has the capabilities of being remotely controlled by an Apple Watch or Android Wear device. The app that runs on Apple Watch enables users to issue start and stop commands to the vacuum and monitor clean-up progress straight on their wrist. Different from the full-fledged iOS app, the small screen Watch version does not permit users to take full manual control on the movement of the robot.

Last year Botvac Connect as Neato’s first vacuum to sport anon-board Wi-Fi for communication with iOS as well as Android smartphones, providing owners remote setup together with one-touch control directly from a committed app.On-board Wi-Fi support means that Botvac Connect has the capability of receiving commands as long as it tends to be connected to a known network. Moreover the devices also has laser navigation, two cleaning modes as well as LCD screen with associated capacitive buttons intended to select various user settings. From the iOS App Store, the new Neato app version is made available at no cost.

Can be controlled with Smartwatch

Neato’s robotic vacuum now can be controlled with a smartwatch due to an app update announced recently. The update which is automatic enables smartwatch users to receive notifications from Neato’s Botvac Connected vacuum, a Wi-Fi connected Roomba competitors which tend to use laser scanning to map and clean spaces, besides the start and stop commands.

As per Neato, the latest update makes the Botvac Connected, the first robot vacuum to provide smartwatch functionality. The Botvac Connected owners can also monitor the progress of its cleaning on their smartwatches and receive a notification when it is finished. For added analysis of the Botvac Connected and how it tends to stack up against the competition, one could check on the last year’s review. With each passing generation, robot vacuums are getting smarter as well as easier and some of the new models tend to join the Wi-Fi network. Neato has been influencing that feature of its Botvac Connected vacuum in order that one can control and monitor the device with the Android Wear smart watch or Apple Watch.

New Feature Delivered Through Automatic Update

The new feature is said to be delivered through automatic update and would enable Botvac Connected owners to control the various process. While Roomba manufacturer iRobot tends to also offer an app, it does not support smartwatches while other competitors such as Samsung, bObsweep, PowerBot and the Miele Scout do not seem to have apps at all.

Nancy Nunziati, Neato marketing chief had commented in a press release that with the smartwatches, individuals tend to do several things from their wrist like checking for a flight, obtain directions, play music, and answer the phone and added that they are happy to be the first to add this new task of cleaning to the list. Botvac Connected is not an inexpensive way of getting into robotic vacuums, priced at $700. Neato expects that the features like the laser floor plan mapping, a larger brush together with higher capacity dirt storage would win over the customers.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Best iOS Apps: Apps You Should Download

There are thousands of apps made available to the user most of which are provided free of cost. Some of the following apps mentioned could be beneficial to the user.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app is now free for download on iOS. It utilises the internet connection of the phone of 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, to call and send message to family and friends without any cost. Users can send and receive images, videos, messages as well as voice messages through WhatsApp

Uber, the taxi app makes moving around easier and instead of calling the cab and have cash in your pocket; users could request it and pay for it through the app. Uber is presently operative in London, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Birmingham and Newcastle, in UK.

Citymapper could be helpful if one needs to navigate through a city. This urban transport app comprises of an A to B journey planner, public transport delays, real-time traffic data, and maps and is presently available in Birmingham, London and Manchester in the UK.

Facebook, the world’s largest social network offers a strongly refined experience to iPhone and iPod touch though still enable access to contacts, feeds together with other important information which makes it in several ways greater in using Facebook in desktop browser.

PhotoSynth is a great outlook app, is user-friendly and amusing to use particularly while watching a panoramas taking shape when one tends to capture it. iOS Camera app has a panorama mode though PhotoSynth is more flexible and functions with older devices.

Dropbox – There are several app existing for the transfer of content between the computer and the device though Dropbox is free and easy to use than the others. Users can store files in a folder on your computer and Dropbox for you’re the device will allow you to access them, download them to be viewed offline.

Skype – Though FaceTime seems a great substitute to standard voice calls, it is not good if one has been attempting to contact someone without a compatible iOS or a Mac device. Skype seems to be an essential download wherein the interface tends to be simple and usable permitting the user with a Skype account in making free calls to another Skype user which are economical to any part of the world. It is useful if one is on Pay and Go, though the app also enables iPod touch users to use their devices for calls.

Adobe Photoshop Express –For quick, free and a usable tool in making edits to your iPhone photos, Adobe’s app is an appropriate choice. It can be used for cropping, straightening, exposure adjustments, colour effects, sharpening and much more.

Shazam, since 2008, is an iOS main, which will provide the name and artist of any songs with a matter of seconds. Moreover it will also pull up YouTube video with the lyrics enabling the user to add the song to your Rdio or Spotify playlists. It can be used to learn new music with its optional track.

CandyCrush Saga an immensely addictive game of puzzle enables the user to move through the levels on matching combinations of coloured sweets. This game is free and was one of the top 10 iOS download last year inspite of being launched in November 2012.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Access Apple's Find My Friends app on

Find My Friends app

Apple’s Find My Friends App to Trace Friends/Family Members

Apple has recently added Find My Friends, its iOS utilised to trace friends and family members. Find My Friends service of Apple can now be accessed from any mobile device inclusive of Windows PC due to its debut on the portico. Initially spotted by 9to5Mac, this addition brings the feature to the computers for the first time.

Though for years, the Find My iPhone service was available from, Find My Friends tends to be limited to an iOS app. Find My Friends, also came to the Mac through a widget built in to OS X 10.11 El Captain, last month. However, users preferring to acess the Find My Friends service without the iPhone, iPad or a Mac will be unable to do so till the update.

Activating this service needs an iPhone or iPad that enables the service to track user’s current locations. The opt-in social networking feature permits friends to share their precise location on a map. Earlier in the year, Find my Friends and Find My iPhone became a more predominant part of Apple ecosystem when had become inborn, pre-installed apps on iOS 9. Formerly, to download the software, user had to access the iOS App Store.

Missing Potential to Set Alert/Edit Friends

Apple has included the find My Friends app in the operating system with the release of iOS 9, instead of making it an optional install as done in the past. With the addition of Find My Friends to, there is a possibility of gathering more information about friends’ locations from Mac as well as Windows. In order to view the location of your friends, users could visit Apple’s iCloud website and sign in with an Apple ID and when logged in, could locate and click on familiar Find My Friends app icon. List of friends tend to be displayed towards the left of the page with a map on the right. You could click on a friend in order to view their exact location. General functions are somewhat limited in comparison with the iOS app, but particularly missing the potential to set alert or edit friends.

Pre-Installed on Every iOS Device

Find My Friends links Find My iPhone together with many other iCloud apps which include Calendar, Contact,Mail, Photos, Notes, Reminders, iCloud Drive as well as the iWork suite of apps. The addition of Find My Friends to comes following its promotion to a default app in iOS 9 meaning that it comes pre-installed on every iOS device which cannot be removed. However, the app can be hidden though not totally removed from the device. The iOS 9 also comprise of a Find My Friends widget to equal the OS X Notification Centre widget but there is no dedicated, standalone Find My Friends app for OS X.

Consumers may tend to have different views regarding `Find my Friends’ app where some may consider it helpful and practical while others may find it disturbing. In any case, users will not be included to the app without their consent. Once you choose it, you will be included on the Apple map. A positive aspect of the app is for parents with the ability of tracking their children’s locations without the need of texting them.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

CAF – Delivering Technological Inventions

Chelsea App Factory – CAF, was established in 2010 when the release of iPad came up and is positioned to offer solutions enabling consumers to succeed in the mobile world. Established in London, CAF has created a niche for themselves as a leading UK mobile app expansion company and is the largest specialist mobile consultancy in the nation for consumers as well as enterprise apps.

This is due to their creation of cutting edge environments delivering tangible and impressive returns.Chelsea Apps Factory one of the fastest growing tech firm has been ranked 16th of the topmost 100 quickest growing private tech companies and is linked with well-known group of UK firms which tends to deliver technological inventions.

Companies tend to be ranked based on their compound annual growth rate – CAFR with regards to sales over a period of three years. Since its establishment in 2010, this seemed to the first opportunity that the business mobility experts Chelsea Apps Factory were entitled to enter along with the Tech Track 100 needing four years of account, to be considered to be included. Their Innovation Labs are `always on’ powerhouses which efficiently tends to drive business resolutions together with productivity and profit.

Delivering Industry Leading Mobile Solutions/Services 

CAF’s widespread and recognized armoury of Strategy, Consultancy as well as delivery besides the Innovation Lab makes sure that the businesses stay on. Created to manage planned urgencies of CEO’s worldwide in 2015 inventions, their labs have been offering perceptible ROI by aiming on customer involvement and achievement.

Since its launch, the company has been making great progress year after year, developing reputation in delivering industry leading mobile solutions together with services to Ladbrokes, KPMG and Waitrose and last year the company had gained profits which has doubled its turnover with the employment of additional 80 staff at its London and Edinburg App Factories and a third Factory opened at Belfast in 2015.

They have embarked on transformational programmes of work with a share of great confidence in supporting enterprises at various stages all through their mobile journey with them. They have built up relationships with renowned consumers across retail, professional services, pharmaceutical, telecoms and legal sectors.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Apple’s `Be My Eyes’ App for the Blind

According to the National Federation of the Blind, Apple has done more for accessibility than any company has done and with the aid of a new app, iPad and iPhone users could go still further. `Be my Eyes’, is an app which enables blind people to seek remote help from sighted person whenever the need arises.

The latest app helps the blind to get instant help from sighted people on using the iPhone’s video call feature and in the first few days of its launch, the app has around 54,000 sighted volunteers. Sighted people who are ready to contribute help, can then install the app and receive alerts whenever help is required. Be My Eyes is a new crowd sourcing app which can connect the blind with the sighted person through the iPhone’s video call feature wherein it will enable users to lend their eyes to the blind.

The app has the potential in guiding the blind in difficult and challenging situations with over 4,000 people who have come forward to help the blind on more than 8,500 occasions according to the app’s website.

Live Audio-Video Connection 

When a first sighted user accepts a request to help a blind user, a live audio-video connection is set between the two and the sighted user could inform the blind person on what is seen whenever the blind person focuses his phone at something with the use of the rear facing camera.

Should the user be busy in extending help at that point of time, the request is automatically rotated through other sighted user till one of them accepts the request. The app has already assisted several people on almost 12,000 occasions. Tim Cook had commented eloquently on the priority he renders to equality and accessibility and went further informing a lobbying group of investors to `get out of this stock’, if it considers environmental concerns and making Apple devices accessible to disabled users, to be a waste of money’.

This new app connects the blind person with the volunteer sighted user across the world through the video chat when the app is activated and the blind person can then focus the phone’s camera to the problem faced while the help can verbally guide them.

App Invented – Hans Jorgen Wiberg

Seems to be quite amazing for the blind person seeking help since the sighted volunteer could then direct the blind person and inform them if they are walking in the right direction or if they are purchasing the appropriate product from the grocery store or even informing about expiry dates if any on any of the products to be purchased.

Hans Jorgen Wiberg invented the app who himself, was visually impaired in April 2012 and first presented the idea at a start-up convention in Denmark and the making of the app then took around two years to be created. Moreover, the app also offers sighted volunteers `a level up’ type of a system wherein they acquire points for daily acts of kindness though it is uncertain whether the volunteer obtains rewards on reaching certain levels. The app is available only for iPhones though the developers are working out on expanding the services to Android and Windows phones as well.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Henry Peter Badenhop Granted Patent for Mobile Billboard Messaging App

Henry Peter Badenhop

Henry Peter Badenhop
An updated invention has the potential of providing free standing application for mobile device which has the capabilities of linking the user to remote internet based database, providing advertisement as per the choice of the user and Henry Peter Badenshop has been granted this Patent. These may include types of products or services needed together with the distance of the advertising location from the user’s mobile GPS location or when the GPS is inactive, the distance can be determined by cellular/mobile device location through cell towers.

Mobile billboard messaging icons tend to display messages which are connected with the user’s choice from advertiser on the user’s devices display like the tablet or the Smartphone which is connected to the internet, location technology as well as logic means in determining when the device of the user is in a prescribed vicinity of the advertiser’s location. Coordination location of the device helps in identifying the advertiser’s location and correlate with user’s preferences within a preselected distance and if this correlation is available, a minimum of one message is displayed from the advertiser on the tablet device or a smartphone.

Message Transmitted based on Given Radii

The message is transmitted when the user’s device is within the given radii from the advertiser and when transmitted, the messaging icons provide real time promotion, together with deals and coupons appropriate for the purchase of goods and services of the advertisers or the sponsors according to the user’s options.

Moreover, the target messages that are displayed by the mobile billboard are based both on the user’s geographical real time location as well as the user’s specific choice. Revenue from advertising has now become a possible driving business force in present day business market with electronic devices being increasingly adopted in the advertising forum, which include advertising on mobile devices and computer namely the tablets and Smartphones.

Majority of the advertisement platforms and models make use of such devices providing advertisements with web page links, email links as well as mobile applications together with games or through spam emails. Other platforms of advertisements tend to use tracking algorithms or phishing means to track consumer’s web site searches and invade them with an attempt to provide advertising aimed towards the consumers.

Mobile Billboard Messaging – GPS Enabled Device

The mobile billboard messaging icon system works with GPS enabled device, a display screen with internet connection, which displays a number of applications. Further on the icon system is created with a mobile billboard messaging icon which is associated with software that has the entry of user and his preferences together with the advertiser or sponsor data.

The messaging icon of mobile billboard gets displayed via the internet connection which displays one message according to the user’s choice which is generated from one advertiser or sponsor. The mobile billboard messaging icon on the other hand functions and enables an internet connection between the mobile device and its message icon software.

The GPS location of the device is equipped with relevant given radial distance from at least one location with one of the advertisers who displays the message. Whenever the GPS is in standby mode or inactive, the location is provided depending on the position of the cellular tower and the location is determined based on the relevant given radial distance from one location associated with the advertiser who displays the message.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Best iPhone – iPad Call Recording Free Apps

Call Recording Apps
Recording a call is a feature that allows you to record the important calls in your phone and also allows you to hear that after a while. Even you can record the various calls and show it to anyone too. In the Apple Operating system iOS, this kind of feature is not present and you cannot simply record the call using the ordinary call options. But there are several applications are available in the Apple Store which allows you to record the calls on your iDevices. In this post, I have shortlisted few applications that allow you to record the calls in the iPhone for absolutely free of cost.

WePhone: WePhone is a brilliant app that allows you to record the various calling activities in your iPhone. WePhone has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the Apple App store.WePhone also allows you to call your friends for low cost, even you can call international for very low rates. WePhone provide you caller ID feature with free call recording option too.WePhone allows you to record the outgoing calls and also make the users to aware of the recordings in order to avoid the legal problems. By using this application, you can record your call up to 20 minutes. Even you can also email your recordings from your mobile itself. And also you can download it in your personal computer, and also use it in wave file format.

Google Voice: Google Voice is a call recording application that allows you to call international calls at very low rates.Google Voice allows you to send the text messages too; you can easily record your calls through the Google Voice. The main drawback is that, Google Voice is only available for the United States only. Google Voice allows you to record the incoming calls of your mobile. Unfortunately, you cannot record the outgoing calls in your mobile phone. Google Voice can work with the iOS version 4.3 and higher. Google Voice is totally free to download in the Apple Store.

Tape a Call Lite: Tape a Call Lite is one of the most popular apps for the iPhone and you can easily record the incoming and the outgoing calls very easily. Tape a Call Lite has no limitations in it and you can record as much you want. Even you can record the calls of more than a number. Tape a Call Lite provides you an easier way to use the interface and also you can recordthe calls in MP3 file format, and also you can upload that in your DropBox account.

Call Recording by NoNotes: Call Recording by NoNotes is a brilliant application that allows you to record the calls very cleanly. Call Recording by NoNotes allows you to record the calls with unlimited recording times, and also you can share the recordings very easily. But the Call Recording by NoNotes app is only applicable for the North America only.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dumb and Fun Phone Apps

At its most basic, a mobile phone should be an effective tool for communication. However the brilliance that is a “smart” phone takes fun and function to a whole new level. Programmers continually devise both handy and hilarious apps to install, and though some are more sensible than others it certainly doesn't hurt to add programmes that exist solely to provide a little levity, right? And who knows? Maybe some of the following oddball selections can be of true benefit some day.
The Star Wars Lightsaber app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In addition to movement activation it has perfect sound effects and flashing lights suitable for both Jedis and Troopers. At first glance this app may seem like frivolous good fun but there's also the benefit of working out issues with another via a make believe saber fight than letting aggravations fester. Also there's the geek cred of just having the app to have it.
The Whipcrack app is one users love having but hate others having. Again, motion activated and with great sound effects—this one is particularly handy when telling a spouse what to do. Granted it may not be received with the same joy it was delivered, so use at your own risk. This is also an app that kids never tire of so its installation may be cause for password protecting one's mobile to avoid hearing it 30 whips a go.
Shazam is a brilliant app that can listen to whatever music's playing and identify it. Think it's an obscure little ditty just because it's unrecognisable? Well not to Shazam! With a surprisingly vast library, this app will also provide cover art, YouTube links, etc. if available. Plus one of the best benefits is that this app provides a similar service to the iTunes song identifying app but with less of a proprietary nature as Apple products. Available for both Android and iOS platforms.
An ability to pop bubble wrap on one's mobile may seem like a total waste. However, those with an obsession with the stuff know this app could save both money and potential embarrassment. It's astounding how many stores keep bubble wrap out and within reach of just anyone. Now mobile users can get a virtual fix that includes a satisfying popping sound, a visual pop to coincide and even a phone vibration. Not really as good as the real thing but what is?
The Magic 8 Ball is an oldie but still a goodie. The best versions stick as closely as possible to the original toy, yet some programmers inadvisedly removed the satisfying shake function that most resembled the kitschy fortune teller. Though answers to life's tough questions are limited at best with this toy, it's kind of Zen zoning out whilst seeking answers.
Speaking of Zen—there are various versions of Zen garden apps available that warrant checking out. The best apps offer a choice between using rake or finger for drawing in the sand, as well as a variety of stones to place just so. Look for one with tranquil music or turn down the sound if you like everything but the music. Think there's no benefit? Wait for hours in a doctor's office and say that again.
One app that never seems to lose its charm is Songify or some variation, thereof. Combining speech recognition and auto tune, a brief conversation can be recorded and then automatically mixed into a dance song. It's ingenious, incredibly useless and loads of fun. Again, this is one kids never tire of but could possibly drive adults to drink so know that introducing this app to youngsters could prove harmful to one's sanity.
Of course there are countless mobile apps for both Android and iOS that serve actual purposes other than time killing and silly entertainment. Yet the fact that technology can become so advanced without causing humor to mature is somehow comforting. Sure the medium has changed but the jokes stay the same. Thanks to a world of silly apps adults are allowed to be only as grown up as they choose to be.