Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apple’ iOS 8 – Top Quality Functions

Apple’s iOS 8 is likely to be launched this fall and in the meanwhile Apple fans and consumers can wait patiently for its latest updates on what new features lies in store with the upgraded operating system that is being offered.

The iOS 8 device of the Cupertino based company products will mark another changing upgrade to the software and would be different from its predecessor – iOS 7 which had been the most terrible change in Apple history. Its visual appearance was the most significant altered change though the iOS 8 will not bring about much alternation on how its operating system performs looks or feels.

As per Design & Trend, iOS 8 is very much the same as iOS 7 with regards to visual appearance and consumers cannot expect another major transformation on the transitions icons, etc.; on the display screen. Moreover, Apple’s iOS 8 is also said to be targeted more on top quality functions along with some preferred tweaks on the side. Minimum changes have been done but with the intention of giving a new experience to users who had been deprived of capabilities which Android users have been utilising all the time.

Keyboard Features - QuickType

The latest software update will now come with a keyboard feature known as the QuickType which suggest words like it does in SwiftKey. Apple is on its way in being more open in permitting third party developers in major parts of their devices, which is the first time that Apple is permitting third party keyboards to run on their device according to Tech Life.

The iOS 8 will be giving users the opportunity of switching keyboards with third party options. Though the default keyboard had got a major boost with the QuickType feature, Apple has come up with a decision to users with the option of switching keyboards of their choice according to their needs.

Developers of SwiftKey, Swype, Minuum and Flesky have reportedly confirmed that they will be working on keyboardswhich are iOS 8 compatible. Another feature which can be expected from the new operating updated system is the new set of system widgets for the pull down notification as well as the lock screen.

Enabling Third Party Widgets in the System

Apple could be going Android with its latest updated software as it has been confirmed by several sources that iOS 8 will enable third party widgets in its system while iOS 7 had only limited widgets, the Weather and Stock in the notification pull down.

 The intended upgrade will be expanding Apple’s widget section though it may not be compared to the Windows Live Tiles and Android’s widget system. Pocket-Lint states that consumers should not expect much from this since the new widgets may not be interactive and may not even sport update element regularly.

Beside this, the iOS 8 is considered to be family friendly wherein through this new feature of Family sharing, one can have the advantage of sharing purchased iTune content such as book, music, movies as well as select apps to the other members of the family which supports up to six members in a family to share personal content.

This too comes with a system security feature which will prompt an adult member whenever a young member tries to access mature content etc. Two more additional features which are highly functional like HomeKit and Health Kit will also be included wherein HomeKit technically permits Apple devices to be connected to a wide range of third party devices and HealthKit generates data from fitness devices like the Nike Fuelband+.

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