Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Apple’s Reversible USB Cable Revealed

Apple’s Reversible USB Cable
Apple is on its way with a reversible USB cable for its anticipated iPhone 6 and according to a video leaked by known Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, who has made a name for himself earlier by leaking out information details on the iPhone 5S much ahead of its arrival has now tweeted an image on the design improvement to the Lightning cable which will connect to the long rumoured iPhone 6.Popped up on one of Dickson’s tweets and through YouTube, the ten second video portrays what is believed an Apple Lightning to USB cable and its box.

The video then shows the unplugging of the USB cable from an Apple computer and is then plugged back but in the reverse direction. According to Dickson, the already reversible eight pin dock will not change and users could plug the cable into a USB port now in a reversible manner. The video shows a claim made by Dickson that Apple has a new type of Lightning cable with a reversible USB connection at the opposite end. If the information is true, then the new cable would be an improvement over the existing USB cables which had to be plugged into a computer or port in only one direction.

Apple’s Improvement on USB Cable

Dickson had sent other alleged evidence of the new cable to 9to5 Mac wherein the two photos portrayed the cable charging the iPhone through both ends while a video showed the USB cable being removed from an iPhone which is then reinserted in the opposite direction to charge the phone butApple declined to comment on this issue.

This new cable would be included with the iPhone 6 and it is expected to be launched at a media event on 9th September and the new iPhone would then be available in the market sometime later in the month.

The one sided plugging had its limitation which had always been an annoying aspect as users would often struggle to figure out which way to plug it in and users are aware that a USB cable’s configuration requires to be plugged into a computer or any other device in one way only, Apple’s improvement will features a USB end which can be inserted from both ends enabling users to plug in a cable without the need to check in which direction it needs to be inserted

Improved Charging Capabilities 

When Apple had earlier announced its Lightning connector in 2012, the company had touted not only its improved charging capabilities but its reversibility as well. Apple had stated that the reversibility would be making the life of the user much easier since they would not waste time to determine which end the eight pin dock could be placed into an iPhone or iPad and the earlier Apple 30 pin connector was not reversible.

There are several third party providers who offer reversible USB cables and a new USB standard known as Type C which is reversible is also on the way. If Apple decides to launch a reversible USB cable, it would not be the first one to do so.

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