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Friday, February 17, 2017

7 Alternatives To Apple Default Apps That Will Supercharge Your iPhone

Apple iPhone comes loaded with a range of default apps which offers a number of functionality and features to the users but not everyone likes the default apps. Here are some of the smart alternative for the default apps which can help in enhancing the experience on iPhone to a whole new level.

Microsoft Outlook

A Microsoft app on an Apple phone might seem inadequate in many cases but that isn’t the case with Outlook at all. Outlook bring an incredibly fast and easy to use email client on iPhone which comes a ton of features like fast loading, ability to sort mails and a smart calendar sync feature so you don’t miss out on important things.


Facebook owned WhatsApp is reining as the de-facto messaging apps king and if you are missing on it then you shouldn’t. WhatsApp iOS version is lightning fast, offers emoji support, along voice and video calling apart from the standard messaging abilities. The best thing about WhatsApp is that you can even send documents on its platform.

Dark Sky

If you are looking for a robust and smart weather app then Dark Sky is the silver lining for you. This app is known for offering extremely accurate weather reading whether it is rain alerts, forecasts or detailed meteorological chart, it does all like a charm.

Sleep Cycle

Waking up in the morning can be a challenging task for a number of users. This app is not just your usual alarm app which is described as disruptive, frustrating and hateful by wider audience. Sleep Cycle is a gentle app which can easily wake a user up by calculating the best possible time and within a particular time frame without causing any negative sympathies for the app. It can also track your sleep cycle in the best fashion.


If you love to explore new places then this exciting navigational app will set you on the right course. This app is known for its fast and easy to use interface which allows users to find the quick and cheapest way to get anywhere you want to go. Moving around the city in a car or on foot this app is aptly suited for everything navigational.


If you are bored to default keyboard on the iPhone then you can spice things up with tons of keyboard skins offered in SwiftKey. Furthermore this app also makes use of AI for suggesting the correcting the spelling while typing and remember this not just simple autocorrect. It has some of the cool tricks up its sleeves which enhances the typing experience and users can always change their keyboard skin as per their mood.

Fantastical 2

If you are looking for an extremely smart calendar app then Fantastical 2 is the right choice. This one offer some of the cool features like ability to create event set for every other day of the week without the typing in for each day and it can also efficiently handle the to-do lists.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Security Experts Identify Dozens of iPhone Apps Vulnerable to Hacking

iPhone Apps
Hacking has turned out be a global issue and no matter how full proof a system is it remains vulnerable to the system of hacking. Most of the hackers are trained professionals who can very easily extract information digitally from our phones and computers. According to recent news, a group of security experts have discovered a flaw in several popular iPhone apps which can make the user’s device vulnerable to hacking. Through the mobile applications the hackers can very easily gain access to all the sensitive data including details about latest transactions and bank details.

33 Names Already Revealed 

Will Strafach, an Infosec expert recently published a blog post to caveat users that a scan of the regular Apple Store iPhone apps has identified 76 apps which can be used as a medium for hacking. Through these applications the hackers will play the role of ‘man in the middle’, and will gain access to all the useful data and information sent from phone to the cloud. The blog post also revealed the names of 33 such apps which are vulnerable including FirstBank, a banking app and a car application called Uconnect Access.

43 More Apps Named

That’s not all, the names of the apps already revealed are believed to be low risk and the blog further warns that there are 43 applications that are high risk apps. The name of these applications will also be revealed within a few weeks, after the developers have been given a fair chance to fix the flaws immediately. The Infosec expert revealed that this security hole can be derived by hackers through network related code be misconfigured in an unfortunate manner. He also stated that most of the names of apps already revealed are Snapchat add-on apps. These also include the apps used for uploading videos and photos to Snapchat and also those used for increasing Snapchat contacts. Another popular application which is a high risk app is Epic, which offers unlimited books for kids.

Onus of App Developers 

He also said that because of the type of flaw, Apple has not yet issued a widespread fix for that would make the applications even more vulnerable to hacking. It is the obligation and responsibility of the app developers solely to fix this issue and to ensure that their apps are free from risk of attacks. The blog post by Will Strafach contains the full names and details of the app list issued earlier. The scariest part of this is that all the 76 apps vulnerable to hacking have been downloaded and installed over 18,000,000 times.

The blog post not only reveals the name of these apps but also categories them into sections of low, medium and high risk. This will make it easier for the iPhone users to stops using the high & medium risk apps until the risk of attack is gone and the apps are safe to use. Strafach has also advised iPhone users to safeguard their device through properly configured VPN. If the users are not keen on using VPN, then they must switch off the Wi-Fi connection in all public places.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Best iOS Apps: Apps You Should Download

There are thousands of apps made available to the user most of which are provided free of cost. Some of the following apps mentioned could be beneficial to the user.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app is now free for download on iOS. It utilises the internet connection of the phone of 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, to call and send message to family and friends without any cost. Users can send and receive images, videos, messages as well as voice messages through WhatsApp

Uber, the taxi app makes moving around easier and instead of calling the cab and have cash in your pocket; users could request it and pay for it through the app. Uber is presently operative in London, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Birmingham and Newcastle, in UK.

Citymapper could be helpful if one needs to navigate through a city. This urban transport app comprises of an A to B journey planner, public transport delays, real-time traffic data, and maps and is presently available in Birmingham, London and Manchester in the UK.

Facebook, the world’s largest social network offers a strongly refined experience to iPhone and iPod touch though still enable access to contacts, feeds together with other important information which makes it in several ways greater in using Facebook in desktop browser.

PhotoSynth is a great outlook app, is user-friendly and amusing to use particularly while watching a panoramas taking shape when one tends to capture it. iOS Camera app has a panorama mode though PhotoSynth is more flexible and functions with older devices.

Dropbox – There are several app existing for the transfer of content between the computer and the device though Dropbox is free and easy to use than the others. Users can store files in a folder on your computer and Dropbox for you’re the device will allow you to access them, download them to be viewed offline.

Skype – Though FaceTime seems a great substitute to standard voice calls, it is not good if one has been attempting to contact someone without a compatible iOS or a Mac device. Skype seems to be an essential download wherein the interface tends to be simple and usable permitting the user with a Skype account in making free calls to another Skype user which are economical to any part of the world. It is useful if one is on Pay and Go, though the app also enables iPod touch users to use their devices for calls.

Adobe Photoshop Express –For quick, free and a usable tool in making edits to your iPhone photos, Adobe’s app is an appropriate choice. It can be used for cropping, straightening, exposure adjustments, colour effects, sharpening and much more.

Shazam, since 2008, is an iOS main, which will provide the name and artist of any songs with a matter of seconds. Moreover it will also pull up YouTube video with the lyrics enabling the user to add the song to your Rdio or Spotify playlists. It can be used to learn new music with its optional track.

CandyCrush Saga an immensely addictive game of puzzle enables the user to move through the levels on matching combinations of coloured sweets. This game is free and was one of the top 10 iOS download last year inspite of being launched in November 2012.

Friday, August 29, 2014

iPhone Apps Initiating Forced To Place Expensive Calls

iPhone 5
Privacy has been the top most reason that encourages anyone to invest in a smart phone. If you have been in a delusion that you are safe and spying is limited to another area, then beware. iPhone one of the largest selling smart phones seems to have hit a roadblock in form of forced call through their certain apps. This vulnerability can force the apps to place expensive calls or facetime calls.

Usually in any phone and even iPhone, tapping any number will give a pop screen prompting whether you want to make call or not. According to one of the developers, there is serious risk in apps which don’t ask for permission about the same at first. Due to the security lapse, your phone might be forced to make calls just by clicking of links; this will potentially connect your phone to expensive numbers without any prior warning.

Developer Andrei Neculaesei from Copenhagen Company was able to demonstrate the complete process and the security lapse in certain iOS apps. This has proven to work as many apps like Facebook messenger, Google+ and Gmail don’t give any pop-up when a consumer’s taps on any phone number embedded in the site.

“Hello Pretty” tactic 

Andrei stated that he used a very sneaky JavaScript to enable the links in a website, which clicks on by own. When these sites were accessed through various apps apart from Safari, an automatic call was initiated. Apart from incurring money loss, the user might end up communicating to the attackers through live video. This was called Hello Pretty.

Facetime has been facing a lot of problem as the calls are getting initiated by accessing any site through their app. These calls are almost instant. Just image a simple situation, you have just clicked on some link and without you being aware, an automatic calls is placed to an expensive number, where your attacker will be able to save all the details including your looks.

Even though Andrei was able to highlight some of the apps that have got affected by this issue, the entire blame can’t be placed on Apple, as there are apps which have been made available through different developers. Some of developers have not configured their apps to give a pop up with any specific information.

There are many giant names in these developers like Facebook and Google, who have chosen not to use this feature but the growing security issue might prompt them to incorporate these features.

Current update 

Due to the ongoing security issue, Facebook has already started working to get this issue fixed atleast in their apps. There are still many more apps still vulnerable to this issue.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How To Market Your IPhone App With A Wacked-out Teaser Video!

You've come up with the perfect idea for an iPhone app.  Yeah, right - you and 33 million other enthusiasts.
 photo iphone_apps2_zps53fd42a9.jpg
Ah, but you are different.  You've raised some funds on and you've shaken down a few of your favorite relatives.  With that  money, you've hired yourself an iPhone App Developer and you app is so close to fruition that you can almost taste it.
That means you will soon have to market your app.  Uh-oh.
No worries, I am here to give you some one-of-a kind app video marketing tips that you can take to the bank.  If you can make a video that is creative enough, put it on YouTube , then get it shared through places social media channels like, Buzzfeed, Digg and Reddit ... you should get plenty of downloads for your app.
Tips to make a creative teaser video
Act crazy.  The last thing you want to do is to sit in front of the camera and talk.  If you can pull it off, get into a medieval costume and sing like a minstrel.  Or get into caveman attire and ugh your way through demonstrating your app.
 photo caveman_costume_zpsc7f94117.jpg
What you do should of course depend on the app itself, but some common elements that are good to work in as best you can would be outlandish costumes, music and possibly slightly crazy singing of funny lyrics, acting and jumping around, props, other folks in costume.  Using a green screen, you can edit the video to be doing all this in mid-air or under the sea or deep inside a cavern.
Interview random people.  Got a demo?  Take it to the streets.  Bring along a filmer friend to capture your moments of triumph in the streets.  Who can you interview?
  • Try a hobo.  Seriously, anything unexpected. 
  • Hit up strangers in the bus or train. 
  • Ask shoppers in the dairy aisle. 
  • Pull up beside a marathon runner - what a great video clip as the runner is trying figure out why this guy with an iPhone is trying to show him an app while he's running. 
  • Approach someone at the cinema - while a movie is playing.  And when someone says, "Shhh!", take that as a queue to demonstrate the app to them. Sure, they'll never let you in again, but you'll have some great footage.
  • Ask a foreign tourist who can't speak English. 
You could have a lot of fun creating a video that keeps people watching.  Just make sure that along the way, you have enough clips of what your app does, how much fun it is, and how useful it is.
Play the straight man. What you could also do is explain the virtues of your app - from the iPhone app development process right through to how people get to zap their enemies or call up the ghosts of their great grandparents or whatever your app does.  You could do this in total deadpan while clowns surround you and try to distract you.  Or while movers come and remove all your furniture and replace it with a totally different furniture.
If you record against a green screen, there is no end to what could be going on in the background.  Perhaps a murder.  Perhaps a war.  Perhaps somebody gagging from a horrid smell.
The specifics should depend on exactly what your app does.
Fundamentals of a creative video
Whatever approach you take, there are a few fundamentals to remember.  You want good quality clips, so please use an iPhone 5.  An iPhone 2 or 3 or 4 just won't give you the same quality image.
Make sure you enunciate when you speak.  All the filming is useless, if all we hear you say is, "...aun wee huff ih aln iln hiss..."
In most cases for something wild and crazy, you and a friend can shoot the footage.  There might be some situations where you might be better off with a professional videographer.
For editing, however, get a pro.  You want someone who can put together your somewhat unconventional footage in a way that pulls viewers through and leads them to go download the app. A professional video editor can also handle music and other sound effects, maybe even add voiceover narration if needed.
So get crazy.  Be creative. Create a teaser video for your app that nobody will forget and everybody will share.  If you've managed to explain your app amidst the craziness - and explain the amazing benefits of the app! - you should be on the road to the download fast lane.
Melody Spikes has been an iPhone fan since her first iPhone 2.  "I take it everywhere, I live and breathe my iPhone," she has been overheard to say.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The 10 Best Websites and Resources for iPhone App Development

The app development for the iPhone is becoming a passion for most of the people in this globe. Right from the child to the adult, the app making is becoming a fun for them. There are many professional who were working out for job and also there are few children who makeprank applications for their fun works. If you want to become an app developer, you can easily make your leg wet by learning the tactics for the app development. In this post, I have listed out the top websites that provide app development tutorials for the new learners
Apple Developer's Site:If you were going to learn about the iPhone app development, then you need to visit this site first. In order to get more information about the application development, this website acts as a perfect arena. First you need to sign up for the developers program and you need to download the necessary tools from the website.

iPhoneDev SDK Forums:This site acts as best sources for the iPhone App developer and here they will learn various features about the application development. This community is robust in nature and you can get anything from the community and you can post your queries, it can be cleared by the programmers in the community. is a feature tutorial blog that allows you the developers to learn the app development process. It doesn’t matter whether you were an advance designer or a beginner, can be suitable for anyone. provides you a better place to learn the coding process.

AdWhirl:AdWhirl is an advertisement service that allows you to include the ad services in your application. Once you have added the ad service in the app, you can able to sign up for the various features of the website. You can use the entire feature by using the same code itself. AdWhirl increases your revenue and also they can show their ads in your application.

Cocos2D: Cocos2D is a website that allows the users to set up a high level graphics in the game. Rather than using the basic graphics, you can include the higher graphics in your application. Suppose, if you were going to develop a high end game, then Cocos2D will definitely help you to create a game. You can also include more interactions with the help of Cocos2Dwebsite,Cocos2D provides various toolkit for the developers.

The other websites are: 

SIO2 Interactive: Provides game engine for the app developers and include high graphics tool for their applications.

Shiva 3D: Shiva 3D is an awesome website, that allows you to include several graphihcs tool kit in your application.

OpenFeint: OpenFeintprovides you toolkit to establish many features in the iPhone application.
Urban Airship:This is a powerful feature which allows you to include the in-apppurchases in the applications. It allows you to include several toolkits in the developing website.

AppViz: This allows you to download and use the reports in your application. Therefore various app development tutorials have been clearly discussed in the above paragraphs.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Best iPhone – iPad Call Recording Free Apps

Call Recording Apps
Recording a call is a feature that allows you to record the important calls in your phone and also allows you to hear that after a while. Even you can record the various calls and show it to anyone too. In the Apple Operating system iOS, this kind of feature is not present and you cannot simply record the call using the ordinary call options. But there are several applications are available in the Apple Store which allows you to record the calls on your iDevices. In this post, I have shortlisted few applications that allow you to record the calls in the iPhone for absolutely free of cost.

WePhone: WePhone is a brilliant app that allows you to record the various calling activities in your iPhone. WePhone has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the Apple App store.WePhone also allows you to call your friends for low cost, even you can call international for very low rates. WePhone provide you caller ID feature with free call recording option too.WePhone allows you to record the outgoing calls and also make the users to aware of the recordings in order to avoid the legal problems. By using this application, you can record your call up to 20 minutes. Even you can also email your recordings from your mobile itself. And also you can download it in your personal computer, and also use it in wave file format.

Google Voice: Google Voice is a call recording application that allows you to call international calls at very low rates.Google Voice allows you to send the text messages too; you can easily record your calls through the Google Voice. The main drawback is that, Google Voice is only available for the United States only. Google Voice allows you to record the incoming calls of your mobile. Unfortunately, you cannot record the outgoing calls in your mobile phone. Google Voice can work with the iOS version 4.3 and higher. Google Voice is totally free to download in the Apple Store.

Tape a Call Lite: Tape a Call Lite is one of the most popular apps for the iPhone and you can easily record the incoming and the outgoing calls very easily. Tape a Call Lite has no limitations in it and you can record as much you want. Even you can record the calls of more than a number. Tape a Call Lite provides you an easier way to use the interface and also you can recordthe calls in MP3 file format, and also you can upload that in your DropBox account.

Call Recording by NoNotes: Call Recording by NoNotes is a brilliant application that allows you to record the calls very cleanly. Call Recording by NoNotes allows you to record the calls with unlimited recording times, and also you can share the recordings very easily. But the Call Recording by NoNotes app is only applicable for the North America only.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Video Calling Apps for iPhone

Video calling is becoming a trend among the people; you can see your friends and chat with them through the video calling feature. FaceTime is a built in feature which is present in the Apple, which has excellent popularity among the people. Various updates has made the video calling feature to be very famous and made it very flexible too.

But there are few limitations that are present in the Apple FaceTime application, the main drawback was that, the FaceTime can only make the calls between the two Apple devices. Not everyone in this universe would use the Apple Products, so your receiver should have this Device to establish a call between you and them. And one more things are that, your device should be connected with the Wi-Fi network in order to use FaceTime. So in this post, i have shared few alternatives for the iPhone FaceTime and here it goes;


We all would have heard about the skype, and its awesome features. Skype is not only meant for video calls, but you can do text messages also in the application. Even you can do ordinary calls in the skype, you need to sign up for the feature and add the money in your account for calling the landlines phones all around the world. But you can make a free calling feature to a skype installed phone. You can easily make calls to iPhone, Android Phones and even you can make calls to the PC or any Mac. Even you can use the Skype in the Microsoft Xboxes too.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is another popular messenger in this globe, you would have heard about the Yahoo Messenger for the personal computer, from which you can easily establish the calls between the two personal computers. Likewise, In iPhone you can easily establish a video calls between two users through the Yahoo Messenger application. The main thing is that, you need a Yahoo mail service before using this messenger in your iPhone. This application is available in the app store for ultimately free of cost and you can download it, use it in your device.

Tango Video Calls

Tango is a highly rated video call application that lets you to make video calls to your friends. This application is totally free and you can establish a video call between the users using the Wi-Fi network or using the 3G network. This application is very easy to use and it is very popular among the iPhone users. Simply you need to install this application in your device and it will automatically search the contact list in your mobile. Then automatically it displays the contacts, who were using this service in your mobile.

Thus these three applications allow you to make video calls to your friends using your iPhone, rather than using the Apple FaceTime in your Apple Devices.

How to Develop iPhone Apps

Once you actually perceive why you're making your application and for who, future step is to detail what you may be building and the way. If you know a little about technology you can yourself search and know the way to create an app but if you are new to the field of technology than too you need not worry because step by stem instructions and guides are available to your rescue which you may refer to while trying to make an app. However creating plays its best part in this field and the thing which you are going to make is important other than the required skills because you can outsource the task too but you cannot outsource creativity which is the original thing. You almost certainly have a general plan of what you'd wish to build. However, to construct Associate in nursing application, you wish to understand specifically what options your application can support. Understanding World Health Organization can use your app and what’s vital to those users (which you’ve already completed) makes this task abundant easier. Particularization “what and how” needs that you:

Define the options your application can support. You must recognize what each screen can contain and what each button can do and why.

Decide that mobile devices you may support. Sure, you began by needing to build Associate in Nursing iPhone application, however what concerning iPod, the various flavors of robot and Blackberry, or maybe Windows mobile devices?
Determine if you may build an online or a native application. Users should transfer and install native apps that permit the software package to access the mobile devices’ knowledge and options (e.g., the camera). In distinction, mobile internet applications need no install and have terribly restricted access to the particular mobile device.
Decide however you may market your application. Mobile development isn't a field of dreams; simply because you build it, they'll not return. There square measure several selections for business your application’s existence: advertising, hiring a packaging team, content promoting, social campaigns and plenty of a lot of. Verify what’s sensible for you.
Determine if and the way you may decriminalize your application. If this application is a component of a business, this is often a really vital step. Mercantilism your app within the Apple store is nice, however bear in mind they take half-hour of revenue from every sale. If your app prices $1.00, you merely see $0.70 from every sale. You’ll conjointly favor to implant advertising or charge a reoccurring subscription fee. If you would like to form cash, take the time to outline specifically however you may be intimate.
Decide however you may check the applying once it's complete. Testing is crucial. Nothing will kill your application’s likelihood for achievement quite as quick as pages of unhealthy reviews concerning buggy software package. 1st impressions square measure everything, particularly once it involves mobile software package. There square measure many ways that to search out willing beta testers, choose one (or more).

Friday, January 17, 2014

iPhone App Review: DoodleJump

We have seen so many games on mobiles that a new one hardly arouses our curiosity. But, here is one that may generate a fair bit of heat once you get hooked on to it. Many mobile handset manufacturers have come up with various stages and styles of jumping games but Apple has taken a big leap ahead with DoodleJump. This game, brought out on the iPhone is a bit like PapiJump, but is distinct in its style and sketch, a typical uniqueness that oozes charm and chutzpah.

Let me take you through this one. If you are artist, even a starter of one, DoodleJump will give you a nice surprise as it reminds you of the various characters that you have drawn on your rough notes when in school or college. Here, they seem like coming to life. The animated doodles are great fun, and the game is quite addictive and will see you getting hooked on for a pretty decent amount of time, a fair bit more than you would generally anticipate. This game is typical of jump games, where you aim to jump as high as possible. Every time the doodle creature lands on a surface, it aims to jump higher. Jump with care, as the path is strewn with dangerous aliens, UFOs, crumbling platforms, black holes and many such hazards that tend to make life difficult as you go up.

The controls are quite basic, with an accelerometer that helps you move left and right and a tapping on screen function that makes the doodle fire a bullet to kill its obstacles. It is a pretty simple game with simple instructions and a simple goal. Now you would be wondering as to what makes the DoodleJump a great game, if it was so simple. Well, to be honest, it is not a tech marvel, but a simple game with a nice feel and ring to it, something that draws you to keep playing it on and on. A great add on is the global leader board which allows you to track similar players and their scores on iPhone network. Also, the variety of having cute hand drawn doodles jumping furiously to make it to the next level is a great addiction by itself.

A small wish from my end is to make the game a bit more musical by adding some back ground tunes to the jumps as well as the elevations. That could make it very pleasing to hear as well. Over all a good value for price and time well spent, especially if you are one of those who spend a considerable time over the handset.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Must have accessories for iPhone

The iPhone is one of the bestselling mobile which has been made a record when compared to all other mobile phones. The interface of the iPhone has made the apple lovers to go for it. iPhone is almost present all over the world, even you can find them in each and every region of this globe. Buying an iPhone is just the beginning of your apple life; you can get tons of applications for your iPhone which enhances your day to day life activities. iPhone supports several accessories that are used to make various levels of ease in your lifestyle. iPhone accessories are more efficient when compared to other Smartphone accessories hence they offer ultimate power by accessing your iPhone.

iPhone Fitness

Maintaining fitness is one of the main things which have been considered by most of the people around this world. Keeping track of our health is the more important than any other things in this world. iPhone has many accessories which let you to keep track of your body and you can have them in connection with your iPhone. iPhone fitness application is one of the best thing which has been popularly available for the iPhone. Most of the popular companies such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok have many iPhone versions of accessories which can easily measure your heart rate and speed. This let you to track your health condition and you can accurately keep track of your body condition by using this application and also with these kinds of accessories too. These iPhone fitness accessories are more precisely accurate than the conventional accelerometer available in the market to monitor the heart rates.

Extra Battery Support

Batteries are the most important accessories for your iPhone which gives the power for the device. Obviously Smartphones consumes lots of energy for working. Suppose if you want to work for a longer time, then you need a battery backup plan to work perfectly for more time. A larger battery capacity will help you during work time as well as during travelling time. It acts as a secondary fuel tank for your iPhone if you have an extra backup battery. It is strongly and obviously noticed that people having secondary battery will work with their Smartphones without bothering about their battery power consumption schemes. Nowadays various battery accessories are available in the market which offers you better solutions for the battery power source. Various colors are available for external battery, including compact design and also with perfect functionality too.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are other important accessories for your iPhone. Bluetooth headphones are awesome and look fantastic when compared to other ordinary wired headphones. Various designs of wireless headphones are available in the market for the iPhone device and they provide you more fashion. Brands such as Sennheiser, ZAGG and other leading manufacturers provide more trendy headphones as well as more fantastic products. They are renowned for their long lasting quality and with more sensible clarity. It is the best accessory for the iPhone and also brings out the best quality for you.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to Turn Your iPhone into a Trading Floor

iPhone into a Trading Floor
We all might have seen various kinds of images and videos regarding the stock exchanges that are happening in this world and you would have seen various things such as Wall Street or any kinds of areas which is full of screens and full of information, where many people will shout and waving their ticket papers with more excitements. This is the place where the world trading will occur and this is the place where everyone wanted to stay around. This will let you to increase you standard of living and you can easily earn millions of dollars with this stock exchange.

But in turn, several development have been discussed and the developers have released many applications regarding this stock exchange functions. These applications will let you to bring the trade in your palm of hand. This allows anyone can easily enter into a stock exchange and also allows them to learn various tactics of the Trading market via their smart phones. The main fact is that, the Trading floor doesn’t make the screen to look like any sort of videos or movies. Thousands of brokers have entered into the online market and this makes them to earn money from the stock market by simply exchanging the deals. Since everyone around this globe has started to use the laptops or their personal computers for the business works, the trading has been changed into an easier way. Internet has played an immense role in these kinds of the deals and also this helps the stock exchangers to sell their stocks to anyone around this globe.

By using these applications, you can easily turn your iPhone into a Trading floor and completely brings you a entire course of new stuffs in your personal computer itself. This will not take much more investment and you can perform various levels of exchange in the market very easily. By using these applications, you can easily turns in to a professional, and you can do the trading very casually. Most probably, these application brings you to work more accurate with the forex trading, and also gives you a thrilling option while working in it. These kinds of works mainly involves in the trading once currency for another currency. This will provide more profit, and also you can easily decide which currency you can choose and also you can increase the profit by choosing a high value stocks in your exchange.

There are infinite numbers of ways from which you can get income from the stock exchange and also you can easily turn your work into money. These kinds of applications will allow you to watch various levels of changes in the prices that are varying in the forex market. These days, these apps are highly tied with the various brokers and this removes your various levels of worries with your account.
MetaTrader is an application, which lets you to focus on the internet marketing and also you can download this application from the internet and also check this link for more information,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top iPhone Restaurant Guide Apps

Open Table
Finding restaurant which serves good rating of food content with affordable prices is very hard. And finding the best restaurant with your favorite food and its ratings are tougher to find out in today’s life. There is much excellent application available in App store which are especially made for food lover who always wants to check out various dishes in their life. In this article, you can get information about various applications which gives you the better listing of restaurants around you. Now we check restaurant apps which provide good service and best user ratings of various restaurants. Here they are:

Open Table

OpenTable apps provide service to access the more than 1500 restaurant is support. These apps have more features like menu, use ratings, and also include real-time table availability and also reservation functionality through this app. And also OpenTable has a host of other features, including email integration, reward points, and list of nearby restaurant. OpenTable is complete freeware it designed to make it easier to make restaurant reservation.

Wine Rating Guide

Wine Rating Guide it is a paid app in App store. it provide the largest wine database include ratings for over millions of wines and you can search wine by a variety of criteria include name, brand , price, groper, varietal,food pairings and region so on. The rating of wine is measured in scale maximum rating five-point on scale and you can make your rating depend on your mind set. This is prefect app to have on hand the next time you dine out.


Few people can able to calculate tip in the mind,but not all of them. Tipulator easily calculate your tip in second so that it is easy to use .its interface make it so simple by entering the bill amount , give details percentage you want and tip will be calculated. This is a paid app which supports various premium services for your use.


VegOut is the restaurant finder app for vegetarians and vegans. This app ispowered by It is a web based service for finding a near-by restaurant. You can search restaurant by name or location. In this application,User ratings and reviews about the various restaurantsare included. It is a paid app.


FoodSpotting designed to help you find new restaurant. It offers visual approach the app can display pictures of food item and dishes available nearbyrestaurants. And you may see restaurant by name and what food items available. Anthony Bourdieu is available in this app. This app is a freeware.


UrbanSpoon is the one the great app which provideinteractive interface to searching an restaurant in nearby like shaking an iPhone gives random search of restaurantnearby and also we search restaurant by price range, menu list etc. Once if you find good dining spot, UrbanSpoon also include ratings, menu and pictures. Moreover this app is a freeware.

Hope you have liked this list of application; I’m damn sure you would like this applications for your iPhone and submit your feedback through the comment box.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top iPhone application for Finding Gas Station.

Smartfule apps
None of us likes to give higher price for the gas. Suppose, if you’re on a road trip, or may be a business trip, you will always like to pay lower price for the gas as low as possible. In this post, you can get the best application for getting best gas station around you while you’re on a business trip or a road trip. By using the power of GPS and internet, you can get the best information about the best gas station. They are given as;

1.Fuel Finder: Fuel Finder is an impressive iPhone application which provides you a strong interface that brings you a list of best features. Fuel Finder helps you to get into a closest station which is located nearby you. You can get roadside help for you, when you’re low on fuel. Fuel Finder is found on the app market for only 2.99$ and Fuel Finder doesn’t require a subscription pack, so that you can use them for lots of information.

2.Smart Fuel: Smart Fuel gives you a best feature where you can get more detailed report of your fuel. Smart Fuel enables the users to bookmark their recent gas stations it also provides an accurate station listing. Smart Fuel comes with month of free train period and you can continue the subscription further by paying 4.99$ for 6 months or for 14.99$ for 24 months of time. The interface allows you to save your fuel and you can save more by subscribing to this application.

3.Road Ahead: Road Ahead is an app which brings out the necessary amenities which are available in the high ways; you can find the best objects which are present in your way. Road Ahead provides the list of gas stations which are available in the high ways and with its prices too. You can find out the best gas station over the various localities and you can scroll through the various localities station for best prices. Road Ahead is all-in-one application which offers you many services and you can get all information about your trip with this application itself.

4.Gas Buddy: Gas Buddy is a brilliant application which gives you all information about the gas station and its prices for totally free. If you were searching for an application which is totally free of cost for your road trip, the Gas Buddy could be a best one in the list. Gas Buddy has a list of features which is totally comes for free of cost.

5.Fuel Smart Pro: Fuel Smart Pro is a premium application which comes with list of comprehensive gas stations and with the accurate prices. The interface of the Fuel Smart Pro is very nice and the features of the Fuel Smart Pro are solid. Fuel Smart Pro makes your travel more simple and elegant; you can subscribe the application for 2.99$ per year. Since it is pro version, you can go for Fuel Smart Pro for better use.