Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 ways to increase security and privacy of your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple products are known for not just their simple yet awe inspiring designs but also the hardware mechanism that makes them such useful devices. The Apple product owners have from little to no reasons to complain and have been fully satisfied as far as the product performance is concerned. However, with the number of users increasing exponentially, it is only a matter of time when someone will be able to hack into the Fort Knox of devices. This is the reason why you as an end user should pay greater attention to the security of your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Even though Apple makes its products more and more convenient with each upgrade, it is the responsibility of the end user to ensure its complete safety and maintain its privacy. Depending upon the sensitivity of the data on your device, you can toggle the settings on your phone and monitor the security arrangements. The idea is not make the phone so impenetrable that even the user gets nightmares while trying to get inside their device. However, the security and privacy tips will only make sure that breaking into your phone or device is extremely unattractive to the thieves or pranksters who can be dissuaded from their antics by just looking at the layered security.

Use a reasonably strong Pass Code 

The latest iPhone 5S has a biometric system which is unbeatable when it comes to identifying its true owner. However, for any other devices, the owners can use reasonably tough pass codes to unlock their phones. They should be hard to guess but not something you can’t easily memorize. iPhone 5S users can also use stronger pass codes rather than using the biometric unlocking system for added security.

Turn off Personal Notifications on the locked screen

While it is very simple to quickly gaze at notifications on the home screen, it can also be very unsafe if your phone is in the hands of anyone other than you. Your pass code lock will defeat the whole purpose if people can read your personal notifications even when the phone or the device is locked. It is better to turn off the notifications on your home screen when the screen is locked so that no one but you can read your private messages.

Go for 2-tiered security layer

This might seem a little over the top to add to layers of security on your Apple device. However, considering the sensitivity of the data we have on our phones these days, it seems like a very small level of security. All it takes is add another layer of password on the apps to get the added security. You can make your device twice as strong by just introducing another level of pass code.

Keep your web browsing private

If you do not wish your web browsing history to be tracked or recorded, you can use the private browsing feature of safari. You can also enable the private browsing from the bookmarks, tabs etc which makes it easier and more convenient. Also, if you are on the network that you do not trust and are using the browsing for personal and sensitive information then you can also gain access to the VPN service that will keep your data private. Needless to mention that with all the browsing that happens on internet enabled devices, you must also secure your devices with a reliable piece of antivirus software like Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac that will deter any hacker from trying to hack into your device.

Delete the Web History Data

If you have not used private browsing by Safari and now want to remove the data from your device, you also have the option of wiping your device clean and start afresh.

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