Sunday, September 7, 2014

Microsoft New OS Teaser: Windows 9

Windows 9
Windows 8 even though was released with the aim of stitching together mobile and desktop became too complex for the user and affected the expected universal success. Windows 8 sales have completely dropped down with the new smart phones and tablets coming new light and also the longer life of exiting laptops and desktops. It is highly unlikely for the makers to come up with any other version like 8.2 or 8.3 so it calls out for two new expectations in the future: one is to expect a new advanced and faster version of windows operating system and second one is to wait for Windows 9.

Based on the communication received from Microsoft communication about Windows 9, will cost you but will provide you with all possible features that anyone will expect in newer version.

Release Date of Windows 9

Even though Microsoft has been mum about the name of the new operating system but there was information leaked by their Chinese division on Weibo clearly indicating that Microsoft new operating system windows 9 will be launched soon and the users will be able to see the start menu again.

Expected to be released in April 2015, windows 9 is expected to be launched in all the platform, laptops, PCs, mobiles and tablets. However some of the leaked information accessed by indicates that the release is expected around 2 or 3 quarter of 2015.

But now as per Verge, the new Windows 9 preview will be released on 30th September but its still not confirmed as the system is still in the development stage.

No Charms Bar: Windows 9

As per Winbeta, Microsoft is supposed to do away by the charms bar in windows 9 but this is only pertaining to desktop PCs and might also happen in the mobile phones as well. One of the methods that are expected to be a stand out is the button near the windows controls, which once pressed will reveal share, search, devices and setting charm from top of the window. Microsoft has also been playing with the idea of actually removing the Charms bar completely.

Windows 9: Start Menu to be Reborn

Microsoft has been working on their new update called Threshold and labeled it as Windows 8.1 Pro, but this update is expected to actually come in form of Windows 9. The key for windows 9 is that they have combined desktop apps and metro apps unlike Windows 8. This will help the users who are comfortable with the start menu tab.

Windows Phone 9

The phone is tagged for release along with the OS. Currently the version available on new smart phones is Windows 8.1 featuring Cortana. As Windows 8 is supposed to become history, we are expecting that device hardware will be upgradable.

Price of Windows 9

Even though the price has not been revealed yet but one can either expect this new version to fall heavy on their pockets or might be made available free for users. Some of the other companies have been giving out the recent versions absolutely free of cost.

Features of Windows 9

64- Bit is the expectation from windows 9. Users are expecting Microsoft to make Windows Phone and Windows RT apps run on Windows Phone and as well as Windows. Laptops with 3D camera could be expected to have Kinect-based 3D gestures.

Apart from taking over a dud windows 8, Windows 9 is mainly expected to improve performance.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

SIRI – Your Own Virtual DJ

Siri can now act as your own virtual DJ and help in managing and playing some of your most favourite music at your command on your iPhone. Apple’s voice assistant comprises of various skills one of which is the capabilities to play and manage the music on your device.

Users can use Siri to play a certain album or song which may be stored in the iPad or iPhone, or play a selection of tunes from any artist. They can command Siri to pause or stop the music as well as to move forward or track back and much more.

Instead of listening to an entire album from beginning to end, you could tell Siri to play any particular song of one’s choice and if the song may tend to have a lengthy title, the same can be said in short, to get the song played.

 If songs from specific artist are needed, Siri can play music from that artist or group and will randomly shuffle selection of songs from any of the desired albums on the device. Besides this Siri also has the potential if in the mood for jazz or any other rhythm and take your request depending on genre by simple request like `play jazz music’ or `play R&B music.

Selected Album of Songs/Alternate Track

If the need to hear a selected album of songs which is not in order, users can tell Siri to play the required song from the album by naming it and Siri can shuffle the album and play the desired music by shuffling through the track of the desired album.

Moving to another track is also possible if the user desires to move to an alternate track and jump to the next one by commanding Siri to `skip to the next song or would like to hear the previous song again, you could instruct Siri to skip to previous song and get back to the previous track song. If a certain playlist has been created as favourite music, it can also tap in this too by giving the command to `play the song selected from the playlist’ which is selected and played by Siri.

Stop/Resume/iTunes Radio ….

If the need to stop the music for a while you could tell Siri to `pause music’, or would want to start off where you left, the same can be done by the `resume music’, option. Besides playing music on the device, Siri also has the features of tapping into iTunes Radio which can be done by telling Siri to `play iTunes Radio’, and it can start providing the music from the station which was last accessed or the first one on your list.

You could also use a specific station of your choice and the same can be done by telling the desired station which is provided by the user’s command to Siri. Another feature is that should the user need to find out what is playing or is not sure on the song played and would want to know the title or the artist, you could ask Siri on `what is playing’, which will be displayed and the complete title together with the artist of the song is provided.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rear Shell - Apple’s iPhone 6 – Images revealed

From the time invitations have been sent by Apple, for its September 9 event, rumours have been circulating with fresh iPhone 6 information and the majority of them have their focus on the 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6. A new video has been revealed by Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor-in-chief of French site, Nowhereelse, which is the author of several iPhone 6 image leaks, showing a rear shell destined for Apple’s much anticipated 5.5 inch iPhone with a ruler placed along it showing that the previously leaked specification of the yet unannounced handset could be legitimate.

The new photos portray one key detail on the upcoming handset which some consumers would be interested in making a purchase which is the phone’s size. Apple for the first time would be having bigger iPhone models in their stores this year which would be similar to rival devices running other operating systems though not all consumers would want a bigger device.

Device likely to be named `iPhone Air’

The shell seems to be physically scaled up version of the same part on its 4.7 inch counterpart and is complete with internal mounting points together with plastic rigging. The length shown in the video indicates between 150 to 160 millimetres and French blog NWE shows that the device is likely to bear the iPhone Air, moniker.

Besides this, the dimensions line up with specification from what was previously sourced is said to be a computer system at Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn. The screenshots of 4.7 inch version measures 138 millimetres on the Y axis, 66 millimetres on the X axis and 6.9 centimetres on the Z axis while the 5.5 inch version compares at 158 millimetres, 78 millimetres and 7.1 millimetres respectively. Not much has been portrayed in the video with very few parts for the `phablet’ model has been shown.

Thick Antenna/Rounded Opening/Cut-out for Apple logo/Elongated Volume Buttons

The latest revelation of the metal frame seems similar in appearance to a rear shell which appeared last month and both shells have thick antenna breaks, rounded opening for updated True Tone flash, and a cut-out for the logo of Apple, space for elongated volume buttons with a side mounted power button.

From various reports inclusive of a well-connected analyst Ming-ChiKuo, it has been indicated that the 5.5 inch model would probably be delayed till late 2015.Based on the company’s recent history, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 and would be announcing its next generation iPhone line-up at the media event to be held on September 9 at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts together with availability likely to follow on September 19.

 AppleInsider would be providing live coverage from the event in Cupertino. If Apple intends to introduce the 5.5 inch version on September 9, the company could stagger the retail sales of the two phones, with the availability of the 4.7 inch model somewhere in September and waiting to ship the 5.5 inch model till the end of the year due to issues on production.

The iWatch most probably would also make an official appearance along with the new iPhone 6.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Apple to Partner with American Express – Payment System

Apple, according to some sources is said to have reached a deal to partner with American Express and has come in agreement with them to work together on its latest iPhone payment system and American Express seems to be one of the many partners.

Apple will have to sign up before the launch of its new payment plan which is reported to be announced at the September 9 product event. It was earlier reported that Apple had been in negotiations with Visa which was said to leverage the forthcoming iPhone 6 and a few days back, a logic board leak reported the NFC, near field communications chip, planned for the iPhone 6 which will presumably play a very important role in enabling the functions of mobile payments.

Apple’s new payments system is planned to enable iPhone 6 users to utilise their phones instead of the credit cards, debit cards or cash in order to pay for goods in stores. The consumers could present their phones at the counter at the time of checkout of partnering retailers and transmit payment information to complete the transaction though it is not known which retailers have signed on to accept such type of payments.

Approval from Credit Card Network/Bank

Apple had held discussions with several credit card networks in the lead up to the announcement, regarding the new payment product according to sources. The Information, the news site, had earlier reported that Visa had also agreed to partner with Apple.

The representatives of both Apple as well as American Express refrained from making any comments with regards to this issue. The introduction of the iPhone payment product will end a lot of speculation for Apple, about when it would take advantage of its huge file of hundreds of millions of credit cards from iTunes as well as App Store customers in order to create their own mobile wallet.

According to sources it is said that Apple would need the approval from the credit card network or the bank which issues an Apple customer’s card for the card to get approved for mobile payments.

Secured iPhone Payment System 

Since consumers have accepted mobile wallets from Google and consortium of wireless carriers, industry analyst, executive are of the belief that Apple are capable of making it work.

According to industry sources, Apple is of the belief that its iPhone payment system would be as least secured as the traditional payment cards and sources believe that the iPhone Touch ID fingerprint scanner would play a role somewhere in the system which could be either at launch or in the near future. Apple need not re-invest here since many U.S. stores have now started accepting NFC enabled Amex, Visa Paywave, Google Wallet/Mastercard Paypass and several other forms of electronic forms of payment including the typical credit card swipe.

Having an extensive database of credit card numbers which are linked to iTunes Stores account together with updated security technology like the Touch ID built in the iPhone; Apple is firmly positioned to leverage these assets for the adoption of mobile payment. Though efforts would be needed of partnerships with credit card processors and retailers, this seems to be falling into place prior to the next weeks’ media event.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Apple Granted Patent – Iconic Cube Design-NYC

Apple Store
According to reports by 9to5Mac, Apple has now been granted a U.S. patent for its iconic cube design, its New York flagship and the patent is for the design of above ground glass cube of 32 foot tall element of Apple‘s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

This self-supporting glass cube is totally without any structural steel wherein a 2011 redesign of the cube had brought down the number of glass panels from 90 to just 13. This iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store glass cube, had been designed in segments by co-founder Steve Jobs, and is currently a patented ornamental building design which was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and was officially granted recently, representing the latest design of the 32 foot cube using few panes of glass to achieve a clearer aesthetic.

The simple look was the outcome of the redesign which was completed in late 2011. Being personally designed by Steve Jobs, it is one of the most photographed landmarks in the city where the former CEO had paid for the project and was also the owner of the structure. The patent application, was granted to Apple on August 26, which had been listed as being filed in October 2012 and would last for 14 years

Steve Jobs – Original Design and Manufacture of the Store

Apple Store
Steve Jobs who had spearheaded the original design as well as the manufacture of this store has been listed among the inventors on the filing of the patent. Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store as research published in 2010 indicated that it is the fifth most photographed location in New York which is behind the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Rockefeller Centre and Grand Central Station.

The glass used is very much glass. It was informed that in January, one of the cube’s glass panels had shattered while clean-up crews had accidentally hit it with a snow blower. Patenting design of its stores is not unusual according to 9to5Mac reports, for Apple, since the company had been granted a patent for the cylindrical exterior of its Shanghai Store in 2012.

New Company - Microsoft’s First Retail Store 

Jobs has been given the credits for being one of the seven inventors of the structure and is joined by former retail chief Ron Johnson while the other inventors are Karl Backus, Peter Bohlin, Benjamin L. Fay, Robert Bridger, and James O’Callaghan. The all glass design has now inspired other project from
Apple which includes the mega store that opened in 2010 in Shanghai and similar to the Fifth Avenue store, it has its entrance as a staircase which is enclosed in glass while the one in China is cylindrical glass tower with a glowing white Apple logo floating within which is much like the glass cube in New York.

The company has also trademarked the design of the retail stores which includes the glass panel fronts as well as recessed lighting. Apple is also likely to have new company very soon on Fifth Avenue as it is rumoured that Microsoft is also in talks to open up its first retail store in New York City and would be located at 677 Fifth Avenue near 53rd Street which is in the vicinity of Apple’s store.