Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 5 cool tips to keep your iPhone 5 in best condition

iPhone 5
Everyone wants to buy iPhone 5 because of its beautiful features. The best gadgets and the rich look of the phone make everyone crazy about this phone. But buying the iPhone is simply not enough; we have to take care with proper maintenance. Without care you phone will definitely repair within a month after it has released. People now had a clear idea about the care and maintenance of the costly Smartphone. So they search all over the internet on iPhone tips and tricks. This information helps them to take care of their iPhone. Here are the simple tips to keep your iPhone in good condition.

Protect your iPhone

If you want your iPhone free from scratch, then you have to protect your both front and rear end of the phone with proper screen protectors. These screen protectors not only protect your device from scratch but also protect this from moisture, dirt and some sprays. This also protects your device from some droplets of water. This invisible shield is my top recommended accessory for any kind of tech. The good screen protectors protect your device from wards off finger prints, scratches and from stuffs.

Apart from the screen protectors your phone also needs a case. It may be on any substances like plastics, rubber or any material. This case protects your phone from getting damaged. When you hit your phone in any hard substance or if falls then these case absorb most of the impact and protect your phone from severe damage. It will be great if you have a case which is covered even the front side.

Trust only reliable source to download Apps and Media Files

There are so many sources are available in the internet to download Apps and Media Files. The entrusted source let your phone to be affected by the malware and it affects the phone’s software. If it happens means remove the infected file and reboot your phone.

Keep Your Phone Cool 

Sometimes your phone will be peculiarly hot due to so many reasons such as direct sunlight, exposure of heat. The main reason is we use our phone for hours and hours, this cause our phone to get hot. If this happens means allow your phone to cool before using it or even you can switch off the phone to cool.
Clean Your Phone Regularly

If you use your phone regularly then your phone is affected from moisture, dust and dirt. So always have a microfiber cloth in your hand to wipe your screen with it to protect and remove the moisture, oil and dirt. Some of the dirt is deposited in the side and back of your phone, so once in a week remove your case and wipe the sides and the back of your phone. You can also use straw to blow off the dust which you couldn’t reach with the cloth.

Conserve your iPhone’s Battery Life

This is more important thing is protecting your phone’s battery. Always make sure that your Phone charger is discharged enough before plugging it. Allow your phone to charge completely before pulling out the charger. Run the important applications only especially in the standby mode.

It is important for us to take care of our iPhone 5 by proper usage. We can enjoy as much as possible with our phone when we know how to use our iPhone 5 gadget. Follow these steps to keep your iPhone in best condition.

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