Monday, December 30, 2013

4 Pieces of Technology Your Business Needs

If you are an entrepreneur who has just opened up a new company, you might have already determined that it isn’t easy to run a business without technology. We all know that technology serves a variety of benefits for businesses, from providing research tools to simply printing out our critical work documents. When we think of technology at work, we typically think about the usual, common items such as computers with internet service, keyboards, and projectors. However, what if there were other technological advancements which could provide you with a plethora of advantages? For instance, did you ever consider how beneficial an envelope printer could be? Here is a list of incredible forms of technology which can be useful for either the office or outside of work, which you might have not previously considered.
1. A Tablet
A tablet works almost like a mini computer, with all of the touchscreen features of a smartphone. With a tablet, you can access important apps, such as Dropbox, Kingsoft Office, TouchDown, and much more. These devices are light enough to carry with you to your meetings or even out to lunch. A tablet allows you to access your email as well, helping you to stay updated with important work information. This is a great way to stay in touch with your work outside of the office, since it can be transported nearly anywhere.
2. Envelope Printers
If you are searching for a way to mass-produce your mail, why not consider an envelope printer? Envelope printing is the ultimate way to meet the demands of high volume mailers. Envelope printing increases the efficiency of all of your direct mail campaigns by allowing you to place unique and even personalized messages on your envelopes that will encourage customers to take action. This is an excellent marketing strategy which will simultaneously boost your company’s productivity.
3. Scanners
A scanner is a very important part of your business. In the event that you need to digitalize a certain document, a scanner can make the process significantly easier. Once an image is scanned on the computer, it can be copied and edited accordingly. Additionally, it will remain stored on your work computer instantly, allowing you to always have that particular document. Scanning frees you from having file cabinets full of paper and allows you to have digital access to the documents needed. This preserves space and provides a greener alternative to filing.
4. Ergonomic Keyboards
Although these aren’t necessarily considered as technological as a tablet, ergonomic keyboards serve extremely helpful purposes for your business. For starters, an ergonomic keyboard can ensure the comfort of your employees through the ergonomic properties of the keyboard tray. It is a good way to avoid carpal tunnel or RSI (repetitive strain injury). Sometimes technology can serve our physical needs as well.
Whether you have just started out or you have been in business for years, these four ideas are perfect in case you are looking to spoil yourself or your employees. These pieces of technology serve a bountiful amount of purposes and will be sure to assist your company in the long run.
John Bowie is a CEO working in Philadelphia, PA. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about technology and business.

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