Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review of iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone has been released by the Apple Corporation recently and release of iPhone 5s has impressed many people who were apple fans. Apple iPhone 5S has entirely a new model after the release of iPhone 5; the outer look of the Apple iPhone 5S is very fantastic when compared to the other models.


Apple iPhone 5S has a stunning design and it will perfectly hold in your hand. Apple iPhone 5S comes with aluminium and glass outer case. Apple iPhone 5S has new combination of colors which includes champagne and space grey color. Apple iPhone 5S comes with low weight and it look very less in weight. Apple iPhone 5S looks very impressive and the home button has been modified and Apple iPhone 5S gives you an impressive look.


Apple iPhone 5S has retina display which makes it to display very clearly and perfectly in the screen of the Apple iPhone 5S.Apple iPhone 5S comes with the resolution of 1136 x 640 which makes it razor sharp display clarity at the DPI of 326. Apple iPhone 5S has 4 inch display screen and Apple iPhone 5S is a great phone for those people who loves clarity. Apple iPhone 5S has a great color combination which makes it more fantastic.


Apple iPhone 5S comes with brilliant connectivity features; it brings you high speed data transfer between your device and another receiver. Apple iPhone 5S provides you Wi-Fi network with 802.11 a/b/g/n and also it has dual band Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi hostspot and also it has Bluetooth 4.0. Apple iPhone 5S interface provides you a full support for Apple’s Airplay as well as for AirDrop Clients too. Not only 2G and 3G, Apple iPhone 5S supports 4G bands too.Apple iPhone 5S provides you fast data transfer speed in your network.

iPhone 5s
Processor and Performance: 

Apple iPhone 5S has Apple’s A7 processor which is a 64 bit ARM processor. Apple iPhone 5S processor has two cores which are running at the speed of 1.29GHz. Apple iPhone 5S has the first 64 bit processor for mobiles and Apple iPhone 5S performance is more higher when compared to other Smartphones. Apple iPhone 5S scored 2560 score on KYM’s Geek Bench test which is the highest score is ever found. Apple iPhone 5S allows you to use high end graphics applications in it; even you can run multiple applications in a single time from Apple iPhone 5S.

Touch ID: 

Apple iPhone 5S provides you a best option to secure your data as well as your personal details. Apple iPhone 5S allows you to protect your data by using the finger print security lock system which will work only if your finger print is found on the device. Apple iPhone 5S finger print scanner works effectively in many regions and it works pretty smarter. It will unlock your device if your thumb impression is found and then only you can able to buy the apps from the App store as well as the iTunes.

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