Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reliable communication with Satellite phones

With great headway in the field of technology, satellite communication has enhanced the communication system providing global connection to voice data with various communication methods to remote areas around the globe. The Iridium Communication is the only satellite communication provider of iridium sat phones with global voice and data communication coverage conducting daily mission critical activities with real time, reliable communication services. The Iridium’s 66 low Earth orbiting – LEO, a cross linked satellites is the world’s largest commercial constellation which operates as a fully meshed network providing high quality voice and data connection over the world’s surface including oceans, airways as well as Polar regions and reaching across oceans through airways and across the Polar Regions.

 Iridium solutions are the most appropriate option for industries like maritime, government military, aviation, mining, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and other utilities. For partners, the Iridium network solution is an apt platform for continuous innovation and serves as a technological support in the development of industry, for their products and services on a large scale. With regards to customers, the unparallel coverage and the dependence on Iridium network implies that they can depend on their critical communication line to work whenever the need arises, at any given location.

The Options of Various Satellite Plans 

Iridium communication services are provided through various handsets together with installed communication systems, onboard ships, aircraft and land based vehicles. It’s SBD – short burst data transceiver which has been incorporated into an increasing number of applications helps in data connections to any corner of the globe, providing location information, email, weather reports or any desired data with a reliable global two way connection. Besides this Iridium also proactively targets new and growing markets with its expanding business segment as a M2M – machine to machine market and two way satellite based location, tracking and messaging market. The OpenPort is a provision for complete voice and data coverage for ships at sea all over the world and is the only and largest global commercial satellite constellation. For the convenience of the users, the postpaid sat phone plans provides reliable communication anywhere without any cause for worry about insufficient balance or expiry of a prepaid account.

The Iridium Global Bundle 10 Plan includes ten minutes of airtime per month with a onetime activation of $40. More options are also displayed for the benefit of the viewers at their site. The Iridium NEXT which is the second generation global satellite constellation and a fast approaching game changing reality, with its focus in improving the ability to meet the increasing demand for global mobile communication at sea, land and in the air. Its interconnected ground network has two gateways, a technical support center, a satellite network operations center and five (TTAC) tracking, telemetry and control stations. The team at Iridium is more than 400 in number comprising of engineers, experts, service technicians and support personnel together with various other value added partners.

Iridium is continuously on the lookout for new ways to expand possibilities especially the next generation constellation in bringing about enhanced, new services and capabilities to their customers.

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