Saturday, November 30, 2013

Useful iPhone Apps for Walt Disney World

 Walt Disney World
Are you planning for a trip to Walt Disney World? If your answer gets positive then you have to get all information about the Walt Disney world. There are millions applications available for the Smartphones nowadays; Even though there are several apps which has the best features. In this post, I have discussed top and best iPhone application for Walt Disney world trip. Here they come;

1.“Walt Disney World Maps Box”:Walt Disney World Maps Box is the bestselling iPhone application for Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World Maps Box contains full map about the Epcot, Magic system and remaining Disney theme parks which are located in the Orlando.Walt Disney World Maps Box clearly gives you a map of each and every Disney theme parks with perfect attractions and individual rides too.Walt Disney World Maps Box enables the users to prioritize the must-visit sites around the theme parks in the Walt Disney World. By using the GPS, Walt Disney World Maps Box shows you the exact places around the Theme park.

2. “Walt Disney World Park Hours”: Walt Disney World Park Hours comes especially for Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Water Parks and Hollywood Studios. Walt Disney World Park Hours gives you the exact timing of opening and closing of the theme parks and also Walt Disney World Park Hours includes the daily updated events and schedules for the Shows that are exactly covered in this application. Walt Disney World Park Hours also gives you exact information about the year activities occurring in the above listed theme parks.

3. “Disney World Dining”: Disney World Dining is an impressive application which is developed especially for the Disney world users.Disney World Dining is a dining application which is developed by VersaEdge Software LLC and Disney World Dining includes all restaurants and its full menu with its price as well as its ratings.Disney World Dining allows the users to determine which restaurants to visit and which one to skip. You can also find the restaurant which is closer to you with the help of Disney World Dining application. Disney World Dining allows you to reserve your seating in any restaurants which are available in the list.

4. “Disney World Magic Guide”:Disney World Magic Guide is a bestselling application for the iPhone and Disney World Magic Guide is developed by VersaEdge Software Limited Corporation. Disney World Magic Guide is a comprehensive application which has practically everything which is needed for the Walt Disney Tour. Disney World Magic Guide has an information packages which has opening times of the theme park, Maps with GPS, ride descriptions and so more stuffs regarding the Walt Disney.

5. “Mouse Memo”: Mouse Memo is a must have iPhone application if you need to organize everything for your Walt Disney tour. Mouse Memo is developed by C.Y.borg’s Neura Net and is handier when compared to other applications. You can organize everything for your tour with the help ofMouse Memo.

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