Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dumb and Fun Phone Apps

At its most basic, a mobile phone should be an effective tool for communication. However the brilliance that is a “smart” phone takes fun and function to a whole new level. Programmers continually devise both handy and hilarious apps to install, and though some are more sensible than others it certainly doesn't hurt to add programmes that exist solely to provide a little levity, right? And who knows? Maybe some of the following oddball selections can be of true benefit some day.
The Star Wars Lightsaber app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. In addition to movement activation it has perfect sound effects and flashing lights suitable for both Jedis and Troopers. At first glance this app may seem like frivolous good fun but there's also the benefit of working out issues with another via a make believe saber fight than letting aggravations fester. Also there's the geek cred of just having the app to have it.
The Whipcrack app is one users love having but hate others having. Again, motion activated and with great sound effects—this one is particularly handy when telling a spouse what to do. Granted it may not be received with the same joy it was delivered, so use at your own risk. This is also an app that kids never tire of so its installation may be cause for password protecting one's mobile to avoid hearing it 30 whips a go.
Shazam is a brilliant app that can listen to whatever music's playing and identify it. Think it's an obscure little ditty just because it's unrecognisable? Well not to Shazam! With a surprisingly vast library, this app will also provide cover art, YouTube links, etc. if available. Plus one of the best benefits is that this app provides a similar service to the iTunes song identifying app but with less of a proprietary nature as Apple products. Available for both Android and iOS platforms.
An ability to pop bubble wrap on one's mobile may seem like a total waste. However, those with an obsession with the stuff know this app could save both money and potential embarrassment. It's astounding how many stores keep bubble wrap out and within reach of just anyone. Now mobile users can get a virtual fix that includes a satisfying popping sound, a visual pop to coincide and even a phone vibration. Not really as good as the real thing but what is?
The Magic 8 Ball is an oldie but still a goodie. The best versions stick as closely as possible to the original toy, yet some programmers inadvisedly removed the satisfying shake function that most resembled the kitschy fortune teller. Though answers to life's tough questions are limited at best with this toy, it's kind of Zen zoning out whilst seeking answers.
Speaking of Zen—there are various versions of Zen garden apps available that warrant checking out. The best apps offer a choice between using rake or finger for drawing in the sand, as well as a variety of stones to place just so. Look for one with tranquil music or turn down the sound if you like everything but the music. Think there's no benefit? Wait for hours in a doctor's office and say that again.
One app that never seems to lose its charm is Songify or some variation, thereof. Combining speech recognition and auto tune, a brief conversation can be recorded and then automatically mixed into a dance song. It's ingenious, incredibly useless and loads of fun. Again, this is one kids never tire of but could possibly drive adults to drink so know that introducing this app to youngsters could prove harmful to one's sanity.
Of course there are countless mobile apps for both Android and iOS that serve actual purposes other than time killing and silly entertainment. Yet the fact that technology can become so advanced without causing humor to mature is somehow comforting. Sure the medium has changed but the jokes stay the same. Thanks to a world of silly apps adults are allowed to be only as grown up as they choose to be.

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