Sunday, June 24, 2012

New MacBook Pro and iOS 6: Apple smiles - II

Mountain Lion ready to roar

The installed base of OS X has reached 66 million users - is better than ever, but today is a drop in the ocean compared to IOS devices. 26 million of them went to Lion in nine months: the time has come for Mountain Lion. icloud, which has 125 million users, is an integral part of Mountain Lion.

 If you already knew that his support would be deep and Notes applications, Notes and Messages had traveled from IOS, they did not know that Apple would update the applications in iWork for them to take in native Documents support the function in the cloud, even though we suspected. Developers can build their applications on icloud functions through a complete SDK, as Apple already announced.

We already knew the main functions of Mountain Lion, but Apple had kept silent about the arrival of a dictation function, like the iPhone and the iPad. Indeed, he had been spotted in Safari: it should be activated by pressing both buttons control both. We can for example use it with the Center notifications: If a Twitter notification appears, you can answer the tweet in question in the center of notifications, typing or dictating.

Apple has revised Safari, which comes in a new and faster version that has an address field and unified research, but also the integration of icloud. The cloud will be put to use to synchronize bookmarks and history, but also tabs, which now have TabView a function that is other than a CoverFlow for tabs and a lot like the tabs in MobileSafari.

PowerNap is also a new function: it will only be available on the new range and some of the previous one, because it requires a dedicated function to connect the Mac to the network even while on standby. Thus, even during the day, the Mac may update its documents via icloud, and even save. This feature is reminiscent of Amazon Whispersync, which allows to update the Kindle even when in standby.

We already knew the Game Center for OS X, we now know that it will allow multiple parties across multiple platforms: it will allow a game between a Mac and an iPad. The Mac, however, will send its image to an Apple TV, since the mirror mode AirPlay is a function of Mountain Lion. Also new on the displays, the ability to go full screen on any monitor. An OS that has a total of 200 new features, many of which are already known, and some are for the Chinese market, a priority for Apple.

Little surprise: OS X Lion Mountain will finally be available next month for € 15.99 as an upgrade from Lion or Snow Leopard on any Mac personal. An overview for developers as it is available now finalized. It will finally be available to all those who buy a Mac today.

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