Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iOS6 - I

iOS 6, Apple does not offer the complete overhaul of its mobile expected by some. As with every update since its first version presented in 2007, the manufacturer has made some additions and modified in many ways more or less minor.

If you know iOS 5, you will be immediately comfortable with iOS 6, as both systems are similar in outline. However, many differences remain.

Interface: some changes, but no unity

Many hoped a new mobile system and a modified interface at depth. Not surprisingly, Apple has not revolutionized iOS, but the company changed some things. With this beta, the changes are not homogeneous; on the contrary, everything suggests that there was insufficient time to review the entire interface. Otherwise, it will simply trends projected by some applications.

The most visible change is perhaps the color of the status bar. Until then, it was either gray or black depending on the choice of the developer and the general tone of the application. She now takes the color of the top bar of the current application. The result is not very happy, even if the bar is definitely less pronounced as well. As on OS X, the gray is in fashion at Apple. It was found in abundance already in iPhoto (3.99 €), it is very present here in the new Maps application. Apple has not done the work to the end, however, and gets over the blue everywhere. Mail or Safari Mobile, among others, and retain their bluish tint, but the pop-up blue present since 2007 have not changed ... iOS 6 contains another interface completely different from the plans with the App Store and iTunes Store. Apple has completely revamped its stores - will be discussed later on the news -, proposing to pass a dark theme that we had never seen. In terms of interface changes, menus sharing were reviewed with iOS 6. Finite lists of text, here are the lists of icons: each action is now associated with the icon, for a much more visual than before.

Center notifications
Major new iOS 5, the center of notifications evolves essentially an addition in iOS 6: the "Do Not Disturb" which temporarily turns the visual and sound notifications.

The idea is not to be disturbed during the night or a work in progress. Active, this function does not turn over the terminal screen and mutes the sound of the notification, but the information still coming. In the morning, unlike the airplane mode that cuts all connections, all notifications available on the screen. iOS 6 shows a small moon near the time to know that this mode is active.

You can temporarily turn on in settings, or set to activate automatically every night. Apple has thought of everything: iOS 6 can pass calls to your favorite contacts or group that you define. Better, if a contact calls you a second time within three minutes after the first call, the ringing is heard as this is undoubtedly an urgent appeal.

Twitter and Facebook

Apple has not integrated direct link to some settings in the center of notifications, but there are still two more buttons. If you have configured at least one Twitter account and Facebook account, you will find two buttons to write a tweet or a Facebook status.

This additional function is actually a widget, such as weather or stock. Developers can a priori not always add their own widgets.

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