Friday, June 29, 2012

Windows Phone 8 will catch up with iOS and Android

After presenting this bold strategy on shelves, the Redmond company has presented extensively in Windows Phone 8. If Windows Phone 7 offers from the beginning an original interface, it was always a step behind its two main competitors, iOS and Android in functionality. 

With this version, Microsoft wants to both grow its difference while having the offer as rich as possible. The biggest new aesthetic is probably the famous home page that has been revised. It is completely customizable with new color themes and offers three sizes of tiles, which are even more flexible.

Not surprisingly, Windows Phone 8 is in line with Windows 8. Whether on the plane of the interface as software enhancements. Thus, Internet Explorer 10 has the same engine as the shelves and PC versions. To show how the browser was fast compared with Microsoft's version of Safari on iOS 6 SunSpider. Certainly, no one respects the NES today. Unsurprisingly, it's the browser that Microsoft was the fastest in this test series JavaScript.

Under the hood, Microsoft has revised its software so that it can support multi-core processors. Windows Phone 8 also supports new definitions: 1280x768 and 1280x720.

Wallet: The Best of Android and iOS

On some issues, Apple and Microsoft are moving in the same direction. Officials have Windows Phone 8 demonstrates Wallet, a reasonably close in the spirit of Passbook.

Microsoft's software can meet your various credit cards and credit purchase coupons, boarding passes and all the things you usually store in a wallet. But the Microsoft solution goes further. If the SIM card provided by your service provider is compatible, it will be possible to make payments in shops in a single tap. Provided of course that it has a compatible terminal. 

This announcement concerns us directly, since the software giant has worked on this project together with Orange France. Microsoft believes that its offer is the most comprehensive on the market with a side part of the NFC payment that was already available on Android and other software integration with an app similar to Passbook.

In general, Microsoft made the NFC one of its priorities. Windows Phone 8 will be exchanging files using this technology.

Microsoft is also working its cards

We can also draw parallels between Apple and Microsoft on the mapping application comes standard. In this version, the software giant switches suppliers. Exit Virtual Earth, Windows Phone 8 will now uses the Nokia maps. This partnership will allow Microsoft to offer a solution for voice guidance to its users in many countries. Maps unlike Apple, it will even save the maps to be guided even when you do not have a data connection. Practice abroad ...

Windows Phone 8 also allows Microsoft to catch up on the possibility of in-app purchases and that of running apps using geolocation in the background.

On the other hand, Microsoft is finally benefiting the purchase of Skype to provide integration of VoIP worthy of the name. The phone will module with a system of plug-ins to use any application of voice over IP. This system will work for Skype, but any editor will do the same. This will make it possible to pass a phone call with one of these services without having to launch a specific app.

An outbreak faster Android?

The software bundle of Windows Phone Marketplace is no longer trivial: the Microsoft platform includes more than 100,000 apps. Dixit Joe Belfiore, the software giant has reached this milestone faster than Google with the Android Market Place. Always to give more opportunities for developers, they can finally write programs in C and C + +. Microsoft seeks to simplify life for developers who want to design products on multiple platforms.

To catch up in games, Windows Phone 8 will be managed by many as middleware Havok Vision Engine. On the other hand, developers can use DirectX. A new version of Visual Studio 2012 will also offer the opportunity to develop together a game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft and fragmentation ...

Microsoft is doing its cultural revolution. Why? Windows Phone 8 not works on any existing phone. This is something hardly believable for the faithful of the software giant.

Owners of Windows Phone 7 smartphone will be entitled to a version 7.8 which will include some new features of version 8, including the new home screen.

The chief explains that Windows Phone phones today are not powerful enough to support Windows Phone 8. A multicore processor is required.

All this looks like a new beginning for the software giant has increasingly managed to convince several players a chance to give back to its system. This is particularly true of Samsung and HTC, who had left recently Windows Phone 7. But it is a boon for these two manufacturers who now maintain a complex relationship with Google.

In addition to the manufacturers, must still convince users. To do this, Microsoft wants to create a true community around Windows Phone 8. It will offer a program that will allow everyone to have access to pre-release. Please note that updates will be OTA. Finally, Microsoft is committed to provide revisions to the terminals on Windows 8 for at least 18 months.

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