Friday, June 8, 2012

Aaron Sorkin: "Writing about Jobs is like writing on the Beatles"

Aaron Sorkin spoke about a new project which currently occupies that of the Sony Pictures adaptation of the biography of Steve Jobs. D10 invited to the conference, he told Walt Mossberg be the beginnings of this new writing work. Sony Pictures has confirmed his participation 15 days ago: "I will first go through a long period, from the outside, will not be like writing. It is rather like watching ESPN (the great American sports channel). A process of procrastination during which we try to find what will be the film. "

The idea to stick to a biopic is not in the program: "It's hard to escape with a biopic stereotypes, so I will probably not make one. Instead, I will try to find the essence of history, a key sticking point that interests me, and try to dramatize. "Sorkin was Oscar-winning screenplay for The Social Network on the birth of Facebook. We remember that much of the story revolved around the confrontation in court between Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins, who accused their fellow student of stealing their idea.

Sorkin says a little ashamed as a "computer illiterate", hence his surprise at the ease of very young children: "If I could ask for anything to Steve Jobs would be this: what is this magic trick? "

Faced with the prospect of writing this story he concedes that the task is difficult: "A film about Jobs is minefield of risks of disappointment, it's like a film about the Beatles. Lot of people knows so much about him, and much more than me. Whenever you see written "This story is based on real events", you must consider the film as a painting, not like a photograph. "

The name of the actor intended to take the role of Jobs is not yet known, "I do not know who it is, but it must be good, learn to talk fast and be smart, because you can not simulate intelligence.”

The writer does not say unduly bothered by the other project, independent, with Ashton Kutcher in the role of co-founder of Apple. Steve Jobs was "a personality so strong that there is plenty to do several movies on it" (read Ashton Kutcher revamped how Steve Jobs).

Hero or antihero, which side makes the character of Steve Jobs, Mossberg asked: "It's a complicated man. Zuckerberg was, too. But when I write the film, I can not judge this person. It must, in my view, be a hero ... To explain things as simply as possible: you will write as if the character had to plead his case before God and prove his right to enter Paradise. "

Sorkin has created a series famous policy in the U.S. - The West Wing ("The West Wing" in France) - and he describes his choice of topics: "Basically, I write about people who are significantly smarter me, it's the same friends with whom I grew up, I am truly fell in love with her phonetics of intelligence, and music that can produce a good argument.”

Mossberg noted the remarks made yesterday by Tim Cook on the fact that Jobs could completely change your mind on an issue in less time than it took to realize (see also D: All Things Digital Tim Cook boss in size). Quality, in the opinion of Sorkin: "You should be able to come back and say:" I was wrong, and that's why. “The "why" is important, we must know a good diagnosis. "

Finally, Mossberg asked about his ability to make realistic fictional characters: "I never try to tell the public that the person is. I try to show what that person wants. I revere the idea of ​​the intent and the obstacle. This conflict lies at the heart of the drama. "

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