Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iOS6 - III

Changes in the keyboard of iPhone

Apple has made some minor changes to the virtual keyboard iOS 6. The iPhone keyboard found the operation of the iPad for accented characters. If you hold your finger on a button, you will all accented characters, but not the original letter, which speeds up typing.

In general, the IOS keyboard 6 is more efficient and can limit the number of typos. The changes are subtle and difficult to describe, but they are sensitive to the use, in the right direction.

Several configurations by language

You could already add multiple virtual keyboards in IOS and even choose a key configuration different from that associated with a default language. iOS 6 goes further: you can now choose multiple configurations per language. If you make this choice, the language selector will suggest all saved configurations.

Extra Emoji

These recent versions of IOS, Emoji icons are much more numerous in iOS 6. Apple has clearly amused and we can now write everything in Emoji, or almost.

Recall that this keyboard "Emoji Icons" is enabled in Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboard.

Other new settings

Apple has reorganized the different sections of its settings in iOS 6. Bluetooth is now right for him from the first application screen: access is not as simple as that offers the jailbreak, but it's better than before.

Apple chose to cut the (long) list of settings in topics. Thus we find a block dedicated to notifications, one for multimedia applications and Apple stores, a third specific Twitter and Facebook. This reorganization may be a bit confusing at first but got used to it quickly.

Apple has also consolidated all privacy options in a new section that brings together all application access to confidential data. IOS 6, all applications must explicitly ask you access to the geolocation, but also to the address book, calendar, and tasks to your photos. One way to answer definitively the various controversies on the subject...

FaceTime on 3G

Video chat Apple also works with 3G iOS 6 and not just WiFi as was the case until then. You can receive calls without WiFi, but you can continue a conversation especially if you lose the 3G network.

In 3G, FaceTime is slowed and the picture quality is mostly very poor. If the signal of one of the speakers is too bad, a message appears indicating that the video will resume when a better connection is available.

In general settings, a new section "Cell" appeared to control the operation of FaceTime 3G. If your package is clamped quickly, we recommend disabling the option, very greedy.


The mobile system Apple has always been at the forefront in terms of accessibility. IOS 6, the manufacturer and hammers it adds an option that should be useful to people with disabilities, but not only.

A new option to block the use of a single application, but also to disable certain interface elements. The idea is to avoid inadvertent mishandling, but this system can also be useful to transform an iPad kiosk in a museum, for example.

In French Dictionary

Apple has mentioned during the Keynote, iOS 6 is expected to have a French dictionary, which only adds to the English dictionary proposed in iOS 5. This dictionary provides definitions of many terms and it is particularly integrated with iBooks (Free). This dictionary French however, should not be ready in time for the first beta of iOS 6 which is still as silent on the terms in French.

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