Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iOS6 - II

Facebook integration
iOS 5 incorporated the social network Twitter, iOS 6 starts in turn to Facebook. The principle is exactly the same: to save the settings in your account and you can add a status and other information on your account. Apple has done things with the opportunity to select an album to send a picture and to restrict the scope of the statute.

You can add a status on the network with a photo, video, or even an Internet address; it is the novelty, an application from the App Store or an element of the iTunes Store. The shops include Apple and Facebook to list the uses of your friends, replacing the passage Ping disappears. As for Twitter, the integration is pushed: Once Facebook account configured, you can access their Facebook friends directly from Contacts application, but also view the events and anniversaries in the calendar Facebook. iOS 6 is also able to associate a contact with a member of Facebook and retrieve information from the network. As with Twitter, the function is not developed and occasionally causes some double...


Also available on the new iPad

The wizard voice of Apple is no longer reserved for the iPhone 4S: the new iPad also benefits in iOS 6. After the update, it will also choose to enable or not the function, and the phone.
Once activated, the principle is exactly the same regardless of the terminal: holding down the home button and you can talk. Apple chose to limit the space devoted to attending a central area which is the same width as the iPhone 4S. This choice allows the manufacturer does not touch interface designed for the phone, but it's not as embarrassing as the center for notifications. Siri consistently ranks near the home button, regardless of the orientation of the tablet. Thus, in landscape mode, the module Siri is positioned in the middle of the screen, left or right depending on the orientation of the iPad.

Speech recognition seems as good on the iPad as the iPhone 4S. The power of the tablet seems to benefit Siri who seemed slightly faster. Apple still has yet to make progress on this side; too often we expect an answer.

Additional Features

Apple does not simply focus on the new iPad Siri, his assistant has been enriched with new functions. This is the case of three new long presented during the conference but in the current state of this beta, especially the American public interest.

In its North American version, Siri knows inform the user about sports scores and the baseball players for example. European football, including French, will also be managed by the assistant. Siri can also provide a list of films that are in movie theaters around you. The management of restaurants, already present in iOS 5, has been improved with this new version which not only displays more information, but can even book a table.

Apple announced that the local search Siri operate worldwide with Siri, but this first beta is not ready yet. If looking for an Apple Store works, you will not find a romantic Italian restaurant with Siri. Same problem with the route search that still works very badly: you can easily request a route to a city ("how to go to Paris"), but Siri can not handle a finer scale. Impossible at present to seek a route to a street, or even a mall!

Apple has raised two additional features for the latest version of its mobile: you can now open an application with Siri, but also send a message on Twitter by dictating. The first works fairly well, although the slow reaction time of the wizard makes the process painful enough. Sending a tweet just does not at present.

iOS 6 is in its first beta, Apple has time to improve these functions before releasing the final version. At this point, the interest of news is still quite limited.

Additional languages

In addition to these features and more, Apple has learned to his assistant a few additional languages. In addition to English, French and German and Japanese, Siri can speak Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese in iOS 6. Apple also added a few accents, including the Swiss.


If there is one element that had not moved since the first iPhone, it is the part dedicated to telephony. iOS 6 makes a significant change, since the keypad has been redesigned. His gray keys recall more Android IOS - by the way, here is an additional interface - but its operation remains unchanged.

When someone calls you, iOS 6 offers more options than before. You can still answer a shift to the right, but a slip up from the icon in the lower right shows two additional options. You can respond by an automatic message indicating unavailability or else add a reminder. The latter will be activated or after a certain time, either by leaving the current location. Apple offers a few basic messages, but you can also type a personalized. If you regularly need a message, you may very well change the proposed three basic settings in the terminal. Last change noted, iOS 6 now has a mysterious "Blocked" if your interlocutor masks the number...

App Store and Applications Management

Apple has updated its three stores and the App Store is no exception. As pointed out above, the application passes the colors gray and black, but the changes are more important than just the theme.

The organization of the shop was changed: the home page includes three tabs iOS 5 in the form of horizontal list ("News", "News" and "Genius") and the categories are grouped behind a button at the top left. This button is now dedicated to the categories in the view Leaderboards and allows you to quickly play the highest ranked, for example.

Submission of applications is also changing with new information sheets. On the iPad, it takes the form of pop-up identical to the sheets dedicated to books on the iBookstore. On the iPhone and iPod touch applications occupy the entire space as was the case previously, but with a gray interface. Welcome novelty: the screenshots are (finally) be enlarged to a tap, which is especially handy on the iPad. One of the new App Store shared with the iTunes Store and iBookstore is integration of social network Facebook. If you typed in your login settings, you can then report that you appreciate an application by clicking on the button traditional "I love". Above the notes and internal comments to the App Store, Apple also added a list of your friends who love the application. The idea is obviously to discover new applications in this way, but also to strengthen the presence of the App Store on the network. Application management was also improved with iOS 6.

Whether on the iPhone or iPad, installing a new application no longer closes the App Store. A progress bar appears on the icon for the download and installation and you can then open the application directly. All applications already on your terminal can also be opened directly from the App Store. Another new iOS 6 indicates the installed applications and never open a small blue ribbon on their icons. The updates have been vastly improved on the iPhone. Like the iPad, one can obtain the details of the changes in a single view, without opening each time sheet application. On all terminals, updates are applied to the background without leaving the App Store. About Application Management, Spotlight now display the folder is an application, when it is in a folder of course.

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