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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Apple testing the iPhone 6!

Which is going to be released as more flexible, larger, smaller or transparent? Just as in the picture the next iPhone will probably look. Rumors about Apple's bestsellers are circulated in 2013 but continue to work tirelessly. With the end of last year, Apple has completed the global launch of the iPhone 5. Now the first details of iPhone-6-prototype appeared in a developer forum. Given the fact that Apple introduces a new iPhone every year, it should not surprise that the company is already working on a new course Smartphone.

Nevertheless, the network is electrified, whether the news that the developer of the mobile operating system iOS have discovered the first evidence of a new iPhone. IT blog The Next Web reported known as log files, data statements within the system, the list an "iPhone 6.1" that would log on. The current iPhone 5 listed in the log files as iPhone 5.1 and 5.2.Apple's iOS mobile operating system seems to be in a new version in the testing phase. The logs would give an iOS 7 on a software basis. Only in the fall of 2012 Apple has released a major update to iOS 6. One need not be oracle to predict that Apple will not again this year be idle. The more obvious candidates, in addition to a new iPhone, updates to other mobile devices like the iPad and its smaller brother the iPad Mini. Especially the latter is likely to get more power and the coveted retina display.

Apple's music player series "iPod" could, however, take a break in 2013. With the new iPod Touch and the latest iPod nano, Apple has refreshed its two strongest representatives recently. Another update in the now-dominated Smartphone market of portable music player is not expected.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New MacBook Pro and iOS 6: Apple smiles - II

Mountain Lion ready to roar

The installed base of OS X has reached 66 million users - is better than ever, but today is a drop in the ocean compared to IOS devices. 26 million of them went to Lion in nine months: the time has come for Mountain Lion. icloud, which has 125 million users, is an integral part of Mountain Lion.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iOS6 - II

Facebook integration
iOS 5 incorporated the social network Twitter, iOS 6 starts in turn to Facebook. The principle is exactly the same: to save the settings in your account and you can add a status and other information on your account. Apple has done things with the opportunity to select an album to send a picture and to restrict the scope of the statute.

Friday, April 13, 2012

What do we want in iOS 6? - III

Improve the springboard

The "springboard" forge the identity of IOS devices from the very first iPhone. This space, which includes application icons available will probably not be abandoned anytime soon by Apple, but it could be improved in iOS 6.

Since 2007, Apple's competitors have made some proposals on different interface. The most original is undoubtedly that of Windows Phone 7 that displays icons not static but dynamic tiles continuously updated according to various criteria.

What do we want in iOS 6? - II

Improve the actions of multitasking

IOS 5, Apple added some multitouch gestures to help manage applications on the iPad. Shifts to four or more fingers can open or close the drawer of multitasking, to close the current application or proceeding to the next or the previous one.

These gestures have proved ideal for daily use, but they are also more complex than others, designed by the competition. With his playbook, RIM has chosen to use the frame around the screen: a finger began to slide off the screen to switch from one application to another, from the keyboard or display to return Home to the bar.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What do we want in iOS 6? - I

Nothing is known so far iOS 6, the successor of the mobile team that currently Apple's mobile devices. There is no doubt that its development is well underway at Apple and the next major upgrade of IOS will certainly be presented soon.

Pending further information, it is not forbidden to dream: we list our wishes for iOS 6 and those of our readers asked on our Twitter, more reasonable wishes of the wildest ...