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Testimonials: the jailbreak between additional features and piracy - I

In 2007, Apple introduced a new innovative device that combined not only a phone but an Internet browser. The original iPhone was years ahead of its touchscreen interface, but it was also very limited in terms of basic functionality. Apple still believed in the web-apps and had to be content with the native applications designed by the manufacturer, but also only available with the iPhone ringtones.

Soon, talented tinkerers have made up his mind to unlock the device: the jailbreak was born ten days after the release of the iPhone in the U.S... Since then, Apple has continued to fill gaps in its system and so meet the advanced jailbreak: the App Store in 2008 allows anyone to install applications, in 2009, the copy / paste appeared; in 2010 it was multitasking and last year more discreet notifications.

It might be thought that the jailbreak would have disappeared over the years, but users who their terminals iOS many remain today, although in the minority. The jailbreak remains ahead of IOS for some functions, it also accepts some applications rejected by Apple, but he also found outlets unfortunately less glorious, such as hacking applications from the App Store. To learn more about the uses of the jailbreak, we launched an appeal for witnesses. How do you stand face to unlock the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV? Have you gone to the act and if so, what are your motivations? Conversely, why be left to the system designed by Apple?

As usual, the jailbreak is a subject that fascinates: a few days, we received over 130 responses in our forums. This sample was predominantly pro-jailbreak, which is logical after all: it is easier to talk about what we know ... The answers are not very varied, but revealing: those who practice the jailbreak seek above all to make more with their iPhone or iPad, but also to pay less.

The argument may seem surprising, but on about 80 players who said they at least one of their terminals iOS, said a handful do so on principle, or simply want to tinker. If possible, why deny it? PiRMeZuR also explains that "if I do, it is primarily for the next hack I really like." The jailbreak may be causing a desire to discover, try something new.

In fact, people who their phones are mostly computer geeks interested. Originally, it was even quite complex, as recalled romaing34: "At first (V1 iPod touch), the jailbreak was far sportier than today. Memory, you had the feel FTP client and terminal, and at the time the risk of [terminal block] was much more significant today. "

Even if the operation has become very simple and painless, the change in depth of Apple's mobile system necessarily involves a degree of uncertainty. Unleash its iPhone, it is thought departing from the scope manufacturer, with the risk of breaking something if mistreated. It is precisely this fear that keeps most of the witnesses who have not gone to jailbreak:

    I feel I have a phone "clean" without jailbreak. The impression that there is no hack, it works like that and there is no risk of bug. The jailbreak is for me the hack and looks a bit like a device that would be repaired with a match ...

Many of you do jailbreak a matter of principle, the image of Celery: "The principle is to do what I want with very expensive equipment purchased. If I bought a car, I would send a builder who wander prevent me from taking certain routes, it's the same principle. "We know that Apple has chosen to close its mobile: IOS can not be freely modified and marketed only applications on the App Store and then selected by the company can be installed.

Lift restrictions put in place by Apple enough to motivate at least two dozen witnesses. It’s going to talk about "censorship Apple" while BS0D evokes "the prison of Apple" and guiltier stake is "the dictatorship of Apple." The words are strong, so strong that one wonders still why all these malcontents do not like jabial noted that the closure of IOS to buy an Android smartphone:

    With Apple, I had the impression of being a tenant of my phone, not being able to adapt to my needs, having to return to the mold. Just a basic function, the ability to mute the ringing tone when plugged in between certain hours, is impossible. So I finally let go of the towel and move on to the Android phone.

Others have better arguments to make to justify the jailbreak. Apple has always had a fairly aggressive policy in terms of updates, reserving almost always new features to its latest machine. This is true for Siri, the wizard voice which only benefits the iPhone 4S, but it was already the case for video recording possible on the iPhone 3G for example.

In any case, Apple has its arguments - a material that does not provide an optimal experience - but the jailbreak has allowed owners of older terminals to stay up to date. cesarparent flo059 and Siri have activated their iPhone 4, guillaume9161 added video recording and MMS on the iPhone 3G. Originally the original iPhone was available in the U.S. and the jailbreak was also the only way to use an iPhone outside the U.S.: "I bought the U.S. the first iPhone, it could not function without the jailbreak "(LMML)

Some cite reasons most original. Used several applications to relieve the home button of the iPhone 4: "I resisted the jailbreak until the end of 2011. I broke down because of the home button on iPhone 4 who lost in sensitivity. To spare, I used SBSettings and Zephyr and more recently Switchy. "

Rollingman is an even more specific: disabled, he uses his iPhone through the computer on which the phone screen is transmitted through an application available only to unbridled devices:

    The only way I can use the iPhone / Pod / Pad independently, it is thanks to veency (VNC), we can have only once jailbroken device (and n 'There is no equivalent on App Store). I can control my computer by voice (Dragon) and with the Magic Trackpad [...] I take this opportunity to install some stuff that facilitate the use, and that is only found on cydia [...] for example "Handfree" which allows me to use Siri without pressing the button, since it is impossible for me; "AutoAnswer" which allows me to pick up automatically without having to do anything.

If supporters of the jailbreak are sometimes a matter of principle, it is also true of his opponents. Pacu is a well settled opinion on this point: "question of principle: Apple made sure he wants a system that works, we take it as it is or it is allowed. Friend’s geeks, there Android for fun ... "There is also some clichés die hard:

    The gun jailbreak your device guys have to stop, seriously! Do not cry if the virus [biip] on iPhone! The life of your original iPhone you can say goodbye! Yet it is logical ... (Apeine)

    The jailbreak does not bring that instabilities, security holes and finally hacking data [...] The hack, it's useless on PC and Apple products. (C-market)

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