Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hello friends! Do anyone of you having a well established web store with a lot of modules installed and struggling with some of the incompatibles? Or you want to influence your social spotlight by debut social campaigns reaching the word regarding your products in social media? Then, please log on to webtexsoftware.com. This online site represented by the name Magento is the unique and most supple and sophisticated e-commerce platforms. My most liked powerful module is the Magento gift cards that make possible gift card functionality on an online store in a flawless manner. According to the recent studies it is considered by the most of the people as one of the most useful and well-liked.

There are so many reasons for its esteemed reputation: It has most excellent free and paid versions; lots of highly developed Magento extensions, intensifying websites functionality with no trouble meant for both free of charge as well as paid versions. And, another most prevailing social add-ons are Twitter and Facebook extension of Magento. This uncomplicated and high output extension gives power to shop owners to control their social publicity through the initiation of wonderful social campaigns. Well established corporations and freelancers the entire world builds up Magento plugins with the intention of making bigger e-commerce platform’s functionality massively. For further information, please log on to their site. Thanks!

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