Friday, September 16, 2011

Test iPhone supports two 4 car

We recently published a comparison showing the main navigation software for iPhone. If the application used plays an eminently important, the media is not to underestimate any means. The offer in terms of support for iPhone 4 does not fail. We decided to test two: Exomount of Exogear and the "Car Design" Navigon, to whom we owe the famous browser.

Why did you choose these two models? We have tried many others but these two models then we have attracted a very specific point: the suction cup ...The "Car Design" Navigon

On many models, this element is poorly designed: either it is then impossible to remove, or it ends up at your feet. Considering the price of the iPhone, in other words they do not taste very moderately in the experiment.

On this point very clear, therefore, we both have always been satisfactory. In this game, we Exomount even seemed a little better than its competitor, which suited us perfectly already. They are both equipped with a handle that is closed so as to force the air outlet and to ensure that the suction cup sticks as closely as possible to the glass.

The suction cup and the handle of the Exomount

If these two models have this in common, they have a totally different philosophy. The Navigon was designed specifically for the iPhone and 4 will probably not compatible with his successor.Note that it is composed of two parts: the suction cup and the shell for receiving the iPhone 4. We can also imagine that the manufacturer intends to review only the second part of the day the iPhone 5 out to its customers. Finally, is another matter ...

The base of Navigon intended to accommodate the iPhone 4

In our tests, the "Car Design" Navigon gave us full satisfaction. The iPhone is very stable and not moving as it hardly ever even when the road is in poor condition. Finally, if your car is a minimum ...By cons, but the approach of the product that does it, it is imperative to remove the case from your iPhone before installing it ... This model, like that of Exogear can also be used in landscape mode in portrait mode.

Still, the philosophy of Exomount is different, it is intended to accommodate any device as the screen does not exceed five. "Note, however, as its packaging, we see only the iPhone 4.The weapon "secret" of the Exomount is its grip that allows it to adapt to any device and in any position ...

The famous clip

An adapter then truly universal and infallible? Unfortunately, this is not that simple. The iPhone is not as well kept as the model of Navigon and tends to vibrate. The problem is even more annoying from the moment when the speed increases. In other words, on the motorway, it can be downright painful.In our tests, we tried also to remove the case from our iPhone that perhaps was not the taste of the media because of its subject. We found a slight improvement, but still the device of Apple is much less stable than the model of Navigon.

The last word

We will not hide our preference is clearly to the "Car Design" Navigon, which despite its pompous name, gave us complete satisfaction. Is its price (€ 39.95), which seems to us a little bit high, even if it comes with a charging cable for the cigarette lighter.

With regard to the Exomount Exogear, it did not totally convinced. Sold for just under € 20, it might be to those who use the iPhone as GPS support occasionally or who are not too sensitive to vibration screen.


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