Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Samsung v Apple

Apple may expand its folder that contrasted with Samsung in Australia if she agreed to disclose sales figures of the iPad in England and the United States. As a reminder, September 26, Justice Annabelle Bennett of the Australian Federal Court in Sydney to hold a hearing at the request of Apple. Having dithered, Samsung has finally shifted to the September 30 launch in the country of his Galaxy Tab 10.1. The judge advised Apple to report sales figures of the tablet in two countries where the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is present (in the US sales, announced in England) to assess to what extent this was actually an impact on sales. But this is by no means a requirement and it also rejected a request from Samsung to force Apple to do so. Because it is confronted with a possible commercial reality of the claims of lawyers who feel that Apple's "remarkable similarity of the product from Samsung in terms of functionality and appearance" inevitably affect sales. In contrast, Bloomberg said, Samsung's lawyer argues that clients first choose an OS "People want an Android product, so they will buy a product Android. It has no effect on sales of Apple. " Does Apple will follow the advice of the judge? She has a habit in its quarterly results report the sales figures of its iPad. But only as a global figure consolidated, and never by large regions or even less for each country.

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