Monday, September 26, 2011

Testimonials: you, your Mac and Flash

Nearly a year in October, Apple does preinstalls more Flash on his Mac. A decision that mimicked that of Microsoft Windows, but also followed the passage of arms around Flash iOS between Steve Jobs and Adobe. Hence the subject of this appeal to witnesses who asked the question whether the policy had changed your habits vis-à-vis this plug-in. The answers provided show various positions and trenches and strategies that are just as among those who kept Flash, but want to hold her bridle. Yes to FlashThe reasons are obvious to install Flash. Adobe technology is far from being replaced.

 Video sites have begun their moult - and yet not all, Canal + has been repeatedly cited as requiring the presence of the plug-in - but many others use it either for promotional content, either through to online tools "I surf more on iPad for some time and we must recognize that many sites require Flash. DIY sites, major retailers of home appliances, computer equipment, etc.. In fact, I will summarize the usefulness of the reader with access to catalogs, the realization of selections or purchases. So back to the iMac ... "wrote wsalado.Same is the ubiquity of Flash with vintz72 "In any new position (PC as Mac), I go very fast in general that he lacks Flash. There is indeed a lot of sites that still use it (partially, but sometimes the whole site is that the Flash).

Commercial sites use it extensively (Citroën, Peugeot, etc.. To name brands of cars). Those who say you do not need should not surf much. In short, until everyone has remade its site in HTML5, I must have Flash and I always install. On my iPod touch, I surf few specific apps and make up for the absence. ""I Flash in-dis-pen-sa-ble: I work in photography and graphic design, given the number of photographers Flash websites (including mine), you can not do without. This is the first plug-in installed in Firefox. And that's also why a iPad is irrelevant "says Norbert75. After the Flash users and those who would pass before there is the middle position.

That which is to have the plug-in on his machine, but use it sparingly, when you can not do otherwise."I do not use Flash Player as it slows down too much navigation and is too hot my MacBook Unibody 2008. But I use an extension (ClickToFlash) that allows me to see the contents when needed. ".This use ClickToFlash was mentioned several times. This extension hides the contents of web pages and Flash can play them on demand. You can also choose the sites where ClickToFlash can act and let down in others. "I use ClickToFlash since purchasing my iMac 27" 2009 and before that on my 24 "... This year, after buying a mini with Leo, the first installation of Flash site met, immediately followed by of ClickToFlash. Contrary to what I read, having lots of RAM (in my case) does not change much, it is mainly the processor that is sought. "Said Ianni.GasyKaManja alternates between two browsers "Mac's Safari or Camino with ClickToFlash with reading Flash blocked by default. I flash to 95% and I do this only when friends send me interesting links: YouTube, Daylimotion, only Flash videos.

Or on certain sites only (that of Disney, my bank) or when I have to book or buy something. "The use of a blocker is also highlighted by the older Mac users that the plug-in is broken down.ouviravecAnother solution for Flash without its drawbacks is to enlist the services of Chrome. The plug-in from Adobe is integrated into the Google browser. Therefore one can have a free OS X and Flash for Safari Chrome away when a site or page is needed. The switch from one to the other browsers is even easier. In the Safari menu "Development" contains the command "Open the page" that lists the browsers present. The current page in Safari will automatically be launched Chrome. To enable this menu, go to Safari Preferences and then at the bottom of the panel "Advanced".No FlashThe camp brings together different profiles of refractories. For example owners of older machines somewhat like that of Madalvée "I became a" no flash "in spite of myself on my Power Mac G5 with Tiger, where the software is not updated. Only a few fantasies we are prohibited, such as online shopping site of Adobe (too bad for them) and the sites of those who apply the latest (too bad for them too).

The sites of fans who wear a FrontPage design (a web authoring tool from Microsoft, ndr) of the 2000s are still rich and interesting! "There are also Mac users very recent and have not installed the plug-in after purchase "In my case, not at all in Flash for over a year and a half of my machines, including a MacBook Air 2011 "written rom54" and frankly it is rather a big advantage over any pub is almost more than the browser crashes, less consumption for the computer (the fans do take longer depending on the way sites visited by cons ... I installed Java). Ditto for my wife who has turned his cell phone and flash using the Internet to view iPad. Short life without Flash is rather pleasant.

"Since moving to Leo, I have not bothered to install flash. He has no real use in certain specific web applications ... that I do not personally. Now, the videos can be played natively, and YouTube (video-only service I use) allows, in its HTML5. "Said MacArthurEU.Another module quoted on a few occasions, one designed for these sites and videos that will force them to play their content in HTML5 with options on the definition used by default. This extension, YouTube5 can work with YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.

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