Thursday, September 22, 2011

The French press powerless against Apple?

For these titles, it is not an isolated initiative. Combined into a single entity, the GIE, they decided to negotiate with one voice against Apple and other Internet giants like Google and Facebook. Speaking with one voice, these media hope to establish a more favorable balance of power and get more favorable terms. In fact, about the kiosk integrated iOS 5, the GIE is clear: the securities in question are planning to boycott as Apple will not make some concessions.

It is always the same two points back: the customer files and 30% commission considered too high. Xavier Spender, CEO of Team 24/24, swear that a copy of the newspaper sold on the iPad brings in less money than the paper version. The GIE is of course very attentive to what the other titles to escape the grip of Apple. The initiative of the Financial Times who decided to abandon its application to launch a web solution in HTML5 is followed very closely. In this regard, account Liberation soon launch a webapp to not be dependent on a distributor too powerful.

This does not mean that Libé considering stopping development of its applications IOS.Regarding Epress, GIE does not stop there. Subscription offers and bundle will be available in the near future. The various members of the association meet frequently to reflect on how to monetize their content on the Internet. The EIG has already signed an agreement with Google to be present in its booth. Google is far less difficult and greedy Apple. The Internet giant asked a commission of 10% and lends the customer data. On the other hand, newspaper publishers have more flexibility in setting prices. If unity is strength, this group left some observers skeptical. Benedict Evans, an expert on digital content, think the press is in the same situation as the record industry: "People needed the music to Apple, they were not able to negotiate well, unlike the film industry which was able to obtain better deals.

The press is desperate, Apple has the advantage. " Ken Doctor, an expert in the media industry for its part provides a different look and feels that this type of coalition has had mixed results in the past. Individual interests often end up taking him as the better of common interests. And that's exactly what happened in the U.S. last year when several newspaper groups have formed a consortium to build a digital kiosk and impose their views. Finally, the union eventually collapse and each actor has signed an agreement directly with Apple ... It should be noted that this association was absent from a brand: Le Monde that he apparently preferred to go it alone.

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