Friday, September 16, 2011

The 'sales' are gray PlayBook mine at RIM

Only 200 000 PlayBook tablets and 10.6 million BlackBerry smartphones were shipped this quarter. RIM announced yesterday its financial results for its second fiscal quarter 2011. The launch of the Berezina PlayBook turns but still believes his parent on a rebound and put through a review system and business operations.
200000 is the decimal iPad sales between April and June, where they had amounted to 9,250,000 units (the next results will fall from Apple in October). Worse, when Apple speaks of the end customer sales, RIM provides figures for shipments to distributors and resellers. Should therefore avoid further 200,000 of its models remain on the shelves. And consider that this period saw the PlayBook wider dissemination to the international ...To drive the point home, we must remember that these numbers are two times lower than the previous quarter where, for the launch, RIM 500 000 Playbook sent to its partners. At the time, while acknowledging that the "launch of the tablet had not proceeded as expected" RIM officials said were "satisfied" to have delivered the 500,000 copies. Three months and half the shelves later, Jim Balsillie Co-CEO of RIM, willingly oncédé it was "less than what was anticipated."
RIM is counting on an updated 2.0 system described as a major after October, and new applications to restore luster to his unit. It goes well (and last) provide it with a mail client (compatible with standard services, but also with BlackBerry Enterprise Server), a calendar and address book to a native, the compatibility layer and Android a shop to download TV shows and movies.The manufacturer also has set up several business operations to boost sales as Christmas approaches. Discounts for the public, purchase programs more attractive to business and a loyalty program for existing customers is planned. The magnitude of the reduction is not known, but $ 99 of the TouchPad will probably marked the spirits.RIM announced that it then distributed 10.6 million smartphones in the quarter against 12.1 million last year. Quarterly actual sales totaled 13.7 million telephones (for comparison, Apple sold 20.3 million iPhones during its last quarter).However RIM said to have recorded an increase in subscriber numbers by 40% year on year to reach 70 million users. The manufacturer also hopes to increase sales from 27 to 37% in the third quarter with the launch - spoke on the later in the quarter - new models of BlackBerry OS 7 and initial feedback (speaking of sales ...) tried to be positive.The migration of BlackBerry smartphones to their future OS based on QNX continues. Days RIM developers in October will be an opportunity for a progress report, and first prototypes promised "in a not too distant future."RIM emphasizes its commitment to supporting the next generation of smartphones with a range of applications tailored and ready on day one. Otherwise the launch of the PlayBook in short "We realized it was important to ensure the presence of a dynamic ecosystem before a commercial launch," admitted Michael Lazaridis Co-CEO of the group.During questions and answers, it was clarified that the two systems BB OS 7 and his successor on QNX should coexist in the long term. The new OS for the first high-end smartphones while BB7 take care of more affordable models, representing the major share of sales.RIM has announced a turnover of 4.2 billion dollars against 4.6 billion over the same quarter of 2010 (-10%) and a profit of $ 329 million against 797 million in 2010.

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