Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Test of two pens stylus for iPhone and iPad - II

The stylus pen Virtuoso Touch Kensington is very classic: a metal tube that is half a centimeter in diameter, with a slightly grainy matte finish available in black or gray, light enough not to weigh heavy enough to we feel it. Nothing to say so on the quality and strength.

Behind her is a pen cap, and is compatible with Parker cartridges. This is fortunate, however: the cartridge is provided by default in a miserable quality. Be careful though: some cartridges "compatible Parker", slightly shorter or slightly longer, does not necessarily in the pen (this is for example the case of Fisher Space Pen cartridge).
So ... using a pen and stylus means too. Touch With Bamboo, Wacom has chosen a "tip" rather supported by a fine mousse. Result, precision and pressure control are waiting for you. Here, Kensington uses conventional construction with a "big spike" silicone backed by ... nothing but air. The plot is less precise control of pressure coarser.

Can we blame for all this pen? No, everyone does the same, sometimes cheaper, but often more. Do not spoil our fun so: This pen provides greater accuracy than the finger, and can quickly take handwritten notes or doodle, or even draw.

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