Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Facebook Unveils New Profile

On the occasion of the conference, Facebook unveiled its new social platform. They focus on the ease of access to content, sharing, and discovery. Profile, the center of Facebook since its inception, disappears: it gives way to a timeline, a wire that is "the story of your life," of your last interaction on the social network ... you were born.
Along the way, you can put all your Facebook history, but also add items to your life before the network of Mark Zuckerberg. Everything is supposed to form a biography with an overview of your identity.

Timeline dissects your personality by reducing it to you a sum of interactions and preferences. This flow-down is clever: it displays all your news in the current month, but summarizes more and more as we go back in time, to finally show that the most important events. You can choose to make yourself appear - or disappear - some items. Facebook recently changed its sharing mechanisms to provide users more granularities in the control of their privacy. Still, this timeline is particularly intrusive. It is enriched because of the traces left by applications using the new OpenGraph, another great novelty of this f8 - and fully automated. After the button "I", Facebook now allows developers to create applications that connect to the social graph and automatically posting user interactions in their timeline.

In addition to being someone's friend or loved one article, you can now listen to music on Spotify, watch a series with Hulu, eat such a dish, such as distance running, etc.. All these applications can create a view of the timeline that shows your musical taste here, where your favorite movies again the places you visit - all with an evolution over time. Spotify on Facebook allows you to listen to music with his friends in real time. Many partners have privileged access to this new OpenGraph in the media, games, services "lifestyle" music and video. It is among these companies specialists in their respective fields (Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, Foodspoting, The Daily, Nike +, Zynga, PopCap, Yahoo News, etc..), And also many French (Deezer, TF1, Wat , Dailymotion, INA, L'Equipe, France Football, etc.).. All that you have read, heard, seen, done, eaten, etc.., With whom and which is now registered in the Timeline and archived. Proponents of social networking love, those who are more circumspect notice potential problems and increased violation of privacy caused by the public diary - centralized in the hands of private companies - what the timeline.

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