Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Test of two pens stylus for iPhone and iPad - III

With Calligrapher Prestige Dual Function Stylus (phew!) IChic Gear takes a very different bias: instead of putting a pen in a pen, the Swiss company has a stylus pen. His appearance could not be more traditional, with a form to promote a good grip.

It is a fountain pen rather heavy: light pens fans, go your way. iChic Gear has chosen not to use Parker cartridges, cartridges fine focusing. The autonomy is likely to be limited, but additional cartridges are provided: what pen before losing to overcome refills. Writing is after all quite nice considering the price.
This pen-shaped stylus use as favors: while the construction is again very basic, there is the pleasure of writing with something that is an instrument designed for this task rather than a metal tube beast. To find the "paper feel", use of appropriate applications: Noteshelf WritePad or stand out.

If this pen stylus is different when used to write, he is doing less well for drawing. Heavy, it does not promote the fluidity of line, or its accuracy. In this area, the better off Kensington: one is pen, the other is pen, the two complement each other more than they oppose.

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