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Friday, September 16, 2011

Bribes to the sales figures iPad

The trial of analysts involved in trafficking of confidential information on Apple on track with details on the procedure of the protagonists. To situate the context, in November, the U.S. stock market watchdog had launched an investigation against several analysts and investors

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

XPS 15z: a MacBook Pro with Dell

Dell has unveiled its new notebook, the XPS 15z whose design has benefited from the experience gained with the deceased family Adamo, at the time inspired by the MacBook Air. This time the resemblance is rather to pick the side of the MacBook Pro. Engadget suggests that a test does not make a mistake; it presents these two machines together.
Contrary to what we thought, this notebook displays an identical weight (2.51 kg) than the laptop from Apple and it's barely thicker (2.41 cm 2.4 cm cons ...). On the form as there are similarities. A regular on the Mac does not confuse, but the PC user, seduced by the design of the MacBook Pro, may find his account.

This XPS 15z is made of aluminum and magnesium (around the keyboard), unlike the unibody construction and all aluminum Apple (hence a slightly softer touch of the hull). Speakers placed on either side of the keyboard (backlit, but without intensity adjustment) are similar to those furiously MacBook Pro, although Apple, through its micro-laser perforation was successful in producing much finer grids and discrete. Look familiar also on the distribution of ports or the charging battery (coarser him too). But everything seems more highlighted than at Apple. And the shiny metallic border was chic (and again ...) two years ago, at the time of iPhone 3G / S

The definition of the screen (glossy) is 1366x768 or 1920x1080 depending on the option. Apple offers the standard 1440x900 and 1680x1050 as an option. Engadget talks about a screen with beautiful images, but with very poor viewing angles. On the other physical details, the keyboard is held, the large multi-touch track pad, however, is sometimes more capricious in the detection of certain gestures.

This PC is equipped with basic version of a dual-core i5 (MacBook Pro 15 "are all now Core i7 Quad option absent from Dell) to 2.3 GHz, 6 GB RAM (4 only in Apple), a GeForce GT525M / 1 GB hard disk of 750 GB at 7200 rpm (a speed option from Apple) and three USB ports and Mini Display Port. No Blue-ray but a standard DVD burner.

The version tested by Engadget was equipped with the optional 2.7 GHz Core i7 Dual Core with 8 GB of RAM and 2 GB on the graphics card. This brings the price of $ 1000 to $ 1,534 ($ 1,800 for the first MacBook Pro 15 "Core i7 Quad 2 GHz). On the performance, the Core i7 Quad MacBook Pro puts forward, and it is the same independently. Instead of 8am advanced by Dell, Engadget has instead obtained between 4:30 to 3:40 ET continuous video playback and Wi-Fi enabled. On the same test, the MacBook Pro had held almost 7:30 ...

Conclusion of the site deal with this distant cousin of the MacBook Pro is a good choice given its price ($ 999 and as much in Euros), but there's nothing shocking. We also see that the price is certainly attractive compared to a MacBook Pro but the difference is not just about margins. It is also found in the performances of each other. Apple is paying more, but we found it in performance and battery life.

Dell said he learned a lot of design and marketing of its Adamo. It had made a break, offering a design that we would not have imagined possible in the Texas manufacturer. However, it was abandoned after two years. With hindsight, Dell believes it went too far, with a successful machine physically, but sold too expensive (even the MacBook Air was better positioned) as the company seeks a wider audience "The People liked the design, quality, design and finish, but they were frustrated that it is an expensive computer, because he did not perform as it was entitled to expect given its price "said Ed Boyd, vice president of experience design group.

This trade would still have been missed beneficial in that it has changed the habits and participated in house to give another image of Dell. The design is more honored; studies are conducted with customers on their expectations about their practices in computer and compared with earlier phones Smart phones. A collection of data utilized to determine the next machine. This may be a new approach for Dell, but almost opposite to that which Apple claims it to avoid asking their advice to clients.