Saturday, March 29, 2014

Connected Data Updates 4-Bay Drobo Storage System

4 Bay Storage Devices with Enhanced Support

Connected Data, recently announced that Drobo Gen3, the next generation 4 bay storage devices, a new feature concurrent with its release of the new array, is much faster and cheaper than the previous Drobo models. Its enhanced support also features Apple’s Time Machine backups and Mac owners can now avail the improved Time Machine support in the Drobo Gen3 wherein instead of using an entire drive for Time Machine, they can now maximize their data storage space by way of allocating a fixed amount of capacity for their Time Machine derived backups. If the Drobo array is connected to the favorite Mac and used for Time Machine backup, the backups would take up the entire capacity of the array. It is now possible to set aside part of the total capacity of the Drobo array and work with Time Machine making provision for additional capacity for daily storage.

Drobo’s BeyondRAID Protect Data From Hard Disk

The Drobo 4-bay sports a pair of USB 3.0 ports, priced at US$349 for bare box which can begin filling with any 3.5” SATA II/III drives that one may have. Drobo’s BeyondRAID technology enables the user to mix and match drives in order to start off with smaller drives and change them with higher capacity drives according to their choice. The Drobo is the latest generation storing device and holds true to its design and simplicity making it the most favored desktop storage and protection data solution. Drobe’s BeyondRAID storage technology protects data from hard disk crash which is simple for any user to operate and no expertise is needed to ensure that the data is safe and protected. As long as there is more than a single disk in Drobo, all data on Drobo can be safe even if any of the hard disk tends to fail. Drobo is the easiest array anyone can manage wherein if a drive fails, all that needs to be done is to slid it out and plug in a new one without any tools. Drobo utilizes simple form of thin provisioning enabling the OS in believing it has more capacity than it does and when a larger drive is added the need to reformat and reload your data is not needed.

Dual Failure Protection

Besides this, the new Drobo also features a redesigned architecture with improved speed which is about three times faster than the prevailing ones and array rebuild times which is four times faster than before. Moreover the company has also provided battery backup, giving the new entry more protection from power problems by temporarily storing in progress transactions till the power gets restored. Consumers can opt for dual failure protection, which can reduce the total capacity though it would mean two drives which may tend to fail but with the data safe, this feature could be helpful. Current Drobo owners interesting in migrating to the new device can avail the company’s offer of $50 discount while purchasing the new Drobo through the company’s online store. This deal would be available through June 9, 2014 on sales made through their stores as well as some authorized resellers and the devices will be shipped in late April.

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