Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Transporter Developer Program By Connected Data

Connected Data has officially announced the Transporter developer program for its transporter platform which will enable third party iOS and OS X developers to integrate their apps with Transporter cloud features together with sync features in their desktop and mobile apps. This announcement is a move that envisages Connected Data challenge with alternatives like Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. Transporter a private cloud storage platform enables to turn any USB drive with Transporter Sync or local storage, original Transporter into a personal cloud storage space which is private and does not have any monthly charges. Brief announcement by Apple has also been done, encouraging application sellers to employ the Transporter tool and discussing Mac addresses in iOS7 while registered developers are now informed that they can use Transporter to deliver localized App Store metadata in bulk.

Transporter – Good Performer

Transporter at $199, is an internet connected 500 GB hard drive which helps users to set up their own private cloud providing access from desktop and mobile with the help of dedicated iOS app, with Dedicated Data adding Dropbox inspired Camera upload feature to the app enabling it to automatically send contents to iOS Photos app over to Transporter. On the other hand, Transporter Sync at $99 is a hockey pucked-sized device which users can attach to external HDD to achieve a similar setup. The Transporter Sync enables the user to use the unused spared hard drive if available into a private cloud, much under $100. The Transporter though not super fast while trying to upload data, is a good performance when the need to access data arises. It is also easy to use as Dropbox while replicating data across location and is far quite cheaper.

Transporter correctly format XML file and locate app metadata 

Being an Apple developed command line delivery tool, the Transporter can also be used to deploy screenshots, rights, pricing and much more. Moreover, the tool can also locate app metadata and correctly format the XML file and developers intending to employ the tool could download the Transporter user guide. The tool can also find app metadata to correctly format the XML file. Developers looking to employ the tool are encouraged to download the Transporter User Guide. Connected Data had also reported that the initial partners for the Transporter developer program will be Smile’s PDFpen for iPad and Readdle’s Scanner Pro who will be receiving updates adding Transporter’s platform as a sync option. Besides these, PrintCentral, hopTo and Trial Pad are also among Connected Data’s partners for the new developer program.

Transporter, a Seamless way to Privately Share, Store, Access

The new program would also be offering consumers as well as businesses, a seamless way to privately share, store as well as access files from any devices, from their favorite applications. Transporter was designed to deliver great experience which users can expect from the cloud native Finder – Explorer integration, automatic sync which can be accessed from anywhere with unlimited sharing without the need of the privacy concerns. Its ecosystem covers millions of users who would be interested in private storage alternative and by integrating the app with Transporter, users can reach a huge growing audience and get a great deal of Transporter experience.

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