Sunday, March 23, 2014

Apple’s iOS 7.1 Cures Motion Sickness

iOS 7.1
Every problem comes with a solution and Apple has been doing well when faced with situations which may be a cause for complaint to the users. The problems faced by many iPhone users with the release of the iOS 7 was that some of the new animations on the platform ended in making them feel motion sick. While movement sickness normally is a type of sickness which could be reserved for long car or truck journeys or boat trips, users of iOS 7, introduced on Apple iPhone and iPad, complained of dizziness and actual physical health problems on searching at their screens. Latest updates now reveal that with the release of the iOS 7 there is more to set this issue right and for the best. This has been done by revamping in reducing the motion control option in the form of iOS 7.1 which has done more to fix this issue than any other latest updates so far. It is stated that 7.1 has refined this feature to the point where it could put an end to all instances of motion sickness of iPhone users.

Cause of Complaint, Zooming Effect and Heavy Screen motion Animation 
These symptoms have probably been caused by Apple’s heavy use of the screen motion animations as well as zooming effect in the operating system’s interface usage where the main cause of complaint lies in the parallax. This effect was used in order to create a perception of depth on the home screen of the iPhone where icons, `wallpaper and alerts could shift slightly as the phone was moved’, according to Apple’s website. Though there is a `reduce motion’, button available to switch parallax off, users complained losing the zooming effect which was replaced with a cross fade whenever the option was enabled. To disable parallax individually without losing the zooming effect, users could click on the preview of the current wallpaper and choose new wallpaper seeing the `perspective zoom to off mode, tech which is similar to a pill for motion sickness.

Improved Features in iOS 7.1
According to The Guardian’s Craig Grannell, he states that `with iOS 7.1 Apple would be thrashing out further the details and with reduce motion active, the app switcher which previously had retained a lurching zoom and slide when opened and closed, is now tamed with the same cross fade effect folder use, with the weather’s parallax background eliminated. In messages, the whole scrolling area moves as one instead of each message playfully sliding around as if on ice and has the potential to trigger motion vertigo and sickness. Besides eliminating motion sickness, the new feature in iOS 7.1 also features a new slide to power off button which will slowly dim the display of the Smartphone as one moves it from left to right changing to the phone interface with an easier way to improve in calendar navigation, add new contacts, improve accessibility to passcode settings, new contrast options to enable the user in reducing transparency, darken colors or reduce white point as well as new setting in managing Car display feature which is in the pipeline. Do come back for more updates at Macmyth for refreshing Apple information.

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