Thursday, March 13, 2014

iOS 8 Rumors About Apple's Mobile Operating System

iOS 8 Rumors
According to the rumors; this year iOS 8 the update probably includes many exciting new features. Recently Apple released the iOS 7.1 update and so corrected several small errors in the previous iOS 7 Owners of an aged iPhone 4 look forward to the update, because it provides a noticeable speed boost.

As soon as iOS 7.1 released there start the discussions about its successor. Already In the internet numerous rumors about iOS 8 appeared, many of which highlight features that the fan community already for iOS 7.1 the much-discussed about “Health Book". The app collects apparently fitness values of the user, which it receives from co-processor of the iPhone 5S (M7) and the planned Apple iWatch SmartWatch.

Due to various errors in their own maps application, in 2012 Apple earned a bad name; and Apple is working hard to remove the stain. For the next big maps update, Apple has apparently done a lot. The Apple wants to integrate Maps - initially for large cities in the U.S., then internationally.

Various acquisitions from third parties (Embark, HopStop, WifiSLAM, and Locationary) were reaffirmed by Apple. Apple's new listing CarPlay is certainly part of iOS 8. A report in the Wall Street Journal claimed Apple is working on a new mobile payment system that not only apps can buy songs and other things from the App Store.

Apple apparently wants to establish a service that allows shopping for physical goods. To protect user the Apple introduced with the iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Touch ID. The last major design update came in mid-September 2013; iOS 7 whether and to what extent the language assistant Siri finds an update, is still unknown. When iOS 8 comes, however, is clear for the fans that there is an update that too most probably in the autumn of this year.

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