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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tips to install the iOS 7 Control Center on Android

Control center
Apple’s latest next generation software, the new iOS Control Center will enable users with quick access to several key settings and apps. Apple for the first time has brought about this feature for quick access to frequently used device settings and after the iOS 7 is launched; users would be able to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to activate Control Centre to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and screen rotation together with much more features and settings with shortcuts to applications on the device. Android has many systems of accessing device setting from any screen, with developer like Hi Tools Studio’s decision to take iOS 7 Control Centre and bring it to Android.

Hi Tools Studio has released a free Android app, the Control Center for Android and once installed, users can swipe from the bottom of their displays on the screen and pull up the new Control Center feature. The new iOS Control Center provides users with quick access to key setting and apps by swiping up though iPhone, iPod and iPad touch users would be unable to access this new feature unless iOS 7 is launched to the consumers, but due to the Hi Tools’ decision, Android users can avail iOs7’s new Control Center features right away.

Menu inside Hotkeys - To get the iOS 7 Control Center on Android phone is quite simple and easier than applying other iOS 7 and the app is available at no cost from Google Play app store. The Control Center menu found inside the hotkeys can be viewed by sliding the finger from the top to the bottom of the screen like the Android notification bar which can give access for airplane mode, music and all the frequently used options and there are two interesting app on Google Play which is similar to the Control Center namely the Espier Control Center and the QuickToggle – iOS Control Center

Espier Control Center 7 - The Espier Control Center 7 is similar to the spitting image of the Control Center on iOS 7 wherein by swiping from the bottom to the top will present the menu through which the user can control the system functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, wireless network, flashlight frequently used app. Moreover, this application is easy to use and available free of cost.

The iOS Control Center, QuickToggle app The iOS Control Center, QuickTools app has similarity to Control Center in iOS 7 and is totally free with all its function accessible without the in-app purchases. Users can arrive at the menu either by swiping the finger from the bottom to the top or pressing the home button twice. Moreover the Control Center can also be customized with a lock screen and a launcher. The app is a neat tool to enhance the productivity of any device and nothing created by Apple has been designed to look just beautiful but remarkable and awesome, providing the users with opportunities to experience simpler and useful options which can be enjoyable while operating their devices. Apple’s latest iOS 7 has new structure where the interface is unobtrusive with needless bars and buttons removed and conspicuous ornamentations stripped away.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple launched iOS 7

Apple currently pushing the major upgrade of its operating system for iPhone , iPad and iPod. It is of new Program, new features, but also with new design. The owners of an iPhone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 4, iPad mini , iPad 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation or iPod 5th generation can update their devices with the on-line by Apple iOS 7. Progressively, this upgrade is done as usual from the menu Settings> General> Software Update from the terminal. Wi -Fi is recommended. More than an update, Apple proposes a real graphic evolution of its operating system, a move that was expected as its platform appeared to be frozen for several years. So the arrival of the "flat design” more modern, more flat, more likely, on iOS. The grid of icons has been preserved, but it is flatter, more graphic, too. Also counters the effects of reflection in applications. In addition to notifications, a number of options are available, including on / off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth one step.

We find, in addition to the network options, the “Do Not Disturb” button, and iTunes and some "Utilities" application controls such as a calculator or a camera. The notifications are also improved because of Android as they are synchronized between different iOS devices. Need to reject or treat 2 or 3 times! 7 also introduced iOS multitasking for all applications, without affecting the battery life. The management interface Multitasking has also been revised, more fluid, more. For the rest, the system is intended primarily "smarter” up-to - date "opportunistic" , at the best time for the user, automatic adaptation to the best network conditions , etc. It also wants better integrated with its environment through the sharing feature AirDrop files.

It will, however, available for the iPhone 5 owners. And Mac OS X, Safari has been updated with a tab management closely resembling mobile Chrome (tabs are advertised as unlimited), and an address bar disappears when scroll on a web page ... like on mobile Chrome. Finally, the two boxes - one for URL and one for research - are fused into a unified bar ... as mobile Chrome ... Finally, Apple's implementation of new services. Integrated first, since Siri service has been updated.

The voice has improved, softer, but also more "intelligent”. Siri can for example change the camera settings to the application, such as brightness, or achieve more different searches. Pros side , iOS 7 includes many new features that can make life easier for mobile employees with the integration of " better protection of personal and business data , tool management application licenses , an MDM improved support of SSO ( single sign-on ) , configuring wireless apps and a default protection data on third-party applications “.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The new iOS 7 beta 4

The fourth beta of iOS 7 fixes functional and graphical bugs and brings a few new interfaces. The previous arrows at the top and bottom, of the home screen have been replaced by simple dashes. The presence of the center of notifications and control center is always well marked and there is now no more confusion about the meaning of "slide to unlock". Apple has also added an arrow on the "slide to unlock". The status bar has been expanded from the beta 3 with small cosmetic changes. Apple has yet reviewed the transparency of folders on the home screen and properly aligns the effect of zoom / unzoom. The labels are larger in Maps and sometimes condensed into messages. Gradients of some icons have been softened particularly those of the Mail and Safari and Gmail icon in Mail brought up to date. Apple has also added a few effects here and there for example during a search in Safari and accelerated those already present. The interface has been redesigned Spotlight; the research Reminders borrows the color of the wallpaper; the phone call buttons are meanwhile more square; some elements of the iOS browser have been changed subtle. Icons for AirPlay devices - a screen for video compatible devices, audio devices - have been redesigned. The changes are visible in the camera. HDR button has been moved and the appearance of slightly modified filters. When an application or video fills the screen, you have to make two new gestures to open the Notification Center. This operation, which prevents accidental opening, also applies to the control center too. Finally you can start random playback of all songs by the same artist, without having to go through a playlist or limited to a single album. Numerous developers report on the social networks of apps that did not work with previous beta work with the ß4.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

IPhone 5S with new iOS 7 soon available!

According to information from insiders, the new iPhone 5S will be available as early as July and included iOS7 be delivered. Apple wants to offer its mobile system updated more frequently in a year, a modern, new design. According to releases from KDDI; a Japanese wireless carriers, the iPhone 5S will available in July, pre-orders can be made from the end of June. It is to be delivered with the new iOS7. Whether this information has hand and foot, cannot be confirmed. However, the date would fit in a further announcement regarding the WWDC, which going to be held in San Francisco on 10 to 14 June 2013. Apple itself had announced the release date of the new iOS devices in market. Sure is but to be expected with the introduction of the new iOS7. Thus, Apple would bring fresh air into its mobile system.

Gives you the messages with assurance, a complete reworking of the surface is performed. iOS7 to get a clearer and more streamlined design. The design should be kept very flat. Among the changes are probably also redesigned toolbars and icons, one of the sources says the new concept of iOS7 concept even from a Microsoft "Metro" interface. Exciting the speculation about the iPhone 5S. It should contain a sensor that is used to identify the user and can be used for the transfer of money. Of a further detail is mentioned, a kind of filter for the iPhone screen. It is to be seen whether the release date in July will truly realized.