Saturday, March 15, 2014

Latest Apple Entry – iPhone 6

iPhone Layers
Latest Apple News report from Wall Street Journal states that Apple would be experimenting with screens varying from 4.5 to 6 inches after its classic 3 inch handset to the iPhone 5 and 5S five inch and would probably be pushing ahead to the five inch screen, offered by some rivals of Android. One analyst states that Apple could be out to implement a 4.8 inch Retina and IGZO screen by Sharp making the iPhone 6 displays much thinner, clearer and brighter with improved HD resolution. Latest reports also suggest that the iPhone will come in two large screen sizes and the iPhone 6 will ship in 4.7 inch and a phablet of 5.7 inch which would probably be the first time for Apple to launch one mobile product in two sizes with the company making an exception with its entry.

Device with Sapphire Glass Screen

The new product is the outcome of Apple’s experiments with screen sizes and this choice seems to be appropriate since it gives the user more choice enabling Apple to compete with its competition of all type of screen sizes. The new device is likely to have a sapphire glass screen which would be tough and durable. With its focus on improvement in image quality Apple has intention of staying ahead with its latest Smartphone and is looking at quantum dot technology for the iPhone 6 which are manmade nano particles of semiconductor material which is used to create light. These are so small that quantum effects begin to take place and without getting stuck, the end result is that the size of the dot affects its behavior.

Focus on toughening its Products

It is unknown when the iPhone 6 is likely to come out though there are speculations that since Apple release a product when it is good and ready, once a year around September, there are rumors that Apple would be breaking that cycle. Since the iPhone 6 is stated as a complimentary product to the iPhone 5S and providing users with the choice of screen sizes, Apple is likely to release its new entry very soon. Though beautifully made, the iPhone is also breakable like any other Smartphone with many users having cracked screens after dropping them and Apple has intention of resolving this issue in toughening its products.

Deal with CT Advanced Technologies

Apple has made a deal with GT Advanced technologies in producing sapphire glass at their plant in Arizona and this new deal could provide a super tough sapphire screen for the Smartphone. The synthetic sapphire glass got its name due to its transparency, though technically it is not glass. The advantage is that its incredibility lies in its hardness and durability. It values at 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness ahead of diamond which means that it is very difficult to break ending in less broken iPhones thereby saving the cost for repairs. Besides the screen size, Apple is also said to be looking at toughening the case by liquid metal for the Smartphone whereby the liquid metal encasing it would be of super tough metal built up, layer by layer resulting in making it a lot harder and difficult to break down and for this Apple has put in five patents for liquid metals. Check back for updates and get to know more on Apple technology at Macmyth

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