Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Apple TV

Apple’s New Device with Quick Processor

Apple TV
It is reported by Bloomberg, that Apple had held negotiation meeting with Time Warner Cable somewhere in the middle of last year along with other potential partners for video content and an agreement with Time Warner Cable could probably mark the first deal with a satellite or cable company. The new device will be a successor to the current Apple TV which is in the process of testing and is likely to be announced towards April for sale by Christmas, it was reported. It would be a set top box instead of the full fledged TV set and that the product would include revamped operating system in line with iOS. It is also said that the new device which plugs into a television set would have a quick processor unlike the earlier version with an upgraded interface enabling people to navigate between TV shows, movies, together with other online content. The Time Warner deal would enable Apple TV customers with a wider choice of live TV channels while at the moment customers can access only a limited number of individual channel apps some of which worth mention are ESPN, HBO, ABC, PBS, Bloomberg TV, Disney, etc.

Time Warner Deal to be Finalized Soon

According to Apple Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, he states that the year would be full of new production introduction. It is also reported that Time Warner who had been in talks with Apple for over a year now would be willing to hand over the reins of the customer facing user interface to Apple and that the deal would be finalized very soon. Apple who is aiming to make the device available for sale by the time Christmas approaches is a bit uncertain on the release date since the company is still in the process of securing new agreements with programming together with distribution partners, which was anonymously stated.

New Apple TV with Added Support for Apps

With reference to a new Apple TV hardware which was discovered earlier this week, in a recent release of iOS 7, rumors indicated that a new Apple TV would now see added support for apps as well as Bluetooth game controllers in the forthcoming months. Towards the end of January, Apple TV had received new prominence on the Apple Online Store with suggestions that the platform could be developed into more than just a hobby. The long delay between introduction of the new entry and its launch is something which Apple is capable of handling as it is a known fact that Apple prefers to announce and release products in a short period of time. As Apple has been developing the new strategy for Apple TV, these past few years, there are issues as well as legalities relating in establishing partnerships with the movies and television distribution companies which it seems may make this venture of Apple TV content experience not much of a difference from the current and past Apple TV models. Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, showed big ambition for the television issue while speaking to Walter Isaacson. We need to wait and watch of what lies in store with the launch of Apple’s new entry. Do visit Macmyth for updated information on Apple News.

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