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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How To Make The Most Of Apple's Healthkit In iOS 8 With Compatible Apps

HealthKit Tracked Nutrition/Calories Burned/Activity/Biometric Readings

Before the debut of Apple’s HealthKit in iOS 8, individuals managed their fitness data through multiple apps, third party cloud services and web tools wherein some of the platforms such as Fitbit incorporated calorie counting as well as tracked activity into a universal solution, though it fragmented and worked with the company’s hardware.

HealthKit together with the Health app enabled users to track nutrition, calories burned, activity as well as took biometric readings through various apps which could be seen in one place. It has the potential of being used as a wellness and fitness tool with data on diet, exercise, activity and sleep from different sources together with serious medical tool to manage and monitor chronic conditions.

It could be considered as a dynamic platform which works behind the scenes providing a personalized experience to iPhone user, utilising the data from iPhone’s M7 or M8 sensor, enabling the user to view the health data in a single app. Being a medical tool, the HealthKit provides great values and can aggregate data from a various app or connected medical devices such as glucose meter or blood pressure cuff and consumer oriented fitness devices.

Platform More of Data Store on iPhone

Moreover it also provides the potential to automate the recording of medical metrics and if one is using connected devices, it maintains the accuracy of the data since it goes straight from the device to the associated app on the iPhone and to the HealthKit. Another possibility is that if your physician’s office tends to use electronic records system, which supports HealthKit, the data automatically is entered in the medical records.

The platform is more than a data store on the iPhone and apps can use the information from it or write information into it. There are some apps that do both though there are others which only retrieve data or input data.

The actual processing of the HealthKit data like comparing calories eaten together with the number of it burned through the course of the day or obtaining data from a fitness tracker or other devices, compiling information and then sending to the doctor is done by the third party app which sends the information to and retrieve it from HealthKit.

Medical ID Feature to Record Medical Information 

The Health app is pre-installed on the iPhone 4s or the latest running iOS 8 and helps to view all HealthKit data from all HealthKit compatible app. Besides this it also enables the user to manually edit data and includes a dashboard to visualize the data. It also includes a Medical ID feature which enables the user to record essential medical information, medications, conditions, allergies as well as emergency contacts.

The person has the option of choosing to have a Medical ID available from the phone’s lock screen in an emergency when unable to provide the same which can be accessed on tapping the Emergency button when prompted to enter a passcode and also enable the iPhone to make 911 calls when it is locked.
HealthKit is built to respect user privacy in part with permissions model which enables user to see what apps can access the data and has also barred developers from selling HealthKit information to data brokers for any purpose besides medical research, and in such a case, the data should be made anonymous.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Apple iOS8

Apple’s Future Plan for OS X

Apple has plans for the future of OS X and we have seen OS X as well as iOS teams merging together in reaching great goals and speculations are on regarding iOS 8, that it might include Preview and TextEdit app as part of its update. According to 9to5Mac which brings about the latest updates on Apple plans, Apple may debut some new apps iOS 8, like addition of Preview and TextEdit that are presently in Apple’s OS X desktop operating system. Apple is planning in bringing in the functionality of these apps through Cloud and those using OS X Mountain Lion or Mavericks are aware that Apple had integrated Preview as well as TextEdit to iCloud for storage of documents, pdfs as well as images on the cloud. Though on iOS, Preview and TextEdit will not be capable to do much on their own, but one will be able to access the iCloud documents which will be quite functional.

Addition of iCloud Synchronization

Apple plans in developing version of the Mac operating system’s Preview as well as TextEdit applications, optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and the application is considered not only to edit pdfs, images or text documents, but also to serve as tool to view Preview and TextEdit files stored in iCloud by OS X. Moreover Apple had added iCloud synchronization for Preview and TextEdit though it has not released its counterpart iOS, to view the synchronized content. Apple could be updating the new app to increase usage of iCloud or as a part of headway, to integrate it into OS X and iOS and has already offered mobile version of office apps Pages, Number as well as Keynotes to sync document through iCloud. Apple could be focusing on iCloud and the new operating system could probably be effective to the user in many ways. Moreover Apple would also be providing 5GB space at no cost no matter how many devices are purchased using the same iCloud account and the space could also be used for iOS device backups as well, which could reach the maximum GB or even more.

Exploring New iCloud Tools

It is also reported that Apple also has intention in exploring new iCloud storage tools which could improve its system of the third party applications store off device data, due to dissatisfaction among developers, that building App Store app which rely on iCloud seems to be a complex and unreliable process. Apple has been trying to improve how iCloud could handle file and permissions thus helping in making the app development easier and this future potential could be designed to resolve these issues. The entry of iOS 8 is likely to show up at the annual WWDC conference ahead of a fall launch along with the new iPhone and iPhone phablet. The application is in its early stage of development and could be probably released sometime later this year with possibility of the new pieces of software that will be ready to be shipped with the forthcoming iOS 8 More updates will be coming up at, be there ……