Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Features And Specifications -1

Forced by all sides in a market where BlackBerry was nevertheless the second place in the previous years, BlackBerry tries to stop the downward trend of itself with a brand new OS called BlackBerry 10, and two models, the Z10 and Q10. The global market is almost shared by Android and iOS are 70 and 21% respectively, but RIM can still hope to get out of the game by keeping the third place. However, they are trying to resist the thrust led by a Windows Phone Microsoft and determined to break into the crucial Smartphone market. The BlackBerry 10 itself meets the necessary conditions for itself as a viable alternative to operating systems. Let us discuss the few of the salient features of BlackBerry Z10. The body of the device not like that of HTC and is made entirely of good quality plastic.

On the front, the screen is glued to the plastic shell. The unit is turned off; there are only the logo of the manufacturer and the speaker grille. If you look closely, you can notice the light sensor located between the speaker and the screen, a photo / video sensor 2 megapixels on its right and the location of the LED that notifies BlackBerry characteristic of arrival of messages. Under the BlackBerry logo is a tiny slot for the micro. At the top are the headphone jacks and lock button. The latter, gray plastic is located in the middle of the wafer, a position that can be confusing at first, but it adapts very quickly.

On the right spine, there are three buttons, always gray plastic. Both are dedicated to volume control, and the third covered with a strip of shiny metal that can immediately identify the touch, is used to trigger the play / pause music or video. This additional button, which is also found on the iPod nano 7G is very convenient to control music playback without having to leave the Z10 BlackBerry from his pocket.

The left edge of the device reveals the micro USB 2.0 port and micro HDMI. Nothing is there at the lower part of the telephone, except the presence of a slot to facilitate removal of the rear face. The back just is not smooth but slightly textured and provides a pretty nice touch. At its center, the BlackBerry logo is inlaid shiny plastic. Top left is the 8 MP camera and flash.

Some may find the design of the BlackBerry Z10 too plain or boring, but it has the merit of being functional and not suffers any real fault. The iPhone 5 is decidedly more upscale with finer materials, but the BlackBerry device does not have to be ashamed of his finishing is neat.
Further let us discuss more about BlackBerry Z10 in our next post.

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